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Chapter 20

The Hilton's 2:
There is No Peace!
Almost two years have past since Hope and the others were able to defeat three vampire's that remained in Sunset Valley. Since then there was no retaliation from any other vampire, not even a word from the oldest vampire family! So many of the families of Sunset moved on as best as they could! 
Heaven: Good morning Catherine!
Catherine: Hey Heaven....when did you get here? Please tell me that you didn't lower yourself and stay the night with Clide!
Heaven: Ha! No, I just got here! Besides, Clide knows that I'm not that kind of lady! We're about to go to class but Clide still has trouble waking up!
Adam: Hey guys, we're ready to go!
As Adam came in with Heaven's brother, Clide finally came out of his room.
Clide: I'm ready and Heaven don't listen to Cat! I'm a gentleman, I'm treating my woman like a princess!
Heaven: Woman?! Oh please, maybe Cat's right, I probably could do so much better!
Clide: Aww, babe I was just kidding!
Cat: You guys do know that it's past 7? Aren't you guys going to be late?
Adam: Hey! Aren't you going to be late teacher lady! 
Cat: Hey! I live about two blocks away from work, you guys have to go clear across town!
Presley: I got the fastest car in town, we won't be late! That's if Clide's done putting on his makeup and fixing his hair! 
Clide: Damn! It's to early for you guys to be messing with me!
As the group headed out to Presley's car, Adam stayed behind to ask his big sister one more question.
Adam: Is that dinner still on for tonight?
Cat: Yeah, thanks for reminding me to get some salad fixings when! I'm going to be leaving work around 4:30 and head straight to mom and dad's place.
Adam: Okay, should I bring anything?
Cat: Some kind of dessert, would be great!
Adam: This is going to be an interesting night! Mom and Aunt Light in the same room after so many years of bickering!
Cat: Well, it's about time they put the past behind them! I mean our town has been so quiet and I'm sure mom and Aunt Light miss each other!
Adam: Maybe I should bring boxing gloves just in case!
Cat: Ha! Seriously, I hope it goes well tonight!

Adam and the others had finally left and Cat was just about to head out to work too, until she had an unexpected visitor.
Cat: Crap....Just a sec! 
Catherine slowly opened the door......
Cat: Aaaah!!!

Back at Hope's place the group seemed to be focused on daily life. Most had gotten jobs and slowly entering a normal way of life! Some even thinking of taking the next steps of adulthood!
Noah: you have a moment?
Hope: Yeah, what's up?
Noah: I'm planning on doing something....something that may seem crazy and I want to know what you think!
Hope: What is it?
Noah: I'm planning on asking Kim to marry me!
Hope: Finally! You two have been dating for so long! 
Noah: So you don't think its inappropriate, especially considering that we haven't been able to find and destroy the rest of those vampire's that are still out there!
Hope: I think....I know that we can't live in fear! We must live our lives and not wait for these monsters to make a move! We're fighting to have the chance at a normal life....if we stop everything just because of them, then they truly have won!
Noah: Thanks Hope! 
Hope: So....when are you asking?!
Noah: Tonight! On the rooftop, she's not expecting it at all!
Hope: I'm so happy for you! 

As the night came, Noah waited for Kim to show up, but she never came! Noah called Kim numerous times but no answer! All he could do was wait and play some of her favorite songs.
The next morning, Hope ran upstairs to congratulate the couple but was surprised to see only Noah! He stood by the ledge and watched the sunrise.
Hope: Noah?
Noah: She never came....
Hope: Maybe she got held up at work....
Noah: Maybe....
Hope: Did you call her?
Noah: No answer....
Hope: That doesn't seem like Kim at all! Maybe Bobby knows where she is.
Hope quickly left a depressed Noah and headed to Bobby's room. As she quickly entered his room, she quickly regretted it! Bobby was mid way dressing himself! 
Hope: Oh! I'm so sorry Bobby!
Hope's face turned red with embarrassment as she quickly turned her head and waited for Bobby to pull up his shorts!
Bobby: It's not like you haven't seen me naked before! 
Hope: Shh! We agreed never to speak of that night again!
Bobby: You agreed...I still dream about it every night!
Hope got even more red!
Hope: Seriously! I didn't come in here to talk about our one night mistake! I came in here to ask you about Ki.....
Just as she was mid sentence Bobby grabbed Hope and kissed her!
Hope quickly pushed Bobby away and stormed out of his room! Bobby smiled as she ran out!
Bobby: Your going to be thinking about that all day! And I'll be here waiting, when you finally realize that you still want me!

Meanwhile on the roof.
Skylar was trying to cheer up her baby brother!
Skylar: I'm sure Hope is right! Kim must have gotten hung up at work or some other emergency! She would never leave you hanging like this!
Noah: Then why hasn't she called?! I just.....
Evan: Things happen Noah, maybe her phone is dead or maybe she needs some personal time.
Skylar: Personal time?! What the hell does that mean?!
Evan: You know...maybe it's that time of the month? 
Skylar: Your an idiot! Even if it was that, she would've of come! It must've been something else...
Noah: Please you guys! I'm just going to wait until she finally gives me a call or comes over to discuss what really happened! 
Skylar and Evan looked at each other and realized that they probably just made things worse!

Back inside, Hope sat down with Angelique. 
Hope: Angel! I'm soo confused right now! What should I do about this whole Bobby thing?!
Angel: Ha! At least you have two guys that care about you! I'm still single! Ever since I broke it off with Takeshi....I haven't been able to jump back into the dating scene!
Hope: Well....we have been dealing with so much lately! You and your dad, me and my trust issues with Light and Sal! And to top it off, I'm training with my Aunt Artemis!
Angel: How are things going with her?
Hope: Good....she has a lot of interesting stories, all of her group does! 
Angel: They haven't gotten any leads on your dad's whereabouts yet?
Hope: No....they say that whoever took him from Amalthea must've been extremely powerful or just clever enough to hide from everyone!
Angel: Hey, I think you should come with me to this dinner they're having tonight! Everyone's going to be their. You should come, bury the hatchet with Light and Sal.
Hope: I don't know....I'm a little ashamed about our last meeting. I said horrible things to them! You should've seen Light's face....she was seriously hurt!
Angel: Well, I think you should come, mend things up! I know Clide would love to see you!
Hope: it would be interesting to see you and Adam hang out too!
Angel: Shut up! Adam is still that annoying little kid! Sure he's super hot now but eww!

Misty: Are you serious!!!
Tyler: What?! I think that Hope and I are ready to take this step in our relationship!
Misty: Getting your own place with her is the stupidest idea you've ever had! I swear! Just because we've haven't had an incident for almost two years, is not an excuse for all of you to be letting your guard down! The last time Hope's family and everyone did that, the vampire's killed and destroyed all of our lives!!!
Tyler: Calm down Misty, we're moving to our own place not getting married or having children! Besides Carol and the others have swept this town and we're watching the bay and the airports to ensure that none of those vamps come back without us knowing!
Misty: I swear, I'm the only one that isn't getting attachments! You guys are making yourselves into weak targets! I hate saying this but the only smart one in this house besides me is Angelique! She's the only one still training like me and she dumped that tool Takeshi!

At Sal and Light's home, Light is home alone with Grant reminiscing about her past and feeling the empty nest symptoms!
Light:Grant....It's too quiet here without all my kids! Maybe this whole dinner thing is for the best!
Grant: Your father would've wanted his daughters to be together. He would often express how he was happy to see all of his children so close, considering how his siblings lead such different lives.
Light: Ooh always know what to say....just like my dad! Can you wake me up in about an hour? I need a nap before I head out to my sister's. Also could you call Sal and remind him of tonight?
As Light headed upstairs, Grant looked up as she walked up to her room.
Grant: As you wish. Would you like me to prepare some tea for you when you wake up?
Light: Please. Thank you Grant.
Grant: Your welcome.
Light jumped onto her bed and for a few more minutes thought about the past and her upcoming night with her remaining sibling.
Light: Dad...May and I will work things out, I promise!
Light slowly fell asleep to the sound of Grant cleaning and maintaining the house downstairs.
After an hour, Light was then suddenly awakened by a loud crash from downstairs! 
Light: Grant!
Light quickly ran downstairs and noticed all the lights were turned off!
Light: Grant! Please answer me!!!
Once she got downstairs she quickly saw Grant on the ground badly damaged!
Light: GRANT!!! Please don't die! I'm calling Sal! Just hang on!!!
As Light headed to the phone, she quickly realized that she wasn't alone!
Light: Oh God! Please.....leave us alone!
The vampires remained quiet as they stared at the burning fire.
The female vampire laughed and began to speak to Light.
Female Vampire: Is that anyway to greet your dear niece?
Light stood in confusion as she stared at the vampire.
Light: LINDA?!
Linda: Hi Aunt Light....Linda....that was my name. I've haven't been called that in so many years, my mother was the last one to ever call me that.
Linda: She's dead. And so is that name! My name is Hephaestus!
Hephaestus: Where is your husband?! My Father wishes to see him immediately!
Light stood confused and horrified!
Light: Linda....please!
Hephaestus: I'm not Linda!
Hephaestus quickly slapped Light so hard that it instantly knocked her out!
Hephaestus: We'll just have to wait here until Sal comes home!
Ares: Will he come peacefully?
Hephaestus: Of course he will....we have some leverage, my dear Aunt!
Ares: Are you sure you can handle this mission? Seeing your ex-family and all!
Hephaestus: They're not my family, my family was killed long ago!
As the vampires waited, Sal had finally come home to only discover the horror awaiting him!
Hephaestus: Hello Sal. 
Sal: You monsters have finally come back! How did you get back into town?
Ares: You mortals are so slow, we never left! We've been sleeping for all these years in hidden caverns throughout this disgusting town!
Sal: Why have you waited so long to attack now?!
Hephaestus: It wasn't our turn! We sleep while our brothers and sisters live up top for a number of years! Once we woke up, well we've had a little bird tell us what's been going on and Father wasn't pleased!
Sal: Hermes! So he waited for you guys to wake up! For reinforcements!
Ares: Hermes isn't stupid, he knew that he was outnumbered, so for the last two years he's watched your despicable families and waited for us to awaken!
Sal: What do you want?
Hephaestus: You! If you come peacefully....we'll spare Light.
Just as the group was talking Grant popped up and took out one of the other vampire's quickly!
Grant: You shall not harm my family!
Grant: Sir, please grab your wife and flee as I hold off these beings....
Just as Grant ripped out the vampire's throat, Ares quickly made short work of Grant!
Ares: Damn machine! I thought I took care of you the first time!
As Hephaestus stood in shock, Sal realized that it was Ares that had killed Light's parents so many years ago!
Ares: Now then....shall we go Sal? Or would you like me to kill everything that you hold dear?!
Sal looked down at Light and then back up at Ares and sadly nodded in agreement. The group left the house, a few moments later Light woke up!
Light slowly crawled to Grants lifeless shell and realized that the vampire's were gone, she then realized that they must've got what they came for! 
Light: Sal!!! Please....this is not happening again! 

Elsewhere, Lilly had just arrived at Javier's home.
Drew: Dad, Lilly is here to see you.
Javier sat quietly and stared into his fireplace.
Lilly: Hi Javier....long time no see.
Javier: Lilly....what disastrous news do you bring me this time? It seems that each time one of my long time friends comes around, people are about to or are dieing!
Lilly then realized that Javier wasn't a vampire anymore, she also realized that he wasn't wearing an eye patch anymore as well.
Lilly: I just got a call from Light, she wants all of us to see her immediately!
Javier slowly let out a sigh and got to his feet and turned to Lilly.
Javier: Lilly....what made us the lucky ones?!
Lilly: Hmm....I wasn't lucky, I was born into this madness! You are the lucky one, you were brought into our madness because of your sister's love!
Javier: Seems that we are destined to continually live a life of heartache!
Lilly: Better to live a life of heartache than a life without any heart at all!
Javier: You do realize that its going to happen again.
Lilly: I know!
Javier: It's probably already happening now....
Javier: Our loved ones are going to suffer and for some.....their light is about to be extinguished forever!
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