Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chapter 17

The Hilton's 2:
Haunting Memories
As the morning wore on, Max paid himself a little visit to Felicity's house. There he was greeted by Felicity's son Chase. Chase and his family had decided to stay with Felicity after she rescued Lilly from that awful lab!
It was super early when the family was already up and ready for the work day! Felicity woke up every morning to say goodbye to her family as they all left to work.
Chase: Mom, there someone here to see.
Felicity: Hello Max. What brings you by this early morning?
Max: You know full well what brings me here!
Just then Chase's wife Beauty got up once her son Bret entered the room.
Beauty: Oh, Bret! Could you take me to work on your way out?
Bret: Sure.....Hey, what's going on?
Chase: Nothing, take your mom to work. 
Bret: Dad, shouldn't I stay? I mean this has to do with the vampire's and our family! I want to help....
Felicity: Bret, you are helping so much! But your mother needs your help today. Please take her and yourself to work. I will fill you in when you get back!
Bret let out a huge sigh and looked at his parents then back to his grandmother.
Bret: Okay....but you guys better fill me in once I get off work today!
Felicity: We will, have a good day you two! 
Bret and Beauty then left to work. Once gone, Max gave a look of despair and frustration towards Felicity.
Max: What the hell is your family doing?! I just left the Conference building, as a boat load of witches swooped in on their broomsticks looking for a fight! 
Chase: It's finally happening! 
Max: You fools! Once one of those bastards die, all of the others will be out for blood! I won't be able to protect your families! 
Felicity: I know....
Max: Then why? Why is your family doing this? Wasn't it enough that half of your family was brutally murdered? 
Felicity: We've all lost so much Max. It's time we took back our home and.....avenge our lost loved ones. Don't you agree Max?
Max: Damn it! I thought this day would never come! I hope your family kills everyone of them! Especially, the ones responsible for my families demise!
Felicity then smiled and looked out the window, hoping to see the sunrise.
Felicity: If only my Grandfather were here to help us. I wonder if I will live to see his face again?!

Not to far away, in a dark place Danny laid unconscious. Was he dreaming or was he dead?
Danny slept heavily in this strange place!
Until voice calling his name woke him up!
As Danny woke up and found his balance, he took a long time to figure out where he was or how he got there?! 
Danny: Oh my God! I'm at my old estate! But how?
As he looked around he heard someone talking down the hall!
As he looked through the darkness, he saw a man standing at the end of the hall, in the next room.
As Danny got closer, the man become more familiar! It was Ron!
Danny: Ron! Is that you?! Your alive! 
Ron: Danny....I'm not alive....remember....
Danny stopped immediately in his tracks and realized that this wasn't the real Ron!
Danny: No! The real Ron....he knows what truly happened! It wasn't mine or his fault for our family members deaths! It was the vampires!
Richard: Why Grandpa? Why did you let them kill me and my family?!
Danny: Richard! You died?! No! That can't be true!
Echo: You let them kill my babies! They're all dead! WHY?!
As Echo cried in Richards arms, flames shot up from nowhere, engulfing the two!
Danny: NO! OH GOD! RICHARD! I didn't know! I tried to stop them! I did!!!
As Danny sobbed, another voice started speaking behind him!
Felicity: Why Grandpa? Why couldn't you save them? My brothers, my sister, and my family! Why didn't you save them? Why didn't you save me?!
Suddenly, another voice started speaking! 
Poseidon: Because he's weak! I asked you one simple request! To protect my family! But you failed me! Now they're monsters and worse dead! I should have let Zeus have you!
Then suddenly, Danny was face to face with his own mother!
Danny: Mom! 
Athena: You continually disappoint me Danny! You are failing the ones you love! I gave my life for you and yet you still fail the ones you swore to protect!
Athena: Why was I cursed with such a selfish child! You should have lived a normal pathetic mortal life! Just like the rest of you siblings! But no! You had to run off and become a vampire! You know from that point on, every decision you ever made lead innocent people to their deaths! 
Danny: I didn't mean to....back then I was selfish! But I'm not that person anymore! Why are you acting this way mother?! 
Athena: WHY?! Because I could've ended all of this! All I simply had to do was kill you! And none of this would be happening!
Ron: Just stop.
Danny grew silent and confused.
Danny: Stop....what do you mean?!
Ron: Just stop! 
Athena: All you have to do is stop! Stop trying! 
Ron quickly changed into the horrible creature he was back when he was controlled by his rage and vengeance! He slowly turned to Danny. As Danny looked at him in horror, the others soon circled him as well!
All: Stop trying! Just give up! Stop trying! Just give up!
Ron: You will give up your body.
Athena: You will give up you mind!

As Danny suffered, we find out the true identity of the one torturing his mind and soul!
Amalthea: You will give me complete control!!!
Amalthea: It is done my love!
Javier: You look exhausted! Maybe I should deliver Danny to Father, after you are strong enough to be left alone.
Amalthea looked at Javier and then at Danny's prison.
Amalthea: No. Father doesn't like to be kept waiting! Besides, I have more than enough energy to protect myself from any adversary!
Javier: What is so important about Danny? Why does Cronus value him so much?!
Amalthea: Father believes that Danny holds some sort of key to unlocking a greater power. 
Amalthea: What that might be exactly, who knows! What Father wants Father gets!
Javier: But you've been working at Danny for days! You have drained so much energy! I'm just curious, Cronus was dead set on punishing Danny for so long, what could have changed Cronus' mind about him?!
As Amalthea gazed into her crystal ball, she broke a small grin!
Javier: What is it?
Amalthea: It's time for you to go. I will be having company very soon!
Javier: I should stay and protect you!
Amalthea: No! You must ensure that Danny is delivered to my Father! Now please, it's time for you to go!
Javier then walked before Amalthea and with his back to the sarcophagus.
Amalthea: I will send you straight to Father's known whereabouts, it is your duty to get Danny to him, understood?
Javier: Understood!
Amalthea began to chant a spell to transport Javier and Danny to Cronus. Just as Javier and the sarcophagus slowly disappeared, a strong electric current engulfed Amalthea!
Amalthea screamed in pain, as the electricity surged through her body!
Amalthea: Damn! Whoever you are, I will repay you in full! Father will be displeased that Danny has not been delivered!
Quickly, Amalthea eliminated the electric spell cast on her!
Amalthea: Seems that I underestimated my enemies! They're more powerful than I thought! Sorry my Javier! Seems our time is up, I must conserve my energy for the upcoming battle!
Without warning Javier woke up in the middle of a wood like park! The morning sun was already rising, however, thanks to Amalthea, Javier was protected by one of her many spells!
Once Javier realized he wasn't where he was suppose to be, he immediately looked for Danny! But the coffin prison was nowhere in sight! 
Javier: Huh! So it appears that someone finally got the better hand on Amalthea!

Suddenly, Javier was greeted by two mysterious masked men!
Javier: A trap! Interesting! I thought our enemies ran out of ideas! I guess I was wrong!
Masked Man 1: You ready vampire?!
Javier: I guess your here to kill me?
Masked Man 1: Yes! Are you prepared for your end?!
Javier: Are you?
The masked man lunged at Javier! Javier quickly dodged the attack leaving the masked man amazed by his speed!
Masked Man 1: Shoot him!!!
The second masked man hesitated, as he looked at Javier!
Javier: Well child?! What will it be? You or me?!
Masked Man 2: I can't do it brother! I just can't!
Masked Man 1: SHOOT HIM! He's a damn vampire! We kill vampire's! That's what he is! SHOOT!!!
The 1st masked man charged at Javier again, however, this time Javier attacked back! Kicking the masked man and knocking him to the ground.
Javier's kick was strong enough to knock of the man's mask and once the man hit the ground he lost his grip on his dagger as well!
Javier: Pathetic mortals! You will return that sarcophagus! Or I will tear you the shreds!!!
Just as Javier was about to grab the fallen man, he stopped! Javier was in shock to see one of his boys! His son Drew!
Drew: Damn you! Why won't you just....
Finally, the second man took off his mask and dropped his gun. 
Junior: Dad! Please! Please stop, we're here to save you!
Javier stood confused by the sight of his children before him!
Javier: You two look familiar....No! Your the enemy!
Junior: NO DAD! We're your sons! Don't you remember?!
Drew: Damn it J! That's not dad! He's being controlled by that witch! You have to kill him! It's the only way to save him!
Junior: NO! There has to be another wa.....
Just then Javier grabbed Junior by the throat and lifted his body up into the air!
As Junior struggled, Javier squeezed tightly around Junior's throat!
Drew tried to get to his feet but was still dizzy from Javier's kick!
Drew: J!!! Dad PLEASE!
Javier hissed like a crazed animal as he stared at Junior gasping for air!
Javier: Stupid child! What makes you think that I'm your father?!! I'm a servant to my lady Amalthea! YOU TWO MUST DIE!!!
Just as Javier began to squeeze tighter, suddenly without warning Javier dropped Junior, and fell to his knees!
Javier began to scream and cry histerically! 
Junior: What's happening Drew?!
Drew got up and walked towards his dad.
Drew: It looks like Amalthea finally released him from whatever spell she had on him!
Junior: Then why is he crying?!
Drew: What seems like years for us, it must have been just moments to him, since Amalthea took over his mind! All he remembers is all the pain that happened all those years ago! He's finally able to grieve for our family.
All the boys could do was watch their dad cry. Soon all seemed to be crying!
Javier: WHY?! MEGAN!!! Christel! Danny! Why is this happening?!!!
The boys have gotten their dad back, but were not sure if their dad was going to function normally anymore. Javier was broken, trapped in the past!!!
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  1. Poor Javier. ~big hugs for him~

    Loved the update however... and while I hate her... Amalthea looks amazing. Definitely looks the part of an Enchantress. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. I know! Javier has been through so much, he was bound to break. :(
      Thanks, Amalthea was never intended to make it this far, I initially made her with the thought of killing her off a long time ago but she just grew on me!
      Thanks for reading!!!