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Chapter 15

The Hilton's 2:
Child's Play
The next morning Hope was first to wake up and so she took it upon herself to make some breakfast. The sweet aroma of pancakes filled the house! Takeshi was the first to come down to eat!
Hope: Where's Angel?
Takeshi: She's still asleep. I tried to wake her but she then threatened to kill me! So I got out of there as quick as I could!
Hope: Your a wise man! Angelique can be very evil if she's woken up!

As Hope finished talking to Takeshi, she heard Evan laughing in the next room. She quickly walked over to tell him that breakfast was ready but.....
Hope: Wow! Sorry Cassidy, I'm going to have to tell you that Ethan is not available!
Hope quickly turned around to give the couple some privacy only to walk into another kissing scene, one that seemed to have never ended from yesterday!
Hope: Good Lord! Skylar give the guy a chance to breath!
Just as Hope passed the kissing couples she was face to face with another dilemma!
Hope: Good morning boys! 
Later that afternoon, we all gathered in the training room. Sal had finally come over to discuss our first mission.
Sal: For the last couple of months you guys have been training hard to take our town back from the vampire's that have murdered, threatened, and caused all our families horrible pain! Your first mission is to liberate Mayor Rexington!
Misty: How many vampires are we going to have to get through to save him?
Sal: One!
The group all looked at each other in confusion!
Misty: One! What the hell! There's seven of us, your sending all of us to take care of one vampire?!!!

Angelique: This vampire is an original, one of the vampire's that first came here and caused all this craziness?!
Sal: Yes....Your first target is a vampire named Pan. He's old but that just means that he's quicker, faster, stronger, and more importantly dangerous! He's still considered the youngest of his so called family. 
Hope: you really think that we're ready to take on an original? I mean are we strong enough to do this?
Bobby: You guys are ready! Pan is an arrogant a$$hole! He won't be expecting young witches to put up much of a fight!
Sal: Believe me, I would love to give you guys more time to train but circumstances have forced us to strike now! Bobby is right, you guys can take on Pan! Just remember that you guys have each other to rely on!
Hope: Your not coming with us?!
Sal: No....As you guys strike Pan, another group is going after Hermes! I'm going after another vampire that we know is still in town.....Amalthea! So prepare yourselves, we attack at dawn!
When Sal was finished everyone quickly began talking strategy, of course Misty and Angelique both vied to be the leader! Which lead to more arguing than planning! Hope fell into her own thoughts as everyone talked around her.
Bobby: Hope....are you okay?
Hope: Yeah, I guess I'm just nervous.
Bobby: That's to be expected, I mean its not every day that you go out and try to kill a powerful vampire!
Hope: Are you going with Sal?
Bobby: Yes....You'll be okay! Your friends got your back!

Hope nodded and headed back to the group.
Hope felt like the night flew by, just knowing what was about to happen seemed to make time go quicker in her head! The groups loaded up in two cars and headed to their destination!

Max: Pan....we have some young visitor's.
Pan stroked his hair and slowly looked away from Max with a look of annoyance on his face.
Pan: Max send them home, I'm in no mood to see anyone.
Max: If they refuse to leave?
Pan: Just tell them that I'm not here. Then you may go home.
Max: As you wish.....
Max then headed upstairs and proceeded to wait for the guests to announce their presence.

As the group unloaded and met in front of the building that housed Pan, Misty did a quick check and realized that Angelique was missing.
Misty: Where the hell did Angel go?!
Skylar: Oh! Sal asked her to stay back a bit....he had to speak with her privately. Chill, she'll be here soon!
Noah: So did we decide how we're doing this? I mean there's only one entrance!
Tyler: Well we didn't come here to sell cookies let's do this people!

Evan: You guys ready to change outfits? I know I am!
Hope: Change?! Change into what?
Skylar: Oh that's right! You passed out that night we all came up with "battle uniforms"!
Hope: What night?
Skylar: You know the one we all got hammered, your such a light weight Hope! You had like two-three drinks and you were out the rest of the night!
Misty: Really! You guys are chatting in front of our enemies house?! Unbelievable!!!
Noah: It's a simple wardrobe spell, just do what we do and imagine what you would like to be wearing!
Hope watched the others transform into some pretty elaborate costumes and then repeated the same spell!
As she completed the spell, the others erupted into amazement!
Skylar: Damn girl! You really know how to look SEXY!!!
Hope turned red and could feel the heat build up in her face!
Hope: Is it to much?!
Hope: I just thought....well I wanted to look like a diamond!
Tyler: truly succeeded!
Misty: Oh God!!! Let's go you idiots!
As the group entered the building, they where welcomed by Mayor Max Rexington. He was staring out a fish tank window and didn't say a word at first but seemed to just be admiring the fish swimming in their tank.
Max: Look at these fish....they're going to spend their entire lives trapped in a cage.....never knowing what freedom feels like. I've been living in a cage as well......for years. Not just by these damn vampires but by my guilt as well! Knowing that I was helpless to protect my family so long ago....
Max then turned around and proceeded to the door.
Max: Pan is downstairs.....I'll probably die for telling you this, but I'm tired of being used!
As Max headed out the door he got a closer look at Hope, he had a feeling that he had seen her before or did she just look like someone from his past?

As Max left, Angelique arrived just at that same moment.
Angelique: Wasn't that the guy we're were supposed to save?!
Misty: He's not free yet! We still got to kill the vampire that has him under his thumb!
Misty then headed to one side of the room and began to give out orders.
Misty: Okay....So lets have one group take one stairway down while another group take the ones behind me.
Angelique: Hold up princess! Who the hell put you in charge?!
Misty: Well, I'm more suited to be leader....I mean, I am more of a leader than you!
Angelique: What the hell does that mean?!

Tyler: You guys! Stop fighting! Angel you take one group one way and Misty will take another group the other way....You both can be leaders! 
Angelique: Fine! Noah, Hope, and me will go this way!
Misty: And Tyler, Evan, and me will go this way!
Skylar: Wait, what about me?
Misty: I think you should guard the door to make sure that no one comes in or tries to escape....that's if Angel agrees?!
Angelique: I think that's a good idea.....for once!
Skylar: I'll do my best....but you guys better be careful!
Once the group made their way downstairs they came face to face with their target! Pan was waiting for them as well!
Pan stood there and smiled as he looked at the group before him. Then a small laugh started to come out of him, then it erupted into a hard and loud laugh! 
Pan: Children! Planning on killing me....HA! HA! HA! You little sh!ts can't kill me! You little ones have been here arguing and bickering like children on a playground! 
He then stopped laughing, his face then turned scary serious!
Pan: This is not a playground!
Suddenly Pan was on top of the group, he quickly punched Angelique out and had Misty up in the air by her throat in a matter of seconds!
Panic engulfed the group, Tyler quickly began kicking and punching Pan to release Misty! While Noah and Evan took aim to release some magic blasts onto Pan!
Hope ran to her down sister and started to panic more than the others, fear ran through her entire body!
Pan: You little fools! You children actually thought you could defeat me! I will enjoy breaking your necks and sucking every last drop of blood from your bodies!!!
With a blast of energy the boys fired their magic spells! Pan quickly threw Misty at her brother and dodged the attacks!
Pan laughed as the spells flew over his head! Then laughed harder when the spells hit the spell casters instead!
Misty and Tyler where out cold and laid there on the floor motionless!
As for Evan and Noah the magic blasts took care of them and both were also out cold!!! Hope was the only one standing! Pan stood before her with an evil smile and started to giggle at the astonishing event!
Pan: Aww, that was just pathetic! Ha ha! Looks like your the only one left!
Hope couldn't stop shaking, all she could do was point her sword at Pan and stay close to Angelique!
Pan: You look familiar?! Did I kill your parents.....No? What is it? Your face is so familiar? Oh well I'm sure I'll remember one of these days but you will be long gone from this world!
Just as he motioned to grab Hope, Skylar came running downstairs!
Skylar then charged her magic and was about to attack but was quickly attacked by Pan!
Skylar screamed out in pain as Pan bit into her!
Skylar: Ahh! GET OFF OF ME!!!
Her screams filled the room and Hope finally overcame her fear and charged towards Pan! 
Hope: Get off of her!!!!
Hope jabbed her sword straight through Pan as hard and as quickly as she could! Pan dropped Skylar, she quickly fell to the ground and pushed herself towards the wall!
Pan slowly pulled himself off of Hope's sword and delivered a hard punch to Hope's face! Hope flew to the ground and she felt like her face was on fire!
Pan: That really hurt you B$TCH!!!!
Pan then slowly turned his attention back to Skylar!
Pan: Now to finish what I started!
Skylar began to scream again as Pan slowly walked towards her!
Hope: Don't you touch HER! DON'T TOUCH HER!!!
A wave of heat surged from behind Pan, he quickly turned around to see what was happening. Just as he turned he felt a sharp pain go through his chest!
Hope had transformed again and quickly jabbed her hand through Pan's chest grabbing his heart and ripping it out! Pan's heart slowly turned to ash in her hands!
Pan's body quickly fell to the ground, at the same time Hope performed a fire spell! Pan's body burst into flames!
Hope screamed for more fire and the flames got hotter and hotter! Finally, Skylar stood up and could only watch in horror!
Skylar: Hope.....stop....HOPE STOP!!!
Hope screamed as if she had gone mad! Finally, she heard Skylar and looked at her through the flames!
Hope: Sleep....and forget.....Sleep and forget!
Skylar slowly collapsed from Hope's spell!
Hope slowly picked herself up and began to walk away from the flames! She began to laugh again as the flames seemed to be dying down! 
 Hope: I'll never stop....Not until I kill them ALL!!!!!
Hope then slowly left the building and her unconscious friends behind!

Until Next Time!

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