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Chapter 16

The Hilton's 2:
Revenge or Heartbreak
As events unfolded with Hope's group, Lilly and her pack of wolves readied themselves for their mission. Regaining Lilly's home from Hermes and his duo that attacked Lilly and her family so many years ago!
Lilly: So....You all know what to do?! It's a pretty simple plan!
Eva: We understand....but wouldn't you want one to be kept alive? You know for questioning, one may know of Danny's whereabouts.
Lilly: I doubt they would tell us, even if we offered them a chance of survival! Besides, I'm done letting these f#ckers talk their way out of their crimes!
Swift: Finally! Going to get some damn payback!!!
Guard: You think it was wise to send Pup off to that girl's location?
Lilly: Hope....she is Danny's last living heir. She deserves to live, to have a normal life after all this madness!
Swift: All I know is, that I better get the first kill!
Lilly: Well, by all means, why don't you knock on the door and let us begin our mission!
Swift: Gladly!!!

Swift knocked on the door and a familar face answered the door! It was the same vampire that ambushed Lilly's wife Marlana years before!
Latoya: What do you want, you filthy creature?!
Swift: I have an urgent message for your boss, Hermes!
Latoya: Well....what is it?!
Swift then took a huge swing forward, using all her strength punched Latoya in the chest!
Swift: Tell him that he's just as dead as you are BITCH!!!
Latoya let out a scream of pain as Swifts hand made contact with her heart! As she held Latoya's heart in her hands, Lilly slowly made her way in!
Lilly: Remember me?! You helped kill my family! 
Lilly then looked at Swift and nodded. Swift squeezed Latoya's heart until it burst!
Swift: Sweet dreams, demon!!!
Latoya quickly turned to ash!
Lilly then followed the sound of music and came face to face with Hermes!
Lilly: You bastard! How dare you claim my home as your own!
Hermes continued to play as if he didn't hear Lilly. 
Hermes finally looked up as he played.
Hermes: Shh! I'm almost done.
As Lilly talked to Hermes, the others found another vamp to destroy!
Swift: YES!!! Another f#cker to tear apart!
Guard: Patience sister.
Eva looked upon the vampire with no expression and seemed a little bored or disappointed in what she saw!
Eva: Kill it....
Suddenly Guard and Swift began to shift! They both let out screams of pain!
With a flash of light, they both transformed into their wolf forms!
Guard: Ready sister?!
Swift: Ready brother!
The two slowly approached their prey, both letting out snarling sounds as if they were both crazed!
Guard: Let me at him first sister! 
Swift: By all means brother!
Guard: I'll tear off his arms....and tear out his throat!
Swift: I'll tear off his legs and shove them straight up his a.....
Chester: You fools forget! I have my master, he'll make short work out of all of you! Please master, join me in killing these filthy animals!
As Chester waited for a response from Hermes, it was one that no one expected!
Hermes: Help? My dear boy....Why should I get my hands dirty?
Chester: WHAT?! Please....I can't take on both! 
Hermes: Death comes to us all child....we must face it and accept it.
Both wolves jumped Chester, ripping at his body in a frenzy!
Chester screams filled the house very briefly.
Lilly: You let your subordinates die so easily?! Why?
Hermes took a long gaze at Lilly and almost seemed confused by her question.
Hermes: Why would one of my Father's little lab rats be concerned? I simply had no need for them anymore. They weren't my, I fear my only child was killed just moments ago. And I will not die until I kill those responsible for killing Pan!

As the wolves finished with Chester, Eva sniffed the air and immediately caught the familiar scent of the one responsible for her packs demise!

Eva: He's here!
Swift: WHERE?! 
Eva: Quickly downstairs! Guard you take the right, Swift and I will go to the left. I won't allow that bastard to leave here alive!
The wolves quickly headed for the stairs, as Guard made his way, he caught the attention of both Lilly and Hermes.
Lilly: What's going on?!
Guard: He's here! The traitor, who killed our pack!
As Eva and Swift made their way down, Eva could sense something troubling Swift.
Eva: I know what's troubling you. She won't be able to stop us! She knows our ways, that no matter what, I'm bound by honor to bring the one who betrayed us to justice!
Swift: I know....I just think we should of told her who the traitor was!
As Lilly and Hermes continued to stand their ground, Hermes looked at Lilly and gave her a small smile.
Lilly: What?!
Hermes: I know that I've caused you pain in the past....they were orders, I have no ill will towards you.
Hermes: So as a small part of an apology for what happened so many nights ago....your son.
Lilly: Mathias! You leave him out of this!
Hermes: He's here....downstairs.
Lilly stood confused by Hermes words, she couldn't understand why her son would be here with a bunch of vampire's that were responsible for destroying her family?
Lilly: Why is he here?!
Hermes: He came to me, wishing to seek protection.
Lilly: Protection? From what?!
Hermes: From the wolves of course. However, it seems my protection is a failure since you brought them to him.
Lilly: Oh God!

Lilly sprinted to the stairs, her head was swirling with confusion and concern for her last remaining child!
Hermes: Farewell child! May our paths meet again!
Hermes: Hopefully, after I avenge my dear child Pan! The ones responsible for his death will feel my pain!
Lilly ran downstairs, she began to panic! She searched every familiar room! Like if she never had left!
Finally, Lilly heard some screams and commotion coming from the main hallway! As she ran as quickly as she could, she was greeted by unconscious wolves and a person responsible for their defeat!
Lilly: Mathias?!
Mathias: Yes. It's me.
Lilly: Your.....your a vampire!
Mathias: Yes.
Lilly stood confused and started to walk towards her son.
Mathias: Stop! 
Lilly: Mathias, it's me, your mother!
Mathias: Your not my mother! She died....with the rest of my family!
Lilly: No! I'm alive and I'm here to.....
Mathias: Save ME! Ha! What makes you think I want saving.....or deserve to be saved?!
Eva: He's right! He doesn't deserve to be saved now! 
Lilly: Eva! Why didn't you tell me?! That my son was the one to betray your pack?! 
Eva: Because it wouldn't have mattered! My pack, we took him in after your supposedly demise. He went crazy, he pushed everyone away, even the girl he loved!
Lilly: Light....She's married to Sal now!
Mathias: She was different too! After all that happened to us! She wanted to get married! I just wanted to die and be with my family!
Eva: The fool ran to a vampire named Helios to end his life! Instead, Helios toyed with him! Until...he turned him into this creature! Throughout the years Mathias aided the vampire's in our demise! He burned down your Martial Art's school too! He probably would have burned down this house as well, if Hermes didn't take residence here!
Lilly: Is that true....Mathias?!
Mathias: It is...I couldn't bare the sight of my past to forever haunt me!
Eva: Well then! Shall we end this!
Eva then transformed into her wolf form and growled with anger and anticipation! Her target was just a few feet away!
Mathias finally faced Lilly with an expressionless face.
Mathias: Why? Why do you care? 
Lilly: Because I love you Mathias! I'm your Mo....
Mathias: Your not my mother! She's dead! And so am I!!!
Just then Eva started to sprint towards her target, her razor like nails dug into the ground with leap she took!
Mathias: I welcome it! I'm tired of hiding.....tired of roaming this world too!
Mathias spread his arms open, not even attempting to fight back! He simply wanted to die!
Lilly still confused by what was happening she lost her footing when Eva shoved her out of the way!
Lilly: NO! EVA DON'T!!!
But it was to late, Eva had made contact with her intended target! Lilly stood in absolute shock and horror!
Lilly's screams woke up the other wolves, Eva dropped Mathias and stepped back as Lilly rushed to her fallen son!
Eva: It had to be done. I was bound by hono.....
Lilly: GET OUT!!! Leave me with my son....please!
Eva looked at the others and motioned for them to exit the house. Eva soon followed.
Lilly: Mathias! Please don't leave me too!
Mathias groaned in pain, his eyes started to roll back and forward!
Mathias: She didn't...get all of my heart! Please....finish it! 
Lilly: NO! I CAN'T! Maybe Light can help or one of Sal's witches can....
Mathias: NO! Please end it!
Lilly slowly reached for Mathias' heart, as she squeezed it, Mathias let out a small whine.
Mathias: At least I got to see a familiar face....before I die....  
Mathias' heart then shattered into ash in Lilly's hand!
Lilly: NOOO!!!! MATHIAS...I'M SORRY, I'M sorry!
Lilly sobbed and wailed throughout the hallway as she watched Mathias slowly turn to ash in her arms!
Lilly cried for a long time! She couldn't control her emotions anymore! She had lost everything!
Lilly: Marlana! I failed our boys! I failed you too! Why am I the only one to live?! It's not fair.....
Lilly finally picked herself up and started to go through all the rooms of her home.
Every room echoed of her children and her love! It was to much for her! Lilly ran out of her home!
Lilly then ran into the wolves, they had stayed to talk to Lilly. Guard and Swift stood before Eva, as to protect her from Lilly's wrath!
Eva: Lilly....I was honor bound to do it! I had to avenge my pack! I'm sorry....
Lilly: No....You did what you had to do....Mathias was not himself anymore. He wanted peace and he could only see death as his only escape to it!
Eva: What will you do now? You have your home back.
Lilly: This isn't my home anymore....its just another building.
Swift: So your just gonna leave it?
Lilly: Burn it down. It doesn't belong to anyone anymore. It's just a shell of what it used to be.
 The wolves then did what they were asked to do. Once the house started to burn, the pack started to head home. Lilly stared at the house as it burned for a moment and then slowly departed with the wolves.
Lilly: Goodbye Marlana, Hero, and Mathias.....I'll be with you soon.  
Until Next Time!

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