Monday, April 22, 2013

Chapter 11

The Hilton's 2:
Endings Aren't Always Happy
A couple days later, I was awakened by a bad dream again! Also to the sound of Angelique and Skylar getting ready to go do their morning workout routine! I seriously needed a cup of coffee before I did anything!
Once downstairs Hope heard voices and was soon in the presence of Bobby and the Edmond twins!
Bobby: Hope! Good morning!
Hope: Good morning Bobby.....It's good to see you two, Tyler, Misty!
Bobby: I hope we didn't wake you. We just got home, I picked up the twins from the airport.

Hope: No, Angelique and Skylar had the pleasure of waking me up!
Tyler jumped out of his seat to hug Hope and give her a little peck on the cheek!
Tyler: It's been a long time Hope! Misty and I really missed all of you guys!
Before Hope had a chance to say anything back, Skylar's voice echoed through out the house!
Soon everyone was downstairs laughing and truly enjoying each others company! Even Misty and Angelique seemed happy to see each other as well!
Misty: Angelique....It's good to see you, to see everyone!
Angelique: You too, Misty! I'm sure you and Tyler have some good stories to share with us!
Misty: Well, I'm sure everyone has some good stories to share! I'm just really happy to be back in Sunset!

Angelique: This is it you guys! The lucky seven are back together again!
 Hope: This is.....such a great moment you guys! I think I'm gonna cry!
Angelique: Get a grip Hope!

Later that day Sal brought our weapons and combat coach. Her name was Kim, she was once a student of Lilly's.
Kim: I will be teaching you guys how to stay alive in close combat against a vampire! During our time I will be teaching you guys individually, in a certain combat style. Either you will be a gun or sword expert is up to you and your comfort level. Bobby will work with all of you, while I work one on one.
Kim: Before you guys ask....Why I have agreed to train a bunch of witches to kill my own kind.....It's simple really! I hate vampire's! You see I was not always a vampire and unlike Bobby, I didn't chose to be one as well! When the Hilton family was terminated and all who supported them either killed or chased out of town. I chose to stay.....but like so many others, I had to become a vampire....or die!
Kim: I want justice for the people that were taken from this world, like my teacher Lilly! I want justice for the people that were forced to become a monster against their will......but most of all.....I want justice for what they did to me! I want to turn back to a human, but before I do, I need to know that I won't be victimized the minute I do!
As Hope listened to Kim's lecture, she couldn't help but feel like this was the moment were things felt like old times, but also felt like the beginnings of something else too!

As things seemed to be going good and the day ended on a happy note, Hope would soon be brought back to reality. Not all endings are happy!

Just a few miles Felicity's family would suffer a great loss!
Chase: Mother.....Dad is calling for you....for everyone.
As Felicity finished her set, she jumped down and looked at her upset son.
Felicity: We all knew this day was coming.....but I know that it doesn't make it any easier for you. Just remember that your father wants this.
River had allowed himself to age, during his illness, his health seemed to deteriorate even quicker! As Felicity and her family gathered around River, he seemed content and happy to have his family near.
River's breathing was hard and you could tell he was in severe pain. However, he stayed strong and spoke to his family as they watched the sun set.
River: I wish things had turned out differently....I wish Gracie was with us still!
Felicity: River....
River: Felicity.....if I could, I would stay and continue to look for your side forever! But my time is up! It's been a good life. I have wonderful children and a great grandson! I enjoyed my life with you my love! And I know that you will find Gracie and bring her home!

As River's breathing became slower, he looked at Felicity with only love in his eyes.

River: Felicity....I love you....I'll be waiting for the time we will be back together aga.....
River then closed his eyes and was gone from this world.
The funeral was a small affair, only family was invited. I finally got to see some relatives that kept their distance from Sunset.
As weeks went by Felicity grew cold and a little resentful.
Felicity: It's not fair River! If I knew that this would happen....I would have never taken that damn potion! I...I always imagined immortality as a gift! Now it's my a life without you in it.....seems so pointless and lonely! 
 As Felicity stood by River's grave, she watched the sun go down. Thinking of all her brothers and her sister Melody, they were all gone!
Felicity: I miss all of you....
Suddenly, Felicity's phone rang!
Felicity: What do you want?! I thought I told you to not call me anymore!
Caller: I think I found Danny....but I'll need help getting to him.
Felicity paced up and down the yard and then looked at River's grave.
Felicity: I'll help you! 
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