Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chapter 21

The Hilton's 2: 
Lilly and Javier quickly made their way to Light's house, expecting the worse! They were right! As they entered the house they quickly spotted Light sitting to a demolished Grant!
Lilly: Light! Are you you hurt?! 
Javier: What happened?
Light sat quiet for a bit longer and finally began to tell the two to the horrible events that took place in her home!
Lilly: So Sal's been taken! What the hell! I thought we had our asses covered. Didn't we have eyes all over this town?
Light: Apparently, these bastards never really left....more than likely they've been sleeping right under our feet this whole time!
Javier: Until we rattled the bee hive....
Lilly: What?!
Javier: We killed two of their own and overthrew Hermes! What did anyone expect?! This is exact retaliation for our actions towards them.
Just then Javier's two boys came inside. Light looked at Javier and then at his two sons, all of which  have aged over the years.
Light: I prepared some Young Again potions for you and your boys.
Javier: I will not....
Light: DRINK IT!
Javier's sons looked at their father, with a nod from Javier, both Junior and Drew drank the potions.
Light: I'm sorry your age, you guys are significantly slower in speed, agility, and in mind! We will need everyone at top performance to even stand a chance of what's to come!
Javier looked at the potion before him and gave a huge sigh.
Javier: I'm sorry too! All I ever wanted was to grow old with Megan. To see our kids grow and find their own paths...I guess that was asking for to much.
The room fell completly silent as Javier drank the potion.
The potion worked quickly on Javier and his sons!
Javier: Now lets figure out where they could've taken your husband!
Lilly: First we got to warn the others of the Vampire threat!
Light: No need, I've already called several and many are on their way to the safety house.
Lilly: Safety mean that you guys a setting up a killing buffet for our enemy! These vamps knew where you lived Light! What makes you think that they won't know where this safety house will be! Call them quickly and have them scatter! That will buy all of us more time!

As Light's group tried to organize, Sal had woken up in a strange cell.
Sal: What the hell?! Where am I?
Sal jumped off the bed and began to bang on the cell door.
Sal: Let me out! Is anyone there? LET ME OUT!
Sal threw a couple of spells at the door but nothing seemed to work! Just then he heard a voice in the next cell!
Strange Voice: Sal? Is that you?
Sal fell silent and quickly recognized the voice!
Sal: Kim!
Kim: Sal! Oh God! They caught you too!
Sal: Kim! How long have you been down here?! 
Kim: A day or two! Sal....they've made me tell them things, some important things about your family! 
Kim began to cry and struggle to speak past her guilt and sobs of sorrow.
Sal: It's okay Kim! As long as your okay! Where are we and why isn't my magic working?
Kim: This prison seems to have been made to keep supernaturals in, including witches! 
Sal: Sounds like Amalthea had her hand in creating this place!
Just then the two heard footsteps coming down the stairs!
Vampire: Hello Sal.
At first Sal thought he was looking at his wife but quickly realized that it wasn't Light. It was someone many had believed to be dead for many years!
Vampire: Well aren't you going to say hello to your dear sister-in-law?
Sal grew from shock to anger very quickly as he gazed at the vampire before him!
Sal: Sky!
Sky: Hello Sal....It's so nice to see you after so many years. My, my, neither of us have changed much over the years!
Sal then realized that Sky wasn't alone, she was joined by two other vampires. 

Helios: Why are we rounding up these lesser species? Why not kill the whole lot of them?
Sky: Father orders!
Helios: Fine! Now that we've got this worm, what need of the wench then?
Hermes preceded to drag Kim from her cell, Kim struggled to get free but was so weak from previous encounters with the vampire's.
Sky looked at Kim and then back at Sal.
Sky: Should I let her go Sal?
Sal looked at Sky confused.
Sal: Please....She will not be a threat to any of you anymore! I promise!
Helios: LIES! Let me kill her!
Sky: Patience....I shall release her...
Hermes released Kim, she slowly picked herself up and looked at Sal and then back at her captors.
Kim: I'm free to leave?
Sky looked at the other vampire's and then at Kim.
Sky: I did say I would release her didn't I?
Helios gave a smirk, as Hermes seemed not to care.
Hermes: Pity, she is so beautiful.
Sky: I shall release you....
Without any hesitation, Sky quickly jabbed her hand into Kim!
Kim let out a breath of horror as she stared into Sky's empty eyes.
Kim: NOAH! I LOVE Yo....
Sky crushed Kim's heart! Kim slowly turned to ash!
Sal: WHY?! WHY SKY?!!!
Sky: Why....
Hermes: What a pity.
Helios: That was simply beautiful, death to all vampire's that turn against their own kind!
Sky slowly turned to Sal and stared at him with her lifeless eyes.
Sky: I released her from the pain, from a life of empty promises that life would have given her! I know that she would never stop fighting against us. So I released her.
Sky: You two head to the so called "Safe House". 
Helios: Then what? Capture them too?!
Sky: No....Kill them....Kill them all!
Sal: No, please Sky don't hurt my family! They're your family too! Please stop this!
 Hermes and Helios left the room, while Sky continued to stare at the pile of ash that was Kim. Sky began to leave, but stopped to say one more thing to the devastated Sal.
Sky: Sal....The Sky that everybody knew, died all those years ago. My name is Hestia now....
Sky/Hestia then left and Sal was alone with the thought of his family in immanent danger!
Until Next Time!

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