Monday, December 31, 2012

Chapter 3

The Hilton's 2:
First of Many
Back at the Bachelorette house, the girls have just finished getting ready to hit the town!
Gracie and Hero on the other hand have decided to keep the party at the house!
While Hero and Gracie fooled around, April, Light and April's boyfriend Ridge were waiting for May to come downstairs!
Ridge Rexington is the son of a wealthy family. Over privledged and a bit snobbish! But he was totally in love with April also a bit snobbish, so they made a perfect match!
April: Oh God! What is taking May soo long?!!
Ridge: We're already missing the fun! I just got a text from Junior, things are getting crazy at the club already!
Light: Knowing Junior, he's the one causing the crazy!
April: I can't take it! I thought I took forever getting ready! Let's go!
Light: What about May?
April: She has a car, so does her hubby Victory! They can get there on their own time! But we are leaving now!
April headed towards the door and Ridge followed like a puppy!
Light: Gracie can you tell May that we will see her at the club and to hurry!
Gracie nodded and giggled as she continued to fool around with Hero!
A couple of minutes later May and Victory came downstairs to see only Gracie and Hero!
May: Damn it! Those whores left with out us didn't they?
Gracie: Haha! They sure did!
Victory: Well we can just take my car! Besides I think April and Ridge are not coming back here and Light might catch a ride with Mathias.
May: I guess your right. Gracie are you and Hero for sure not going to the club?
Gracie: We might....
Hero: Probably not! We're having our own party here tonight!
May: Eww! Okay let's get out of here!
Once May and Victory left Gracie and Hero ran upstairs to her bedroom!
Hero: You know that my Ma was talking about you with Danny today?
Gracie: Hero! Really! Your going to talk about your mom now?!
Hero: No! Its what she said that had me thinking....maybe you should pick up training again?
Gracie: Seriously! Hero, you know that school is my number one priority right now! I just don't have the time to train anymore! Besides all of my free time....I want to spend it with you only!
Hero: Damn baby! You know how to make me love you so much!
Gracie: I love you too!
Suddenly the two heard a loud bang come from downstairs!
Gracie: What the hell was that?!
Hero: Sounded like someone breaking in! Do you have your daggers or any other weapon up here?!
Gracie: Daggers....yes! In my bottom drawer!
Hero: I'm going to check it out! I need you to promise me that no matter what you hear, you'll stay in this room until I come back for you!
Gracie: I promise....please be careful!
Hero made his way downstairs and was shocked to see a red haired woman looking through the bookshelf as if she was trying to decide what to read!
Hero: Who are you?
The woman turned around and said, My name is Hestia!
Hero: Hestia....what are you doing in my girlfriends house?!
Hestia: I've come for the girl! Please do not try to stop us!
Hero: US!
Suddenly Vampires started to appear from around the house!
Two blocked the back door exit and another person....a human popped up behind Hestia!
While one stood guard at the front door!
And another stood outside of a huge window on the side of the house!
Hero: Do you vamps know who I am? Do you know who my mother is? And what family Gracie comes from?
Hestia laughed and leaned on the human that was already marked by a vampire!
Hestia: She comes from the Hilton family and are the adoptive son of that diry vampire Lillian Rose!
The other vampire's began to laugh at what Hestia had said.
Hero: You bitch! I'm going to enjoy kicking all your asses!
 Hestia smirked and then wrapped her hands around the man's neck she was leaning on and gave a good jerk and twist causing the man to collaspe against the book shelf, he was dead and left Hero stunned and confused!
Hestia: My dear child....You are already dead! You just don't know it yet!
And with that the two other vampire's attacked! Hero quickly launched himself into the male vampire, driving his dagger deep into the vamps chest!
With all his strength, Hero dragged the dagger upwards in the vamps chest! The vampire quickly turned to ash!
Hero: Is that all you f*ckers got?!
Out of nowhere Hero was tackled from behind, causing him to drop his dagger! Before he could react he found himself on the ground being pummeled by three vampire's!
With some wrestling moves he learned from Lilly, he was able to slip out of their grips!
Hero quickly knocked one down and focused on another!
Hero: How bout I show you f*ckers what else my mom taught me! You damn vamps can't live without throats!
Hero then jabbed his hand against one of the vampire's throats and with all his strength he pulled the vampire's throat out! Causing the vamp to turn into ash quickly!
Before Hero could go after another vamp, the female vampire jumped on top of Hero! He did his best to avoid her teeth that were aiming at his neck!
Just as he got her off, he felt a sharp pain in his back! Hestia had found Hero's dagger and drove it straight into Hero!
Hestia: See...I told you not to interfere! Now you are going to die!
Hero collasped to the ground and tried his best to get back up but was growing weaker by the minute! He was tired and now he was bleeding to death!
Hestia: Go get the girl!
Gracie could hear Hero being beaten and tortured downstairs, she fought with all her will not to run downstairs to help him….She had to keep her promise to him, that she would not leave this room until he came back for her! Through her heavy breathing, she could hear someone coming up the stairs and slowly walk down the hallway to her room! She could only pray that it was Hero coming for her!
As Hero fought to stay awake, he was horrified to hear Gracie screaming upstairs and then to see her being dragged down the steps!
Hestia then reached down to Hero.
Hestia: I told you not to interfere, if it wasn't me getting her it would have been someone else. And believe me anyone else would have not waited for all you friends to leave, they would of come right in and killed all those in the way! So I've actually spared the the others for whatever time they have left!
 Gracie: Please, please let us go! My family has money, just name your price!
Hestia: Sorry dear! No amount of money will save you or him tonight!
Gracie: Hero, what do we do?! Please leave him alone....I'll go with you guys without a fight....just please leave him alone!
Hero then stared straight into Hestia's eyes!
Hestia: You remind me of my son....his determination and the fire that burns within your eyes!
Hero: You are going to die for this!
Hestia: I know....I've known since I was ordered to fetch this girl, that this would be my demise or lead up to it! Find peace little one!
Hestia then quickly snapped Hero's neck!

Gracie screamed and cried all the way out the door!
Gracie: HERO! Please, please don't die!!! I lOVE YOU.....
As Hestia positioned the bodies to look like the humans killed each other, she sat down on top of a nearby desk.
Hestia: Take the girl to Father, I'm going to stay here and tie up some loose ends!
Both vamps nodded and left with Gracie in tow!
As Hestia sat there alone in the the now dark and empty house, she glanced down at Hero's body.
Hestia: I'm so sorry little one.....
Until Next Time!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 2

The Hilton's 2:
Not to far from where Marion and Kareem met their fate a happy reunion was happening!
Danny and Victoria have come back to Sunset Valley and their first stop is at Richards and Echo's place!
Richard: Grandpa, Grandma! Its so nice to see you two! My God you never cease to amaze haven't changed a bit!
Echo: Oh Victoria your looking as beautiful as ever!
Directly behind Richard and Echo was April. Their last child still living at home.
April: Hi GG and GGa (Jeeja)!
The Great grandkids have given their great grandparents nicknames and all greet Danny and Victoria this way! 
Victoria: Oh my....April you have grown so much! Your gotten so beautiful!
April: Thank you GGa! Sorry but I have to go to work! 
April then hugged both Victoria and Danny goodbye. 
Before she left she turned to her parents.
April: Daddy, I'm probably going to stay at Light's place tonight. Remember We're all going out tonight! 
Danny and Victoria looked at Richard and Echo.
Echo: Oh the kids....I mean the young adults are all going to have a get together to celebrate another successful end to a semester of college classes!
April: We'll catch up tomorrow GG! See ya!
Echo: You guys be safe!
April: Okay Mom! Love ya! Bye.  
The couples then began to catch up and chat about what have been going on with each others lives!
Victoria: Well, we have some amazing news!
Echo and Richard looked at each other with anticipation!
Richard: You guys found Artemis....
Danny: No...but the news is still really great!
Echo: Well don't hold us in suspense!
Victoria: I'm pregnant!!!
Both Richard and Echo were shocked and overjoyed!!!     
Echo: Would any of you like some coffee or something to eat?
Victoria: Thank you but Danny and I got invited to Felicity's place for dinner tonight!
Echo: That's nice! Please let's all take a seat!
Danny: So we got to tell you what's happening with us. What's going on with your family! 
Echo: Well, April is the only one left!
Richard: All of them are in college or living their own lives now! Maureen and her husband are about to celebrate Linda's birthday. Ty is working in construction and Sky is....
Echo: She is studying our family history for her museum piece that she wants to showcase at Sunset Valley's Museum!
Danny: is that going?
Richard and Echo looked at each other and then looked at Danny.
Richard: Sky moved into the old family Estate. She got permission from the council and everything...we just didn't know how or when to tell you Grandpa!
Danny was concerned but reassured that all precautions were taken! Richard then told Danny and Victoria to visit the others and Sky to see for themselves the progress the family has taken!
Their first stop was at Light's, May's, and Gracie's place!
Victoria and Danny were pleased to see the 3 girls doing great! Light was a bubbly happy girl! Some would say she was the complete opposite of her twin sister Sky.
May was more full figured, beautiful and strong willed! She had just gotten married and already in the process of moving her self out of the bachelorette house! Gracie looked just like her mother Felicity! Also very bright and well respected in Sunset Valley!
Our next stop took us to Lillian Rose's(Lilly) home. There we were greeted by Marlana, Lilly's wife.
Victoria: Oh my God! I love how you guys keep this place the same! It always makes me feel like I've never left here!
Marlana: Well you know Lilly! She isn't one for change. Come with me and I'll take you two to see her!
Marlana lead Danny and Victoria downstairs and took them to the house gym, there they were surprised to see Lilly in the middle of training her two boys!
Lilly: Hello Danny....Victoria. It's nice to have you guys back in town.
Danny: Lilly....still training your boys.
Lilly: I plan on keeping my family safe from whatever they may come up against....either it be a enemy or to strengthen their confidence! Martial Arts is not only for combat you know!
Danny: Well, would you like to talk Lilly?
Lilly then signaled her boys to end their training session.
Lilly: Hit the showers boys and join us in the bar room.
Just then Lilly got a phone call.
Hero: Hi Danny, Victoria! Thanks for coming over!
Mathias: I think Hero is more excited that you got us out of training more than anything!
Victoria: How long have you guys been at it? 
Hero: About two hours or so, usually mother likes us to train for three!
Mathias: She means well but she can be a little overprotective!
Danny: Just a little!
The group then convened in the Bar room.
Danny: So how are things?
Lilly: Danny I just got off the phone with one of my student's from my Martial Arts class I teach! Do you know that the majority of your grandchildren have stopped attending training sessions!
Marlana: Lilly....I'm sure Danny didn't come here to discuss this matter.
Danny: It's okay. Let me hear you out Lilly.
Lilly: Your grandchildren and great grandchildren have completely abandoned their trainings! 
Victoria: What is the big concern here? I mean these most of these people are all adults now. Shouldn't they have the final say on whether or not they feel they should continue?
Lilly looked hard at both Danny and Victoria and then looked at her two boys that just joined them.
Lilly: My boys are at their prime! They are both fully capable at protecting themselves from any danger! However, for example Gracie who has stopped training around the age of 15 is not prepared for any type of attack! 
Mathias: Uh oh! Mom's talking about your girl!
Hero: Shut up! 
Danny: Attack! Who or what would attack her or any of the others?! 
Lilly: How quickly you all forget! I'm talking about your mother's so called "Father"!
Danny: Lilly! Do you hear yourself? That was more than 30 years ago!
Lilly: No Danny, Do you hear yourself? Do you think that even matters to an immortal 30 years to them is like 3 days to us!
Danny: I'm sorry Lilly but I think your stuck in the past. I think you should be focusing on you son's future's and less of the horrible past that we all strive to forget!
Lilly: I wish I could Danny! I just can't....I just know that something is going to happen and our families will not be prepared for it!
Danny and Victoria soon left Lilly's with some hurt feeling but they still managed to hug each other goodbye.
Danny's and Victoria's next stop was at Javier and Megan Monroe's house!
Megan seemed to age gracefully, having ending her last tour the summer before. Just in time to be a grandmother to her daughter Christel's new little girl Molly! Drew and Junior are the spitting image of their father! Drew was more mannered and a big dreamer like his mother!
Junior lived up to his name and behaved more like his father! Just a little more curious and more spontaneous!
Javier: still look like a twelve year old!
Danny: And your looking like an old man Javier!
Danny and Javier reached out and gave each other a good hand shake!
Javier: It's great to see you both!!!
Megan: Oh Vic! You are just glowing! What's your secret?
Victoria: Pregnancy!
After the initial praise and congrats they ended up in the living room. Junior and Drew had left to join the others to go out to a club!
Danny: So what's going on with you two?
Megan: Well, I'm about to retire and be a full time grandma to my little Molly! Javier is about to open a restaurant in Paris!
Danny: Paris!
Javier: Well, We've decided to move to Paris. I love it there and plus the whole family is going!
Victoria: The whole family!
Megan: It took some convincing but we got Christel and her husband to agree, Ryan is transferring over to a military base in Paris. Then Junior is already transferring to a college there and Drew....
Javier: That boy! He hasn't really decided yet!
Megan: He's in love!
Victoria: Oh the big L word!
Javier: To a vampire of course! If he decides to stay, he will live here in this house. So things should work out!
Danny enjoyed hanging out with his old buddy and soon left to visit Christel and her family!
Sadly, Danny and Victoria didn't stay long. Christel just put down Molly for a nap and Ryan was off to his last days of work here in Sunset!
Our next stop took us somewhere that Victoria and I would have never thought to return to! The old Hilton Estate. It looked more like ruins now, most of the windows were boarded up and everything about the place just reminded us of all the horror that took place here!
Once there Victoria burst into tears!
Victoria: I can't Danny! I can't go in there, to many bad things have happened here! Plus, that monster is still down there!!!
Danny quickly embraced Victoria and held her tight!
Danny: Why don't you head to Maureen's house and rest? I'll come soon, right after I visit with Sky and catch up with you at  Maureen's and Ty's place. Is that a good idea?
Victoria nodded and hugged Danny tightly and went to Maureen's house.
Danny then headed into the Estate, that hallways had a creepy feel to them. Danny's memories became flooded with all the good times and especially the bad times he had once had here in this home!
At the end of the hallway he saw Sky crouched down inspecting the glass shield that Danny had magically placed to protect and prevent Zeus from ever escaping!
Danny: Sky?!
Sky quickly turned around and shakened by her Great grandfathers visit.
Sky: GG! What in the world are you doing here?!
Danny: I could ask you the same thing!
Sky: Don't tell don't approve of my research too?!
Danny: I'm just concerned that's all. I just don't want you to dig to deep into our wasn't a good time for our family!
Sky: That's just it GG! I want people of this town to know our history....doesn't it upset you that your own mother isn't appreciated from the sacrifice's she's made for all of us....for this town?!
Danny: I understand your curiosity and your devotion to your work but my mother wanted me....all of us to live for the future, not to come back to the past!
Sky expression grew a little cold from what Danny had said.
Sky:'ve come to shut me down, haven't you GG?
Danny: No....I want you to be happy Sky. If finding out about our family history makes you happy, well I guess I'm happy for you!
Sky quickly lit up and hugged her GG!
Sky: Thank you GG!
After a little chat, Danny said his goodbyes to Sky!
Just as he was leaving a chill went through his body! He thought to himself, that he should just grab Sky and leave this place! And have it torn to the ground, burying Zeus with it, just like countless relatives and council members have suggested in the past! However, Danny couldn't risk it, not being able to see Zeus' prison year after year to ensure that he could never be free again!
Danny then headed to Maureen's and Ty's place! He said hello and gave Linda her birthday present!
Danny: Happy Birthday Linda! How does it feel that in a couple of hours your going to be a teenager?
Linda: Awesome Great GG! Thank you for the gift!!!
Like Richard said, Ty was working construction and enjoyed building a new future for Sunset. Maureen was part of the council and was one of the more outspoken members! While her husband Quentin continued his work on the Police force!
After Victoria and I were done visiting, we headed to our last stop of the night, Felicity's home!
River: Babe, I need you to promise that you won't say anything tonight to your Grandfather about my condition.
Felicity continued to get ready for the evening and seemed to ignore River's request.
River: Felicity! I need you to promise!
Felicity turned around and with tears in her eyes nodded and reached for a hug from River!
Felicity: I promise River!
As Danny and Victoria arrived, they were greeted by River.
River: It's so nice to see you two! Come in!
Danny: Hey River! Where's Felicity?
Just as Danny said that Felicity came down the stairs!
Felicity: Hi Grandpa!
Danny: Wow! You look gorgeous!
Victoria: I am loving your hair Felicity!
Felicity: Thanks Grandma! You two look well, please come in and say hi to Chase and Beauty and their son Bret!
Chase: Hi GG, GGa!
Bret: Hi Great GG and GGa!!! Did you guys bring me anything from your trip?!
Danny: Of course we did! 
As Danny and the others caught up and Victoria announcing her pregnancy, the evening was going fantastic! Until Chase and Beauty finally stood to leave!
Chase: Sorry GG. We have a movie to catch don't we Bret!
Bret: Yay! Movie, its movie time!!!
Beauty: He's been looking forward to it all week! We'll see you guys tomorrow!
As the group said goodbye to Chase and his family, they all convened to the dinning table.
Felicity: So your having a baby?! So this new baby is going to be my great Uncle or Aunt? Right?!
Danny: Yep! That's how it works!
River: How what works?
Victoria: Uh oh! Someone is getting sleepy!
River: Huh, oh yeah! I must be!
Danny: Are you feeling okay River, you seemed out of character today?
Felicity looked at River and then back at Danny.
Danny: What's going on you guys?
River: Well....I hate spoiling such a good evening but I guess you'll be finding out sooner or later. I'm sick Danny.
Danny: Sick....what do you mean?
Felicity eyes began to fill up with tears as River began to speak about his illness.
River: I've developed a form of Alzheimer's....Because of my excessive use of the Young again potion it was hard to detect but now it's getting worse.
Danny: What have the doctors said, can any of the other potions work? I can develop another Immortal potion, like I did for Felicity!
River: No. I've looked at all my options, even Echo and Richard have discovered that none of the existing potions can help me. I'm slowly loosing my mind....
As tears began to flow down Felicity's face, Victoria also began to cry.
Danny: I'm so sorry River....Felicity.
Felicity: We've already began preparations for River's care and....
Just then Felicity's phone rang, she excused herself and walked across the room to speak.
Danny and the others remained silent and saddened by River's news. 
Felicity ended her call with a deep sigh and turned to face Danny.
Felicity: Grandpa, we have been called for a emergency Council meeting!
Until Next Time!