Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 31

The Hilton's 2:
As chaos seemed to be happening everywhere, the wolves seemed less inclined to be involved.
Swift: Eva, why are we not helping Danny and the others?
Eva: We have our own agenda. Besides Cub is guarding Light's little witch brood, that's more than enough. Anyhow, we killed the one that betrayed our pack and now it's time to rebuild it. I have full confidence that Danny, Lilly, and the rest of them can handle this menace.
Swift: I guess....What the Hell is that?!
Eva: Blood!
Swift: Oh God! Guard! Guard where are you?!!!
Swift quickly ran up the stairs, frantically yelling out for her brother!
Eva: Swift! Wait....It's not safe!
Just as Eva said that, Swift let out a scream of horror!
Swift: NO! Guard...Please, Eva! This can't be real!!!
Eva quickly looked down at her fallen friend and then went into defense mode!
The killer was still in their home and Eva was not about to let her or Swift be their next victims!
Eva: Who the Hell are yo...
As Swift sobbed for her brother, Eva was stunned to see who the killers where!
Eva: Lilly?! What the Hell is going on!?! No! You are not Lilly! Who are you two and why have you killed my friend?!
Woman: Interesting. This is my first time seeing a Female pack leader. Tell me wolf, are you strong?
Eva wasted no time and transformed into her wolf form. 
Eva: Allow me to show you how strong I am!
Eva: And you, the imposter. You will fall too!
Eva then leaped at the two with all her strength! 
The strange woman looked on with amusement as Eva charged towards them!
Woman: No. You will not harm me.
Without warning Eva suddenly changed back to her human form!
Eva: What the Hell! How did you do that!?!
Eva stood in disbelief and tried to turn back into her wolf form but nothing happened!
Eva: What have you done to me?!
Woman: I chose you. You are worthy of my new beginning.
Suddenly the confused Eva was kicked by Eris! The kick was so hard that Eva flew back and fell unconscious!
Swift slowly picked herself up off the floor. Her eyes slowly leaving her brothers body and focusing on the two before her!
Woman: Why...Dear child, he was a man...Not fit for our new beginning.
Swift: New beginning? You psychos killed my brother! I'm going to tear you apart!!! 
Swift turned into her wolf form and walked towards Eris.
Woman: You can still live. I offer you this opportunity to join me. To be part of our new world.
Swift: Shut the Hell up! I'm going to enjoy this! Especially, kicking the Lilly lookalike's ass! 
Eris: Seems you have issues with the face that I've been copied from!
Swift: Damn right! I never really liked Lilly and especially after her son helped kill our pack! You'll just have to do!
Swift quickly attacked! She grabbed the imposter and clawed and bit at Eris as ferocious as possible! Eris used all her strength to pry Swift off!
Swift saw an opening and took it! With one quick punch she laid out Eris!
Swift: Bitch! You better stay down! Now it's your turn!
Woman: Such strength. My offer still stands...Join me. Or Die.
Swift: F#$%K YOU!
Swift readied herself for an attack, while keeping her guard up for Eva too!
Swift: BRING IT YOU BI.....
Before she let out her remaining words, Swift suddenly felt a sharp pain go through her!
Woman: Forgive me. You and I could have done so much for our kind. I guess I'll have to settle for one wolf today. Good traveling my dear sister.
The woman then let Swift slowly fall to the ground and then her attention quickly moved to Eva.
Woman: Eris prepare our new sister.
Eris quickly picked up the dazed Eva.  She struggled to get her barrings and didn't know what was going to happen next!
Woman: Hold her mouth open. Now drink my sister...Drink my blood and see the truth!
Eva tried to resist but succumbed to the woman and drank her blood. Eva then felt a calm overwhelm her, as if all that mattered just seconds ago seemed to fade away.
Eva still remembered everything but somehow her mind was not as worried anymore.
Woman: That's right. You don't have to be burdened by all this. You have a higher purpose now.
Woman: You, Eris, and I will start over. Bring the supernatural species back from the darkness and embrace our rightful place in this world!
Eva: Yes. What shall I call you?
Woman: A name? Huh. It's been so long since I was called anything. Since my dear friend Cronus has been using Greek mythology names...Call me Gaia.
Eris: My Queen, let us put you in some clothes. The world has changed so much since you last walked upon it.
Gaia: Yes. Afterwards, we must locate my other supernatural children. Maybe a witch next.
Eva: I know where to find a whole coven!

Meanwhile, Cronus has called for his remaining family to his throne room.
Cronus: I called upon all of you, because we are ending this feud now! Danny and his family must be eliminated!
Cronus looked at his family and noticed a few still missing. 
Cronus: Seems my dear Apollo has betrayed us and released our new sisters as well.
Poseidon: This group has been giving us difficulties for far to long and now they have Apollo helping them!
Ares: Not to mention Artemis and our traitor brothers and sister too! 
Hestia/Sky: What about Eros and that clone?
Cronus: They are preoccupied and unable to be of use now.
Helios: Unless you have a magic trick up your sleeve Father, I don't see us coming out of this alive! They outnumber us and have killed so many of our brothers and sisters! They even taken that lab with Medusa!
Cronus: Silence! I have a plan. Don't I Zeus?
Zeus: Father? What do you mean?
Cronus: Don't insult me child! I know of the power you have obtained from your brothers and how you where going to utilize it! I want you to show them. Show them the power that you have gained!
Zeus: I not the sharing type Father.
Cronus: Either you show them or I tear off your head for your past crimes to our family...AND TO ME!
Zeus quickly changed his form before his brothers and sisters.
Cronus: Behold my children. Our salvation...Our victory!
You all will be blessed with this ability.
Hera: How Father?
Cronus: I have enough power for each of you to take from me. 
Hera: But Father, won't you be weakened by all this?
Cronus: Ha! What Zeus failed to realize that he may have killed his brothers for this unforeseen power, but he would have to kill hundreds more to even come close to my power! Come children, let us become true Gods! 

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