Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 8

The Hilton's 2:
Old Enemy
Just a few miles away, Danny finally got back to Felicity's house! As Danny rushed calling out for everyone, Victoria came running out of the kitchen area!
Victoria: What's wrong Danny?!
Danny: Thank God! Your okay!
Danny quickly embraced Victoria and gave her a big kiss!
Danny: Where are the others?!!
Victoria: Felicity ran straight upstairs to River....they're still up there....Danny, what in the world is going on?! Your starting to scare me!
As Danny was preparing to tell Victoria everything, a strange feeling consumed him!
Danny: Victoria....I need you to run!
Victoria: What?!!
Danny: Get as far away as possible and don't come looking for me! I'll find you understand?!
Victoria: Oh God! It's happening again isn't it!
Danny: Go my love! I promise that I'll come for you!
Victoria quickly hugged and kissed Danny and began to exit the back door.
Victoria: I love you Danny....please come back to me as quickly as possible!
Victoria then quickly retreated with their unborn child!
Moments later an old enemy walked through the front door!
Zeus: Hello Danny....It's so nice to see my little nephew!
Zeus: I can still smell that woman....Victoria! You and her a still together. How sweet! It will be even sweeter when I tear her heart out and deliver it to you!
Danny: Still upset Zeus?
Zeus gave a little smirk and then directed himself to the bar.

Zeus: Upset.....That you thwarted my plans at raising my army, turning my brothers and sister against me, or putting me in that damn box for all those wasted years!
As Zeus poured a drink from the bar, another vampire entered the house from the back!
Zeus: Did you get her?
Vampire: No....She is highly trained, she killed two of us before she was able to elude us!
Zeus: Pity....I was looking forward in her death! However, we have other pressing matters than going after a stray dog!
Danny: Go to hell Zeus!
Zeus took a few drinks from his glass and kept his gaze fixated on Danny!
Zeus: Been there....I'm fully aware that I'm not up to par yet. As I'm sure you can sense that I would be easy pickings too! However, you must know that I'm not alone. You can sense the other vampire's, can't you Danny?
Danny: Please Zeus....spare my Felicity. She has been through enough!
Zeus: You forget Danny.....She is also like a daughter to me as well! Sheri may have raised her as a daughter, but I also was there watching, guiding this precious child! Father has requested an audience with you....will you come peacefully?
Danny: So if I go with you....Felicity will be spared?
Zeus: Of course she will! Now follow my associate to the car, so that I can collect my other subordinates.
Danny slowly headed to the front door followed by Zeus' goon.
Danny: I swear....I swear that I will find a way to get rid of all you monsters!
Zeus: Perhaps.....but today you will suffer a lot more!
Unaware of the events going on downstairs, a worried Felicity and River held each other.
River: Damn it! Chase isn't answering his cell!
Felicity: River....I'm sure he is okay! My poor Gracie....
River: We'll find her....we have to!
 Female Vampire: How sweet! Isn't this so sweet Bryan?!
Bryan: Yes....yes it is my lady Medusa!
 Medusa: I hate them already! They're emotions give me headache!
Bryan: May I kill them for you then?
Medusa: Now that would be something to see! Sadly, these two are to be spared.
Medusa: However, we weren't told in what condition!
River: Damn it! Run Felicity!
Felicity ran out onto the terrace as River stood to block the intruders!
Medusa: Oh please! Bryan, I'm going after the Hilton brat, have your fun with him!
In her confusion or her panicked state Felicity cornered herself on the terrace!
Felicity: Please! Please leave us alone!
Medusa: What is this?! I was under the impression that Hilton's where highly trained individuals.
Felicity: Not me! I haven't done that in years! Please...I swear, I'm no threat to you!
Medusa: Haha! This so pathetic! I can't believe you survived the last battle with Zeus!
Medusa got closer and closer, until she was face to face with Felicity!
Medusa: You know what also really sucks about you? You escaped the last battle without a scratch....let us correct that error!

Medusa then slapped Felicity off the terrace without much effort! Medusa also made sure that her nails made contact with Felicity's face as well!
Felicity: Aaah! 
What felt like a long drop happened really quickly! Felicity fell and hit the ground hard!
The snow seemed to engulf her as she hit the ground! Zeus ran outside to see Felicity laid out on the ground! He stood there in disbelief and then he saw that she was breathing still! 
Zeus stood on the porch for a few more minutes observing Felicity as she struggled to breath!
Zeus: Hmm....Seems you are stronger than you think Felicity.
As Zeus entered the upstairs bedroom he was greeted by a down River and his attackers!

Zeus: Seems that you two have failed to follow the simplest of orders!
Medusa: Oh please....they're both alive aren't they?! We were just having a little fu......
Before Medusa could finish her sentence Zeus had pushed her to the floor as he jammed his fingers into Bryan!
Medusa: What the hell are you doing?! Stop! That is my.....
Zeus: I know what he is to you! Your his creator, his master! Your first too! Well he'll also be your first failure as well!
Zeus then proceeded to tear off Bryan's head!
Zeus: You fail me again....and it will be you that I kill next! How I missed this power is returning!!!
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  1. I hate Zeus! Kill him already! haha!

  2. Ha! I love my Zeus! He is just so evil!!!

  3. Oooo, now Medusa makes an appearance.
    Makes me wonder how much of namesakes nature will shine through.

    May not like him, but gotta say Zeus is looking better now that he has gotten cleaned up.