Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 24

The Hilton's 2: 
 As Felicity's group celebrated Danny's return, Carol and Max were occupied at the old "abandoned home of Cronus"!
 Max: Why are you up? Let's enjoy this bed, this place before its torn down!
Carol: It's getting late and I promised my little brother and sister dinner. Have you seen my phone....never mind, I found it.
As Carol looked at the enormous amount of missed calls, she read the flood of texts from Lilly, Howard, and Light!
 Carol: Oh God! Get dressed, we got to get out of here!
Max: What...why?!
Carol: They're back! The vampire's are back!
 As the two got dressed, Max could see the concern in Carol's eyes. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close.
Max: Carol, we're going to be okay. Misty and Tyler are going to be okay. They're strong, just like they're big sister!
 Misty: I love you Max! Once this is all over, we need to run off to Paris together!
Max: It's a date!
 As the two were leaving, they were startled by someone playing the piano!
Carol: It's too late!
 As the two slowly moved toward the piano, they were greeted by the worst of the vampire members! Helios gave a devilish grin as he looked upon the two, while continuing to play!
 Max took a moment to process the complete horror of what he was seeing and finally was able to scream out to Carol!
Max: RUN!
 Carol ran towards the door, but just as she was reaching for the doorknob Apollo suddenly appeared before her!
 Carol knew that she could handle Apollo, he was nowhere near as powerful as Helios!
 Just as Carol was ready to attack, Apollo used one of the oldest vampire tricks!
 He quickly hypnotized Carol before she could utter any spell!
Apollo: Sleep....
Carol collapsed, while Max was trying to get away he was quickly blocked from any escape!
 Before Max could attempt to fight back he was no match to Helios! With a flick of his hand, Helios was able to knock out Max with ease!
 What seemed like a mere moments, Carol woke up about an hour after the attack!
 Carol: Was it a dream? Please....please be a dream!
 Carol slowly climbed out of the bed and soon realized she was in a different part of the building.
 Carol: How the hell did we miss all of this! We searched every part of the house! Damn it!!!
 Suddenly, Carol could hear screams echoing throughout the compound! She soon realized it was Max screaming! She quickly ran toward the screams, but was greeted by Helios!
 Helios: Please don't stop on my account. Hurry, run to your man! Haha!
 Carol: What are you monsters doing to him?!
Helios: I don't really know what's happening to him or really care! You mortals are so fragile....so breakable!
Carol: How did this part of the compound remained hidden, I did numerous revealing spells, we had architects inspect every inch of this place, how did it remain hidden?!
Helios: You are a fool! Father and Amalthea could create strong spells together, they were an unstoppable force together! Now, I truly pity you, he will make you pay for what you, all of you did to his favorite child!
 A shiver ran down Carol's back, but she continued on running through the enormous building! The screams were growing louder as she got closer!
 Once she reached another part of the compound, she was greeted by Zeus!
Zeus: Hello there child! 
Carol stood with enormous amount of fear! How many vampire's where still in this building?!
 Zeus: There are five of us here. That's including myself, isn't that what your thinking now?!
Carol: Why are you guys letting me go past all of you?! 
Zeus: We were told too! Father wants to personally welcome you to our home. Afraid? You should be! Haha! 
Carol ran past Zeus as he laughed hysterically and finally ran into the vampire that was able to knock her out!
 Apollo: I'm sorry for what I did, truly I am. However, you are a fool to be running to your own death! Turn back now! My brothers were told to leave you alone. This is your only chance for survival.
Max screams seemed to echo louder and began to fade quicker too!
Carol: I can't! 
Apollo: Oh how love blinds us!
 Carol continued on and was soon in Father's chamber! Hera watched as Carol ran towards Max screams!
 Hera: You are either the bravest or most foolish woman ever! You had the opportunity to run for your life but chose death....for a man! Run little lady, run to your love!
 Carol could see Max down the hall lying in front of Cronus!
 Cronus: Your too late my dear!
 Cronus: He gave a good fight, but alas gave me everything I needed to know. 
Carol slowly approached Max's body and collapsed over him!
 Cronus: I know everything....About the little band of witches! And most importantly about Sal, Howard, and you....the ones that took Amalthea away from me!
 Cronus: Know this, now that your people have attacked mine. That you have started a war! I will take everything you all hold dear...your siblings will....
Carol jumped up and looked at Cronus with hate and disgust!
 Cronus seemed a little amused by Carol's reation and welcomed her anger as well. 
Cronus: Then you better kill me now child. Because I will never stop until your family is dead.
 A surge of energy engulfed Carol, she summoned all her magical strength and aimed it at Cronus!
 Flames bursted out from everywhere, as Carol readied herself to attack!
 Carol: I'm sending you and all of your kind back to HELL!!!
 Cronus: Ha! I love how you witches seem to embrace fire, the one thing that killed so many of your kind centuries ago!
Carol ignored Cronus and wasted no time directing the fire to engulf Cronus!
 Hera quickly ran to aid her Father but stopped to the sound of his laughter coming from the flames!
 Suddenly, Carol was hit so hard that she was sent flying out of the flames, Hera barely dodged the flying Carol!
 Hera watched in terror as Carol hit the ground hard and tumbled and rolled against it, before coming to a stop at the end of the hallway!
 Carol moaned in pain and quickly grabbed at her ribs and shoulder! She realized that she had a couple ribs broken and hurt her shoulder really bad too!
 Cronus seemed to walk through the flames without a single burn on him!
 Cronus: You truly underestimate the power that I hold....and for that, you will die!
 Carol quickly picked herself up, even though it hurt, she wasn't about to lay down and die without a fight! She gathered all of her magical strength and again aimed it at Cronus!
 Carol: Go to HELL!!!
 Carol unleashed a barrage of magical attacks! She threw everything at Cronus, but nothing seemed to hit, or slow him down! Cronus was way to fast and much more powerful!
 Carol could feel her energy fading quickly and she couldn't perform her magic anymore! As the smoke cleared, Cronus stood before unscratched! 
Cronus: Is that it? You disappoint me witch!
 Carol let out a huge scream of anger and sadness!
 Carol: WHY WON'T YOU F#%KERS JUST DIE!!! Tyler....Misty, I'm sorry!
 Cronus quickly charged towards Carol and with a swift jab, Cronus tore through Carol's abdomen! Carol screamed out in pain and Cronus dug deeper into her body!
Cronus: I will not drink you....I wish that I didn't have to dirty my hands at all with your blood! However, I will not deny my enjoyment of killing you either!
 Cronus continued to slowly pull on Carol's insides, allowing her to scream out in pain! Until she finally screamed her last scream and died.
 Cronus then slowly removed his hand from Carol and allowed her lifeless body to hit the ground!
 As Cronus turned to extinguish the flames, he looked at Hera without even a hint of remorse!
 Cronus: Tell your siblings that I want them all dead! To bring me Sal and Howard alive! They can kill all those that stand in their way! But more importantly....I want all of the witches killed immediately!
 Hera: Yes....Father.
Cronus: Clean this mess up! I'm expecting company very soon...Danny is free!

 Until Next Time!
Happy New Years!