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Chapter 25

The Hilton's 2:
The Plan
Just hours after releasing Danny from his prison, the family placed him in a rejuvenation chamber. 
Felicity: How much longer? 
Javier: Danny was weak and needed time to fully recover. He's just about ready....exciting isn't it?!
Felicity smiled and then saw Hades comes toward them.
Hades: It's time.
Hades pressed some buttons and the hatch opened and out came Danny fully healed.
Danny looked at his last remaining grandchild and gave her a big smile!
Felicity returned his smile with a huge hug!
Felicity: Grandpa.....I've missed you so much!
Danny turned to Javier and both seemed to acknowledge their brotherly connection was finally back to normal!
Danny: So....You don't work for Cronus?
Hades: I work for myself. I have spent the last century causing Cronus a fair amount of headaches but I would love to bring that tyrant down!
Hades: Cronus....killed everyone I loved from my old life. Made me into this and then tossed me aside and denied my real father from speaking to me! Now I will fight for my sons future and mine as well. I will stand with you and your family to bring down that monster!
While Danny caught up with current events the others discussed their next move.
Not all did a lot of talking though. May and Light barely looked at each other and both dared not be the first to speak!
Danny finally came up to see his two remaining great-grandchildren.
Danny: Light, may I speak to your sister alone?
Light: Sure....I'll be in the next room with Lilly and Howard.
As Light walked out, May looked directly at her great-grandfather.
May: I hope your not expecting an apology. I did what was best for my family....for everyone.
Danny: I would have done the same thing.
May sat in disbelief, Danny was not mad at her or the choices she had made!
Danny: But now, we must fight! Your husband and daughter are dead, so are countless others! We have no choice now, we have to strike!
May: NO! I refuse to put my son in any danger! You guys can do what you want, but leave my son and me out of it!
May stormed out of the room! Danny could just watch her leave the house and hope for her safety!
Danny: Be strong.
Danny and the others met in the main room and finally started to discuss their plan of action. 
Danny: I'm going straight for Cronus!
Lilly: I could have the werewolves help out! They would love the opportunity to kill more offense Hades!
Hades: None taken. I know where they keep Sal, My son and I can retrieve him.
Light: Count me in too!
Hades: Of course!
Howard: I will go with you Danny!
Danny: Felicity, I need you to find Victoria.
Felicity: But one has seen her for years! She may not be alive!
Danny: No....She's alive, I can still feel her. 
Felicity: Well I guess I can go to Cronus' old bases and see if I can find any info. maybe they caught her and are holding her somewhere.
Javier: I will go with you.
Light: What about the kids?! Could they help?
Danny: No! They will not continue to fight their families past! I will not allow my daughter or any of our young ones to die!
Howard: Then your sister. Artemis has been training Hope, she may be willing to aid us in our fight. Even have her siblings fight too!
Lilly: I'll go pick up some vamps and we'll drive around the heavier infested vamp areas. Felicity if you and Javier find any info. call me and I'll take care of it!
Felicity nodded and looked at Danny.
Danny: Let's end this and finally allow our families some peace! 
Everyone left, except Howard, who called Danny's long lost sister! 
About an hour later, Howard welcomed Artemis and Perseus.
Artemis: Howard....where is my brother?
Howard: Danny is downstairs, he's been down their for awhile. I'm afraid he's morning for his family. 
Artemis: I heard, so tragic! I will go see him then. My love will you wait for me up here...I need to speak to brother alone.
Perseus: I will. So Howard, what is the plan so far?
Artemis slowly went down the stairs and was confronted with her half brother!
Artemis: Danny....
Danny stood silent as he stared at the blood stained floor. Then turned slowly to Artemis.
Danny: I've been looking for you.
Artemis: I know....I've always knew that you were looking for me.
Danny: Then why stay away and allude me?
Artemis: I lived my life in hiding, never really attached to people...except the ones that are now my family. I just always thought it was easier....and less painful.
Danny listened to Artemis talk but then began to smile.
Artemis: What?!
Danny: You look like our even sound like her a little.
Artemis eyes filled with tears as she tried to process the words that Danny had spoken.
Artemis: No one has said that to me in such a long time. I think my  brother was the last to say that....before he died.
For the next hour or so the two siblings talked and and discussed what has happened so far. Artemis apologized for her refusal to see Danny sooner, how she finally revealed herself to Victoria, and how she's been training Hope.
Artemis: Danny, your daughter is like our mother! She is strong, beautiful, and so loving! Before anything else....You have to see her!
Danny looked at his sister and quickly hugged her! 
Danny: I haven't had a sibling for so long. Now I have a sister again, I'm grateful for you looking out for Hope and guiding her!
Artemis: Danny...I'm going to help you destroy Cronus!
Danny smiled and was then greeted by Perseus.
Artemis: Danny, this is my love, Perseus.
Danny: Nice to meet you! 
Artemis: He will be guarding your Hope and the others while we face Cronus.
Perseus: What?! Artemis....
Artemis: My love....will you do this for me?
Perseus: Y-Yes my love, I will protect them Danny! 
Artemis: Lilly already picked up two of my siblings...Heracles and Demeter. They will aid her in the search of Victoria.
Howard: I will call my daughter and have her bring Hope here. Is that okay?
Danny: Yes...I need to see my little Hope!

Tyler: Hope, I have an important question to ask you.
Hope: Yeah....what sort of question?
Tyler: I was talking to my sister's and I wanted to know if you would like to move into our own place?
Hope was very surprised by the question and took a moment to collect herself.
Hope: You want to get our own place....
Tyler: You don't have to answer right away....I know this is sorta sudden! Just getting back together after our break and me being in Paris for awhile.
Hope let out a huge sigh of guilt and knew what she had to do!
Hope: Tyler....while you where in Paris....I...Bobby and I...
Tyler: I know. I kind of figured it out.
Hope: You did! Even knowing that I had a brief thing with Bobby, you still want to get a place with me?
Tyler: The way I see it, if you wanted to be with Bobby, you'd be with Bobby. I know you Hope! I know that this...this is what we both want!
Hope shook her head in disbelief and realized that Tyler was completely right! 
Hope: Yes....
Tyler: Yes? Oh! You want to get our own place! 
Hope: Yes!
Hope: I love you Tyler!
Tyler: I love you!
Tyler quickly grabbed Hope and gave her a big kiss!
Downstairs, Bobby was using his vampire hearing to catch the whole exchange.
Bobby: Well....I guess that's that!
Angelique: Are you talking to yourself again Bobby?!
Bobby: I guess so! Seems that I'm not the one for Hope.
Angelique: Oh! So Tyler finally asked Hope to move with him!
Bobby: Yep.....and she said yes.
Angelique: I'm sorry Bobby!
Bobby: It's fine. I guess it worked out the way it was supposed too!
Angelique: What do you mean?
Bobby: Well....I'm leaving.
Angelique: Leaving? For the night?
Bobby: No...I'm leaving. I have one more mission and I'm gone. Maybe find another girl like Hope....Hmm, like that's possible!
Angelique: When are you leaving?
Bobby: Now.
Angelique: Now!?! weren't going to say goodbye? What about the others, I'm sure they would like to see you off at least!
Bobby: No. I think this is for the best. I was never really good at saying goodbye's. Can you tell them, that I wish them all the best!
Angelique then pulled Bobby in for a hug!
Angelique: You come and see me when I'm an old lady you hear!
Bobby: Sure thing!
Angelique: Who knows, maybe Hope will have a grand daughter that will be the mirror image of her! 
Bobby: Ha! Now that's a thought!
Bobby then grabbed a prepared bag and slowly left the house.
Bobby: Well....Maybe I will come back some day.

A few miles away, Felicity and Javier arrived at a familiar place.
Javier: Wow! I haven't been here in years! I thought your family sold this place a long time ago?!
Felicity: We did! I sold it to an old family friend! You could say, she's been like a mother to me!
Javier stopped in his tracks as Felicity was done speaking.
Javier: Felicity! Please tell me that she isn't here?!
Just as Javier suspected, he was face to face with Sheri!
Javier: What the HELL IS THIS!?!
Felicity: Please Javier....don't be mad! It was my idea!
Javier: Felicity! This woman is a monster! She killed or helped kill family! Even my own sister! Your MOTHER!!
Sheri: Javier....I'm sorr....
Javier charged towards Sheri, Felicity feared the worse and began to regret bringing Javier to Sheri!
The room fell silent, as the two finally cooled off a bit!
Felicity: Javier....I thought Sheri could be of some help. She and I have been to this lab before. She can help us!
Javier: I'll let her come....because you want her there. But know this...if you fall or given the choice to leave you behind....You better believe me on this, I will not hesitate on leaving your ass to die! My sister, my nephews, and my niece deserved longer lives!
Sheri: Understood.
As the room fell silent again, a blonde man entered the room.
Chip: Is everything okay in here?
Sheri: Yes dear!
Sheri quickly hugged the man.
Sheri: This is Chip! The father of my twins!
Javier: Figures! You had more kids, while the ones you killed never got the opportunity, even your own grandson!
Felicity: Uncle!
Sheri: No! He's right! I am guilty of so many things! I regret that Harley never got to experience a family! His what drives me today! To make his death and everyone else's meaningful, I've dedicated my long life into training my children and myself to be weapons...weapons to save our...your family!
Javier: And where are these children of yours?
Sheri: Watching and protecting your family of course!
Sheri: That's why these two have volunteered to help us!
Seven: Volunteered?! Did you hear that sister?!
Four: I did! 
Javier: Are F%#king with me! Danny's psycho clones!
Sheri: They're not psychotic! They were misled before. Weren't you my little ones!
Four: We owe Sheri our lives! She took us in! 
Seven: She took care of us after everything went down between Danny and Zeus!
Felicity: Javier...
Javier: Fine! I mean, what the Hell! We're all going to die anyways!
Seven: That's a positive thought!
Chip: I really wish you wouldn't go!
Sheri: Sorry my love! But I must make amends! It's been my plan for so many years...ever since Ron gave me another chance! 
Until Next Time!

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