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Chapter 22

The Hilton's 2:
No Place Is Safe
Unaware of the real danger Felicity's son Chase and his family have made it to the safe house. 
Chase: So we're the first ones here? Figures....
Beauty: Babe, maybe Light is right. What if we're not safe here.
Chase continued to stare at the chair that Pan once sat in for so many years.
Chase: Let the bastards come. I would love the chance for us to kick some vampire ass!
Beauty: But our boy is here, I don't want Bret to be in any danger!
Chase: Come on Babe! Bret can handle himself! He's been training to defend himself since my sister went missing! 
Beauty: You better be right!
Just as the two finished talking, Victory, May's husband showed up.
Victory: Chase, Beauty. Long time no see. How have you two been?
Chase: Victory....still serving and protecting I see! 
Beauty: Chase be nice! Hi Vic, I'm going to make some coffee, hopefully more people start to show up!
Chase: So....where's your overly worked wife?
Victory: Still at the office. She was on her way out but she had to tie up some business before coming.
Chase: She does know that our lives are in danger?
Victory: Yeah, but you know how she is. "If we just leave the vamps alone, we'll be okay."
Chase: And your kids?
Victory: I've been getting nothing but their voicemails. I'm just hoping that they're busy. I'm going to call them again.
Chase: Good idea. I think I'll give my mother a call as well.
As the two called for their loved ones, Victory was able to get a hold of Adam, while Chase got in contact with his mother.
Beauty: So....did your kids answer their phones?
Victory: Just Adam so far. Catherine must be at work still. How about your son?
Beauty: Oh, he came with us. He's been in the restroom, changing into some type of suit?!
Victory: Suit?
Beauty: Well....
Just then Bret came out of the restroom wearing a energy suit!
Bret: Hey Vic! Long time no see!
Victory: Whoa! I didn't realize that the suits that our enemy created where now being used for our side!
Bret: The suits back then were designed to control people, now they help us fight against supernatural beings. It levels the playing field!
Bret: And believe me...we could use all the help we can get!
Chase: Looking good son! Are there anymore ready? 
Bret: Just about, Hade....
Just then Bret grew silent and everyone turned to see what Bret was seeing.
Hermes stood silently and was staring at what was once Pan's throne.
Hermes: You filthy beings have no idea...
Chase: Damn it! What the hell do you want? None of us have caused any harm to you or your family!
Hermes: It doesn't matter now, your lives are all forfiet! My brother Pan was just doing what he was ordered to do by our Father! But you mortals had to destroy the "evil immortals"! Not even fully understanding of what the consequences would be afterwards!
As the others stood quiet and too frightened to speak, Victory, was the first to respond.
Victory: What do you want from us?
Hermes: Where is Danny?
Victory: How should we know, you guys took hi.....
Before Victory could finish his sentence, Hermes had plunged his hand into Victory's throat!
Victory didn't have a chance to fight or beg for his life, all he could do was stare into the eyes of his killer! Blood gushed out of Victory as Hermes proceeded to rip out Victory's throat, ending the life of many to come!
Hermes: I'll ask again, from one of the most prestigious families of Sunset Valley! Where is Danny?!!!
As Victory's body hit the floor, Beauty collapsed as well, shocked to see one of their own defeated so quickly and without mercy!
Chase: Like Victory was about to say, we have no idea!
Hermes grew more angry and grabbed Chase by the throat and lifted him into the air!
Hermes: You expect me to believe that the most infamous and well to do families in Sunset have no idea or the connections to hide one of their own?! Do you take me for a fool?!!!
Chase: Bret grab your mother and get out of here!
Bret unloaded multiple shots into Hermes! Even at close range none of the blessed wooded bullets where having any effect!
Hermes: You are wearing my patients! Tell me or die!!!
Hermes started to squeeze Chase's throat, until the point that Chase felt death was almost certain!
In Hermes fit of rage, he didn't see Bret point his gun straight at his head! 
Bret: Let's see if a Vamp doesn't need their F#$KING HEADS TO LIVE!
Before Hermes could react, Bret pulled the trigger!
Hermes lifeless body hit the ground hard and quickly started to turn to ash. 
Chase: That's how to kill a vampire son!
As the two had a moment to celebrate, Beauty sensed a bigger threat behind her!
Beauty: Chase....
Beauty: Chase! Bret! There's another one!
Helios: Aww! Give me a moment to grieve for my fallen brother. Eh, he wasn't all that important to me anyways! I hope you two know that he could've easily dodged that bullet without any effort.
Chase: Then why is he dead?! Tell me that you bastard?!
Helios: Fool....Pan was Hermes' greatest love! Hermes wanted to die! The idiot chose to die, rather than move on! Pathetic!
Chase: And you! What do you want?!
Helios: Danny. That's all we want. Tell me or your wife is the next to fall in this room.
Bret could sense that Helios was not like Hermes, he would not hesitate to kill them all even if they told him where Danny was!
Bret: Don't do it dad! He's going to kill us all anyways!
Chase: Damn it! May...
Bret: DAD!
Chase: May, she will tell you everything, she knows where Danny is! Please....leave us alone! We'll leave town, I'll do anything....just spare my wife and son!
Helios smiled and then looked at the frightened Beauty. 
Helios: May, the great granddaughter of Danny Hilton. Thank you! 
Quickly Helios leaped at Beauty! The attack happened so fast! A few screams, some gunfire, and rough commotion where quickly silenced by Helios!
Before Bret knew it, he was the last one standing, both his father and mother where dead! And Bret had no more bullets to shoot at the monster that killed his family before his very eyes!
Helios: Don't feel bad child. Not many have survived this long in my presence without my consent! You are a brave human, you killed one of my own, not a simple feat! Your remaining family would be proud!
Helios: I often enjoy leaving a broken being after every assault, just my way of letting the lesser beings be aware of my power!
As Helios gazed upon the defeated Bret, he sensed a more powerful being enter the premises.
Helios: Looks like it's your unlucky day child!
Just then Howard entered the Safe House! Upon entering, he got a phone call from Lilly!
Howard: I just got here. What?! I'll get them out now!
Just then Howard heard a blood curdling scream come from downstairs! Howard ran as quickly as possible and was shocked and heart broken at the scene he came upon!
There lied 3 of his closest friends, dead! Bret was struggling to survive!
Helios: Hello there Witch! 
Howard: Demon! What have you done?! These were good people!
Helios: Good? There is no such thing as good people! Ask this child here, his family has been keeping secrets from the whole lot of you!
Howard: Lies!
Helios: Concerning Danny....Which I must be on my way to collect. It appears that a woman by the name of May knows the whereabouts of our dear Danny!
Howard: What makes you think that I will allow you to leave this place?!
Helios: This boy here is knocking at death's door. You have a choice old man, chase me or save the the boy?!
Howard's face grew twisted in anger and gave his attention to Bret! Helios laughed as he slowly left the house!
Howard grabbed Bret and began to spew out numerous curing spells to help the injured Bret!
Nothing seemed to be working! Blood kept pouring out of Bret! He was turning paler by the second!
Howard: Bret! You have to work with me! My spells only work if the person wants to be healed!
Bret: (Breathing heavily) Sorry....I'm...sorry. Howard...tell my grandma...that I'm sorry. Sorry for what my dad and I thought was for the best....
Howard: I don't understand! BRET! YOU GOT TO FIGHT!
Bret: Helios is right. We....we knew where Danny has been all this time....we thought it would be best to keep him locked up. For our families safety....
Howard: So May knows where he is?!
Bret: Yes....I'm sorry....Grandma...I'm sor.....
Bret stopped breathing and Howard knew, that no spell could bring back his soul!
 Howard sat there among the dead for a few moments staring at the now dead Bret.
Howard: I'm sorry Felicity....When will this all end? Danny....when will it all end?
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