Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chapter 36: Part 2

The Hilton's 2:
Game Changer
Part 2
Things seemed to settle down long enough for Hope, that Danny found the opportunity to talk to his daughter.
Danny: Hope...I really want to justify the reason I knocked you out and kept you from the fight.
Hope: I think I know...You didn't want me to get hurt.
Danny: That and...well I also didn't want you there if things didn't work out the way I intended them to. I don't have a lot of weaknesses, but knowing you were in danger would have been my greatest weakness.
Danny wasn't the only father trying to make amends with his daughter. Howard had to calm Angelique down to be able to talk to her!
Howard: Are we going to get past this?
Angelique: Possibly. I know you intended to keep me from harm...but you can't anymore! I'm not a child and I've been trained to handle myself!
Howard: I know your strong! But you can never expect me from trying to protect you! I'm your father, I'd give my life for you!
Angelique: Dad. I know you would....and that scares me. I lost you once, I can't lose you again! The next time you fight, I want to be there with you!
Howard: I understand. We'll do this together from now on.
Hope: Dad...I'm not mad at you. I worry about you.
Danny: Worry? 
Hope: Dad, you have all this power, you put too much responsibility on yourself! I'm afraid that will be used against you.
Danny: How so?
Hope: You think you can defeat this enemy alone. But you don't have to....

Just then a voice echoed through the house!
Lilly: Hey! I found someone! Come and see!

The group ran to Lilly and were shocked to see who it was!
Lilly: Ta-Da! A blast from the past!
Hope: Oh my God!
Victoria: Hope...Danny.
Hope: MOM!
Hope ran to her mother and jumped into her arms and sobbed!
Victoria: Can you ever forgive me! I didn't mean to leave you so long! I'm so sorry my little Hope!
Danny watched in amazement and joy at the reunion unfolding before him!
Hope: I've missed you so much mom! I thought you were dead! Where have you been?!
Victoria: We'll talk about that later my baby! First let me talk to your father.
Angelique: Hope...let your parents have a moment.
Hope slowly let go of her mother and let Victoria walk up to Danny.
Victoria: Danny.
Danny: Victoria...
Danny quickly grabbed Victoria and planted a huge kiss!
Victoria: Danny, forgive me! I lost any hope of finding you!
Danny: Don't apologize! All that matters is that we're all together again!

While others celebrated, some were left concerned.
Javier: Damn it boys! Why haven't you called back?! I hope you two are okay.
Just then, Javier got a call from one of his boys!
Javier: Thank God you two are all right!
Javier: What? Why can't you tell me over the phone? Fine I'm coming....Bring Felicity? Okay. I'll see you two soon. Stay safe.
Javier quickly ran upstairs and informed the others of what he needed to do.
Danny: You sure it's safe?
Javier: Yeah, my boys said, they had something very important to show Felicity and me.
Lilly: I'll go with them Danny. Just in case.
Javier: My protector!
Danny: Ha! Fine, you guys be cautious! We still have no clue who our new enemy is or what she's actually capable of!
Javier and the others then left immediately to find his sons and their surprise.
Hope and Angelique also seemed in better spirits as well.
Hope: I can't believe it! My mom! She's alive!
Angelique: Crazy! I hope we get more good news!
Hope: I think we will!
Just then she heard a familiar voice yelling from the front of the house!
Tyler: HOPE!
Hope and Angelique jumped from the couch and ran as fast as they could to see their friends!
Hope: Oh God! Tyler! Your okay!!!
Tyler: Heh! I could say that about you too!
Tyler quickly embraced Hope and both seemed to finally be at ease, know each were safe! Angelique surveyed the room and only saw the twins...
Angelique: Misty....
Misty: I'm sorry Angel. Evan, Tyler, and me made it out.
Misty began tear up, as the guilt of not being able to save the others was weighing on her.
Angelique: So Skylar, Noah?
Misty: They...they didn't make it. I failed! I should've done something! All I did was run! Forgive me Angelique! I couldn't save them!
Angelique: Shut up you idiot!
Misty: What?!
Angelique: You did the right thing! These monsters would have taken all of you! I'm sad that the others didn't make it, but I would have lost all hope if all of you have been taken. You guys are family!
Angelique then grabbed Misty and gave her a huge hug! They soon found each other sobbing over the loss of their friends!
A few days later...
Danny: We've buried too many friends and family these last couple of days. It's happening all over again.
Hope: Dad?
Danny: My sons...my friends...my mother. Everyone gone! 
Howard: Hope can you give us a moment?
Hope: Sure. Dad, I'm going to be with mom.
Hope then slowly walked towards her mother. As she strolled by the numerous graves of familiar names and names she never got the chance to meet, a sadness started to overcome her.
Victoria: Don't dwell Hope. All of them are at peace. Even though many were taken way to early, they're at peace.
Hope: How do you and dad do it? With all the loss, I still comprehend that I had brothers. Brothers that I will never get to meet.
Victoria: I'm still dealing with it today. Whenever I look at you I'm reminded of the children I've had before you. I may never be able to accept the loss but I continue to go on for you and your dad! Your brothers, would have loved you...even spoiled you too!
Danny: It's strange seeing my sons, even my grand children's graves! Living this long...it wasn't supposed to be this difficult. But here I am...out living my children's children and even beyond that!
Howard: That is the one aspect of your life I do not envy Danny. But you have had to the chance to touch so many lives. You shaped so many things in this town and seen so much, its quiet awe inspiring.
Danny: Howard...may ask you to do me a favor.
Howard: Name it.
Later that day...
As the family arrived home, they were all in for a surprise!
Tyler: Hope will you do me the honor of being my wife? I know that this isn't the best time, I just know that I can't go on without knowing you will be my future after all this is over.
Misty: It's about time!
Angelique: Oh God! Skylar was right! Hope was the first to find her prince! I hope Skylar's other predictions don't come true! 
Misty: That would be?
Angelique: Cats....me and a bunch of cats!
Misty: You know, Skylar may have been on to something...
Angelique: Shut it!
Tyler slowly began to slide the ring onto Hope's finger as her parent looked on! 
Victoria: Did you know she was dating?! 
Danny: Uh, I was a frozen in time! To me it was only a couple of days ago that you were telling everyone you were pregnant!
Victoria: Excuses!
As Hope and Tyler embraced and celebrated, Danny continued to look on. Feeling the guilt of missing his daughters life!
Victoria: We failed to see it!
Danny: Huh?
Victoria: We lost our chance to see her grow. Let's be here for her, as she journeys through the rest of her life.
Danny: I don't think I can do it...live and watch her slowly fade away to time.
Victoria: Danny...You won't have to do it alone. We're both cursed to watch her live a mortal life together. For better or worse our time with her is so very limited.

As the others celebrated, Javier finally met up with his sons.
Javier: So? What's the big surprise?
Drew: It's better for you to see it...
Junior: And for you to believe too!
As the group entered the now abandon vampire liar, they found themselves in front of more vampire's!
Javier: What's going on?
Drew: It's her! Dad, it's Molly!
Javier looked at the vampire and slowly began to see the resemblance between her and his lost daughter and even his wife too! 
Javier: Oh my God!
Drew: Look who else we found!
Felicity: Gracie?
Felicity pushed her way through the group and saw her daughter sitting before her!
Gracie: Hi mom...
Molly: Sister Gracie, is this your mother?
Gracie: Yes...yes it is!
Felicity didn't waste a moment and rushed to hold her daughter!
Felicity: My baby! Your alive!
Gracie: Mom! I've missed you soo much!
Javier slowly walked up to Molly and gave her a hug as well!
Javier: You look just like them!
Molly: Them?
Javier: Your mother and grand mother! Your beautiful!
Lilly: How is this possible?
Drew: Cronus...
Junior: That jerk planned on making them part of his family! He even tried erasing their minds!
Drew: But Aiden helped them! He even got them away from Cronus! He saved them!
Just then Aiden came out of one the bedrooms, the room fell silent.
Javier: YOU! The vampire they call Apollo! You dare show yourself to me! 
Lilly: This is another one of Cronus' goons?
Lilly and Javier were ready to strike but Drew stepped between the confrontation!
Drew: No! You two will not hurt him!
Lilly: What the Hell?!
Javier: Get out of our way! This monster helped kill your mother, he works for Cronus!
Drew: Damn it dad! He didn't kill mom! He tried to stop it from happening! He saved Gracie and Molly! Tell him Junior!
Junior: Shit! It's true dad. As much as I don't like the dude, he did risk his life for the girls!
Gracie: It's true mother! Aiden betrayed Cronus. He has risked so much for Molly and me! He's not all bad!
Felicity: Then it's settled. He lives.
Javier: Fine! The bastard gets to live today! I'll spare your life, because you saved my grandchild! But on one condition.
Javier: Lilly you still got those jars in your car?
Lilly: Yeah...I've got a couple.
Javier: Get them and let's see how much this bastard wants to live!
Lilly: There it is. Your second chance! Enough for all of you. 

The girls looked at the bottles in confusion and then looked at Aiden.
Aiden: The cure. 
Javier: If you want to stay with my son and our group you have to drink the cure! I will never be able to turn my back on you, especially knowing that your able to mess with peoples minds with your vampire tricks!
Drew: You don't have to do this! I'll go with you, if you chose not to take the cure! 
Aiden: You'd leave your family for me?
Drew: I would....I can't lose you again Aiden, I'd break without you!
The girls did not hesitate taking the cure, being forced to become vampire's was something they never wanted!
Molly: Sister...this is our chance at a normal life.
Gracie: Normal....there's no such thing as normal in our family!
The girls looked at each other and smiled as they quickly drank the cure. The cure worked extremely quick, the girls were mortal! Aiden walked up to the last bottle and looked at it for a moment.
Drew: You don't have to Aiden.
Aiden: No...I want to! I'm just afraid...I haven't been mortal for a long time...I've forgot what it's like.
Drew: I'll be here to help you every step of the way.
Aiden picked up the cure and looked at Drew. A smile took over Aiden's face, he then drank the cure! 
Aiden: I can't wait to grow old with you Drew!
Drew: Me either!
Just then Felicity got a call from Light! 
Felicity: Whoa! Calm down Light! I can barely understand you! What's happening?! Wedding!!!
Felicity finished her phone call and then looked at her concerned group and gave them a hopeful smile! 
Felicity: Whose ready for a shotgun wedding!
Until Next Time!