Monday, July 14, 2014

Chapter 30

The Hilton's 2:
No Going Back!

In one of Cronus' secret liars, Sky walked into a sleeping chamber.
Sky: So your finally awake. Did you sleep well?
Sky: We're about to have some guests...My sister is one of them. If you would allow it, I would like to speak to her before she dies.
The Man nodded in agreement.
Sky: The fools have no idea what they're walking into!
Just like Sky said, in came Light, Hades, and Bobby. 
Light: So this is the place.
Bobby: Why do all these places seem so....depressing?!
Hades: Goes with being a bloodsucking immortal. Let's retrieve Sal and get ourselves out of this place.
The group traveled several floors of this dwelling, until they finally found Sal in his prison!
Light: Sal!!! Oh my God! I knew you were still alive!
Light and Sal quickly embraced each other through the glass that separated them.
Sal: Light! Why did you come here?!
Light: I had to! I couldn't just let them take you from me! Your okay?! They didn't hurt you?
Sal: No. But...They killed Kim!
Light: No...Poor Noah, he's going to be heartbroken!
As the two moarned their fallen friend a woman appeared out the the darkness.
Woman: Heartbroken? You people have some serious moment issues! You two could have been halfway out of this place, but instead you talk and talk....Your kind of people need to just die already!
Bobby: Not a step closer!
Woman: Oh! Your a looker! I may have to ask my Master if I could play with you before he kills you!
Hades: Master? Sounds like your one of Hel....
Helios: Brother! 
Hades: Speaking of the Devil! I knew that this vampire was one of yours! Calling you Master and all! Typical of a power hungry monster to have his children call him such a word!
Helios: Enough! She may not be the brightest of Vampire's but she did have one good point. You idiots talk way to much!
Helios: I on the other hand like to be a man of action! And I seriously want to kill every single one of you!
Hades: Your still Cronus' attack dog! Never thinking for himself! I pity you! A vampire with such strength, used as a pawn, a worker ant!
Light kept her gun on the woman vampire as Sal could only watch on helplessly!
Bobby: All we want is Sal. Then we'll leave...there doesn't have to be any killing.
Woman: Where's the fun in that?!
Helios: Fine, Sal is free to go. So is his little wife too. Consider it gift. However, You two (pointing at Hades and Bobby) will stay right where you are!
Hades: Agreed.
Helios walked to Sal's prison door and opened it and then slowly backed away, to allow Sal to leave.
Helios: You two may leave this room....but it does not guarantee your survival in the long run. 
Sal: Light, lets go! Hades....Thank you.
Hades: Tell Danny, that he must use every ounce of power to defeat the enemy! Not to hold back!
Sal: I will!
Light: Bobby...Come with us!
Helios: No, no! He stays put! Leave now or die now!
Light slowly looked at Bobby, He looked back at her and they both gave each other a smile, Bobby then nodded for Light to go.
As Light was about to head up the stairs, Helios stopped her.
Helios: Don't worry, your turn will be soon. If not by my hand, by another for sure! So enjoy your brief moments with your husband and your pathetic family, because time is not on your side!
As Light and Sal finally reached the exit, they were greeted by another Vampire!
Sky: Hello sister.
Light stood in shock when she first heard Sky's voice! Then quickly collapsed when Sky turned to face her!
Light: SKY! What are you...Your alive!
Hestia/Sky: I some sense. Oh, and my name is now Hestia.
Light: Hestia? May and I thought you were killed with everyone else! What are you doing here?!
Sal: She's with them Light! She killed Kim!
Light: What?! NO! You couldn't....You wouldn't?!
Hestia/Sky: I did. Do I regret it...No. This your problem sister, You...All of you have this simple perception of me. You all thought I was this shy, quiet girl. I'm not. I wanted all of this! I wanted to be a Vampire!
Hestia/Sky: Dad and Mom tried to stop me, they tried to control me! They tried to ruin my future! I want to see it all! I want to know so much more!
Hestia/Sky: So... I took the necessary steps to get that future. And that future did not involve a family.
Light started to put pieces together and tears began to roll down her face at the horrifying thought that Sky helped kill their family!
Light: Sky...Did you give up our family for this "Future"?
Hestia/Sky stared at Light for moment and then looked at Sal and back at Light.
Hestia/Sky: Yes.
Light: NO! How could you?!
Hestia/Sky: They left me no choice! Dad wouldn't quit, he would have never allowed me this future! So I made a deal with Cronus...all that followed...Are laced with my aid! We've talked enough about the past! You and your husband need to leave now or Helios will certainly rip you apart! 
Sal quickly picked Light up and pointed her toward the exit.
As Light and Sal made for the exit, Hestia/Sky had one more thing to say to her sister.
Hestia: Next time we see each other sister...will be our last reunion! 

As Light and Sal escaped, Hades, Bobby, Helios, and his vampire were having their own showdown!
Helios: So, are you ready brother? I promise that I'll make it quick!
Hades: Ever the caring sibling, Helios. NOW BOBBY!
Bobby quickly swung around with all his strength and punched the female vampire and quickly handed her to Hades!
Hades: Enough brother! You let me and my son walk away and I let this girl live!
Woman: Bastards! Don't let them go Master!
Helios: Let them go. The thought never crossed my mind. My dear brother...from all the years we've known each other, have I ever grown attached to anyone?!
Helios: This girl is nothing to me! She was merely my immortal waitress, nothing more than a means to get fed! She's served her purpose.
Woman: Maste....I've done all that you asked of me.
Hades: Damn you! If you want to kill so badly, kill me! But let my son go! 
Bobby: Dad...
Helios: Let me think about that request...
Before Helios finished his sentence he quickly jabbed his hand through his own vampire! 
Helios: NO! You both die NOW!
Woman: Master....
Hades: Damn it....
With that quick jab, Helios managed to hit Hades' heart as well!
Bobby: DAD!
Helios: Sorry brother....But your time is up!
The female vampire quickly turned to dust, as Hades fell to the ground!
Bobby quickly caught his dad and held him tightly.
Bobby: Dad...What do I do?!! 
Hades: I'm!
Hades then slowly turned to ash in Bobby's arms!
Bobby: DAD! Please....
Bobby slowly calmed himself and picked himself up. He was alone, alone with the monster that killed his dad! 
Bobby: I'm going to fucking kill you!
Helios: Will you? 

As Bobby fought for his life, Hestia received a call from Cronus.
Hestia: We're on our way. No, this place is survivors.
Hestia then made her way down to find Helios pummeling Bobby!
Hestia: Cronus has requested our presence. Now.
Helios: Damn it! Never fails to interrupt my fun time!
Helios: Lucky day kid. Seems that your the only one left. Tell the others, that I'm coming for them soon!
Helios dropped Bobby to the ground and headed for the exit.
Hestia quickly stopped Helios before leaving.
Helios: What?!
Hestia: I told Cronus, that there were no survivors.
Helios looked at Bobby and then back at Hestia.
Hestia: You wouldn't want to make me a liar would you?!
Helios: Certainly not.
Hestia: Then finish it. 
Bobby stood up and closed his eyes.
Bobby: Hope...I'm sorry.
Bobby imagined what could have been before he felt a sharp pain go through his chest!
Helios: This is only the beginning....
Helios: Soon all of our enemies....
Helios: Will SUFFER AND DIE!!!
Until Next time!