Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 6

The Hilton's 2:
Once Danny got Lilly and Mathias home and made sure there was no danger in sight, he immediately went to collect his wife! 
As Lilly and Mathias entered their house, they were greeted by Marlana.
Marlana: What has happened?! I've been hearing things from numerous sources! Where....where is Hero?!
As Marlana looked at the two and scanned their faces, she knew that Hero was not coming back!
Marlana: NO! OH MY GOD!!! NO...NO, NOT MY BABY!!! 

As Marlana sobbed, Lilly quickly embraced her and held her tight!

Lilly: I'm so sorry my love! I failed him! It's my fault that he is gone!
Mathias: That's not true Mother! Hero was killed by f#cking monsters! Are we gonna just sit here and cry like a bunch of weaklings or are we going to go and kill the bastards responsible for Hero's death?!

Lilly gently sat Marlana down and looked at her angry son.

Lilly: Let us prepare then!

Lilly and Mathias then ran downstairs to get some weapons and change into different clothes.
As Marlana sat, grieving for Hero, there was a knock at the door. As Marlana wiped away her tears and slowly opened the door. She was quickly greeted by a quick and powerful punch to the face and was immediately knocked to the ground!
Once Marlana gained some composure, she realized that she was now in the presence of Hermes and his lackies!
Hermes: Hello my dear! I have a favor to ask you? Please call out for your for Lilly. I need to speak with her.
Marlana: Go to Hell! You bastards killed my son!

Hermes then looked at his henchmen Chester and with out a word
Chester pulled out a gun and shot Marlana!

The shot echoed throughout Lilly's Mansion! Lilly and Mathias quickly came upstairs to investigate but where greeted by Marlana in serious amounts of pain!

Lilly: NO! Marlana....You'll be okay baby! I'm here....everything is going to be okay!
Hermes: No its not my dear. You see, your darling wife has been shot with a cure bullet! As we speak her insides are becoming mortal. She will die in a matter of minutes!

Lilly: Damn you! Why?! Why her?!!!
Hermes: To show you that I will do just about anything to have you cooperate with me! I need you to realize that there will be no negotiations in any of my requests that I will be asking of you!
Lilly: What do you want?!
Hermes: I need you to come with me....Father would like to see one of Sunset's strongest and most skilled beings, besides Danny, in person!
Lilly: If I refuse?

Hermes then looked at Marlana, then at Mathias.

Hermes: Then your last remaining heir will die and join the rest of your family! Now say your goodbyes and come, Father doesn't like to wait!
Lilly slowly kissed her dying love and hugged her last child goodbye, knowing that it would probably be the last time she would ever see any of them!

Lilly: I love you both so much! Please Mathias....stay with your Mama, she doesn't have much time!
Mathias: I will find you Mother! I will....
Lilly then was escorted away by Hermes.
Meanwhile, across town, Maureen had just gotten home to collect and warn her family! They had no clue what was going on! The guys where watching a game on tv, Ty even had a work buddy come over to watch. While Linda sat quietly reading.

Maureen: Quickly everyone! We need to leave....NOW!

As the men stood up surprised and confused at Maureen's order!

Quentin: What's happening?!
Maureen: It's horrible, I'll explain once we're in the car and leaving town!

Quickly the group got up to leave as Ty's friend rounded a corner to the front door, he was greeted by Helios!

Helios: Leaving so soon!

Helios quickly made short work of Ty's buddy!
Quentin: Maureen, go out the back! Hurry! Ty and I will slow him down!
Maureen: Quen.....
Quentin: GO!!!
Maureen and and Linda quickly ran out the back and ran as fast as they could! As the two ran, Maureen heard something coming up from behind them!

Maureen stopped and looked at her daughter!

Linda: Why did you stop mom?!
Maureen: Baby....I need you to keep running!
Linda: What?!! I can't go without you!
Maureen: You have to! Another one of those monsters are coming!

Linda began to cry as she looked at her mom.

Linda: Mommy....I don't want to go alone!
Maureen: My little Linda, my precious princess! Remember that no matter where we end up or how far we go from each other that we'll always have each our memories and more importantly in our hearts! Now run....Run baby, Run!!!
Linda quickly hugged her mom and ran as fast as she could!
Maureen: Run baby....don't stop, no matter what!

As tears rolled down Maureen's face another vampire apppeared!

Vampire: You sacrificed yourself to give you daughter nothing more than minutes of life!
Maureen: Probably....but those minutes of life will be hers!
Maureen: Before you kill me, will you spare my daughter?

As Maureen stared at the vampire, she realized that no matter how much she would beg, this monster would not be doing her any favors!

Maureen:....What is the name of the monster that is about to kill me?

Vampire: My name is Eros....My mother calls me Cupid.
With that said, Maureen was then quickly killed by a Vampire named after a god of desire!
Linda had gotten pretty far and finally had to stop to catch her breath. As she gasped for air she slowly turned around to see if her mother was coming yet. As she stared hopelessly, she finally turned around to start running again. Sadly, she was greeted by Eros!

Linda: Are you....did you kill my mom?
Eros: Yes.
Linda: Are you going to kill me?
Unaware of what was happening outside, the two men were doing their best to fend off Helios!
As they squared off each other, another vampire came up behind Quentin!
Quentin: You damn vampire's think you can take us so easily?! Well your wrong!
As soon as Quentin was done speaking, he quickly attacked the vampire behind him! As he fought, Ty was quickly tackled by Helios!
Ty: Damn you monsters! What have we done to you f#ckers?!
Helios: Nothing....but Father ordered his children to kill the
Hilton name! So you have to die, to ensure that your family name dies with you!
Ty: Then why are you after my sister?! She is not a Hilton anymore!
Helios: Father sees her outspoken nature and her strong will as a burden to our family! So to avoid unwanted stress....he simply eliminates the thing or person that causes him any discomfort!
As the fighting intensified, Quentin gained the upper hand in his fight! He quickly knocked the vampire to the ground and with one quick stomp, he crushed the vampires head, killing it instantly!
As Quentin quickly began to charge at Helios, he was grabbed from behind! Eros tore at Quentin's neck, ripping it open and killing Quentin in the most horrible way!
Eros: Why are you playing with this trash?! You do know that we have other things to do tonight?!

Helios looked at Eros with a annoyed look and with a quick swipe of his fingers, he sliced Ty's throat open!

Ty quickly grabbed at his throat in horror, as his blood began to spurt out uncontrollably!
Ty hit the floor, as the blood flowed out of him, it began to slow its flow. Ty slowly started to lose feeling in his body and finally took his last gasps of air before dying!

Helios: The Hilton's line is dead! This boy was the last hier to carry the name! Now only Danny remains!

Eros: Don't forget that you owe another family a visit! I hear that Apollo is there now!
Helios: Apollo....that mortal sympathizer! I swear if he interferes....I will have no problems killing everything he holds dear! I may even kill him as well!
Eros: No you wouldn't! You know as well as I do, that you would be signing your own death warrant! Father would tear you apart!
Helios then left to his next destination.....Javier's and Megan's home!
It was late and Javier and Megan were enjoying their night in front of a fire. Junior and Drew had just gotten home as well. Unaware of the terror that had fallen on the Hilton family and was headed straight to their home!
Drew was relaxing with Aidan and Junior, who was a little drunk enjoyed a little Foosball. The peace was interrupted by Aidan's cell phone. Drew left Aidan to his call and joined his brother. 
Aidan: (Whispering on the phone) What....right now! No! I was promised that this family would be spared! Father....I understand.
Meanwhile, Megan had gone to get ready for bed, while Javier  stayed in the living room attending to the fire.
Javier: Damn fire! Don't go out yet!
Aidan slowly put his cell away and got lost in thought.
Drew: Hey okay? What's wrong?
Aidan: I think we should leave.....
Drew: Leave? But we just got home....

Before Aidan could say his next words, the doorbell rang.
Javier: Who could that be at this time.....
As Megan was already half way down the stairs.
Megan: I got it!
The next sound Javier heard, would be a muffled sound coming from Megan!

Before Javier could react and get to Megan, Helios had her in his arms!
Javier: MEGAN!
Helios gave a quick look at Javier and with a small amount of effort snapped Megan's neck!
As Megan's body hit the ground, so did Javier! A piece of Javier's heart and his very soul felt like it died at that moment with Megan!
As Javier screamed in agony, his boys came running downstairs! Both proceeded to join their father in his misery as all three wept for Megan!
Aidan: Damn you Helios! I was told that this family would not be harmed!
Helios: Father changed his mind! All he wants is Javier! He told me that I could do as I please with the rest of them!

Aidan looked at the weeping family and then back at Helios.
Aidan: If you think you can kill anyone else will have a fight with me as well!
Helios: Damn you Apollo! Showing mercy to these insects! Fine!!! Collect Javier and let's be on our way!
Javier slowly stood up and with a look of pure hatred began to approach Helios!

Helios: Hate me do you?! Well, come at me mortal! I have no problem taking you broken to my Father!
Aidan got between the two!
Aidan: Stop! Javier....he is not one to be messed with! Think of your sons! If you go with him, they will not be harmed! Isn't that right Helios!
Helios: For now....they will be left alone.
Javier: are with them, Apollo?
Apollo: Yes....
Javier: Why should I trust you then?! You have been lying to my family for months!
Helios: Months! You've been making nice with this family?! You are a fool Apollo!
Aidan: Shut your mouth brother! Javier....if you come with us no one else will get hurt....
Helios: Too late to make that promise brother! Eros has already made a visit to the daughter of this family!
Helios: From what I have heard, Eros did not leave any survivors!
Aiden: What?! No! Your lying!!!
Helios: Father demanded, for their execution! And for their child to be brought to him!
Javier: killed my little girl too!

Helios: Aww, mortal emotions! You mortals disgust me! Well, I guess I have leverage now don't I! If you come with me, I will leave your boys alone and maybe Father will let you see your grandchild.
Javier was stunned and saddened by the devastating news! He looked at his dead wife, then at his weeping sons.
Javier: Junior....Drew.....I love you two!
With out looking back Javier left with Helios.
Drew: Dad! Dad....don't go....
As Drew tried to go after his dad, Aidan/Apollo stood in his path!
Apollo: I'm sorry! I was promised but....
Drew: Damn you! You could' could've stopped this or even prevented it! Why?! Why?!
Tears flowed down Drew's face, while Junior wept over his mother's body!
Apollo: I have no choice....believe me, I would've stopped it from happening if I could have! I care about you Drew! I love you!
Drew: I don't believe you....I can't! 
Drew: My father warned me about vampire's....this is all my fault!
Apollo: Don't blame......
Drew: Get out!!! Just go....
Apollo slowly turned and left.

Drew: The next time I see you.....I will kill you.
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  1. Aw, man I hate all this killing! Wouldn't bother me if it were the other way round and all the vampires were being killed! :P

  2. I know! The killings will end very soon, I promise! However, things will not be the same for the Hilton's after this!

  3. Those evil vamps sure do make quick work of things. Guess that happens when their is so many. There is like... no one left.

    Mythology lover in me hopes Danny finds help in those with Titan names... as all the bad guys have Olympian names. xD

  4. Your like reading my mind! You will be seeing a character with a Titan name soon! I'm glad you liked the chapter!