Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chapter 26

The Hilton's 2:
What's Behind Door Number One?
Sheri, Felicity, and Javier finally arrived at the same science facility that Sheri and Felicity visited before. However, this time there was no greeting, all was quiet...too quiet!
Sheri: Seems that our last visit was all it took to clear out this place?!
Felicity: No....there is something still here.
Javier: Well...let's not waste any more time! We've got to get down there and see if Victoria or any other information might lead us to her!
Felicity: Yes. Grandpa needs his wife back at his side! They've been separated far too long!
Javier: Let's not forget what was said earlier too! 
Sheri: Of can I forget! I'll try my best not to fall! But more importantly we make sure Felicity makes it out okay!
Javier: Of course!
As the group moved downstairs, they were surprised by how quiet it remained as the trio went from room to room without any resistance!
Sheri: The calm before the storm...maybe?!
Javier: Geez...Your just asking for something horrible to show up, aren't you!
Felicity: I'm surprised that Medusa isn't here or that Cronus hasn't filled this place up with more guards!
Just as the group was about to turn a corner they were greeted by heavy breathing and the clicking of claws tapping against the floor!
Javier: You spoke to soon Felicity!
The creature took one look at the group and growled! Without any warning it leaped at Javier! Pushing him into Sheri and then against the wall!
The Creature clawed and snapped at the two as they struggled to find their bearings!
Felicity couldn't risk shooting, she couldn't risk hitting Javier and Sheri! 
Felicity: WHAT DO I DO?!
Sheri: RUN! 
Felicity hesitated and didn't want to abandon her group!
Javier: RUN!
Felicity ran past the creature and hoped she wouldn't run into any more like the last time!
Felicity ran into different rooms and found nothing, all while hearing Javier and Sheri fighting for their lives!
Felicity: Damn it! Last room...why is it always the last room?!!! Please be there Victoria!
Felicity ran into the last room and was surprised to find a female vampire instead of Victoria!
Felicity: Damn it! Who the hell are you?! Why in the world does Cronus have a vampire locked up in a science tube?!
Just then she heard a familiar voice speak from behind her!
Medusa: She is my sister Aphrodite. She wanted to abandon our family, Father doesn't take to kindly to deserters! So she is about to become a side project of Fathers! 
Felicity: So he's going to make another monster?!
Medusa: Monster? No...She is going to be perfected. She is going to become a perfect daughter for our Father!
Felicity: Please...You know that she's never going to allow herself to become something like you! 
Medusa: She doesn't really have a choice, now does she?! Like you...her destiny is to become a faithful servant of Cronus! You on the other hand...Let's just say that I'm going to enjoy adding more scares to your pretty little face!
Meanwhile, Javier was struggling to survive against the strange creature! Sheri laid unconscious, the creature was about to finish off Javier!
Javier grew frustrated and knew there was no other choice, he needed help!
Just then Seven and Four appeared! 
Four: Hmm...I thought you said that you could handle anything?
Seven: I don't think he meant mutated monsters!
Four: I suppose not! Haha!
Just then Four leaped on top of the creature!
Seven: Go on! Grab Sheri!
Javier hesitated as he picked himself up! He then looked at the down Sheri.
Seven: You wouldn't leave anyone! I know your value life way too much to let anyone die!
Javier: Damn it!!!
Javier quickly picked up Sheri!
Sheri: I thought you weren't going to help me?
Javier: Shut up and get your ass moving!!!
As Four struggled to keep her grip on the creature, Seven was preparing himself to get a clear shot to attack!
Seven: Patience sister.....
 Four: SEVEN!
Seven: Here I come!!!
 Seven quickly leaped around the creature and jabbed his razor claws into that back of the creatures head and neck! 
Seven: Sweet dreams creature!
Seven then proceeded to twist his claws inside the creatures head, the creature screamed out in pain and then dropped dead to the ground!

As Javier and Sheri reached the room Felicity was in, they made it just in time!
Medusa hissed at the intruders, she then quickly picked Felicity up and threw her against the room!
Sheri: Bitch! You'll pay for that!!!
Medusa: You dirty mortals! How dare you come into my home and threaten me and kill my creations!
Javier: We're doing them a favor lady! From what I saw, they were mindless beasts!
Medusa hissed some more, she then crouched down and readied herself to attack!
Sheri: Wait! Can't we discuss some sort of truce?! All we want is information!
Medusa: Information? How about this...I just recently took my last injections! Soon I'll become a more perfect and proficient being!
Medusa: I will be Fathers most valuable servant! I will make him PROUD!
Javier: Shit! She's completely lost it!
Medusa then leaped at Javier and Sheri!
Medusa: You will be nothing once I'm done with you!!!
Javier quickly aimed his gun at Medusa and fired a couple of shots! Only two made contact but didn't phase Medusa!
Finally, Javier shot his last shot and Medusa went flying back! The last shot met Medusa right in the head!
Javier: Damn!
Sheri: Is she....dead?
Javier: I think so....
Medusa laid motionless and Javier and Sheri quickly ran to aid Felicity!
Felicity: I'm fine!
Sheri: So....No Victoria.
Javier: Look around, maybe we can find something. Anything that might clue us in on what happened to Victoria.
As the trio searched the labs, they came up with nothing.
Sheri: Now what?
Javier: Maybe she'll know something.
Sheri: Your seriously thinking of waking her?!
Javier: Why not? She's got more reason to hate Cronus than we do! You two should go and try to get a hold of Lilly, tell her that there was nothing here!
Sheri and Felicity quickly left and on the way out, came upon Four and Seven standing over their victory kill!
Four: No luck I see!
Sheri: No, Victoria wasn't there. I see you two made short work of that guy!
Seven: Yeah...he was a good warm up! Nothing my sister and I couldn't handle!
The group waited for Javier to join them.
Sheri: So....where is she?
Javier: I took her to another room so that she could get some clothes and get ready to help us out!
Sheri: So she agreed to aid us?!
Javier: She sure did! She is not happy about what she's been through! She even told me that she had a pretty good idea on Victoria's whereabouts too!
Sheri: You hear that Felicity?! We might actually find....Felicity?
Sheri looked around the room and found Felicity staring at her brother Richards old time machine.
Felicity: Before we go...We burn it down.
Sheri: Burn....Burn what?!
Felicity: This place...I want my brothers creations to be of no more use to Cronus! I want my brother to finally be at peace...and that means his creations are not used against us anymore!
Javier: Yes. For Richard....We will do this!
Four: While we're at it....We should force that Aphrodite Bitch to tell us where to go and then eliminate her!
Sheri: What?!
Four: We have to kill her! How can we fully trust her?!
Sheri: My dear Four...We have to have faith. Just like I had faith in you and Seven. We just have to be patient and wait to see if she is worth saving too!
Four: FINE! But if she pulls any crap....I'll tear her head off! Let's get her and get out of this wanna be Frankenstein Hell hole!
Just as Four opened the door, the group was horrified to see Medusa!
Quickly Medusa leaped at the group! Medusa quickly made short work of Four!
Four cried out in pain but was quickly silenced by Medusa.
Medusa quickly threw her kill to the ground and looked for her next victim!
Medusa then set her eyes onto Javier! She quickly kicked Javier with all her strength!
Seven: Four! Please....Don't leave me!!! NOOO!!!
As Medusa attacked Javier, Felicity ran to aid her group, knowing in the back of her mind that this could be it! She and everyone here could die right now!!!
Before Felicity could land a single hit, Medusa quickly made short work of any of Felicity's attempts to be of any help!
With one punch, Felicity was sent to the ground dazed! Medusa moved in for the kill!
Aphrodite: STOP!
Medusa froze and looked at Aphrodite stunned and confused!
Aphrodite: Sister....Do you not recognize me?! Please....stop this. I want us to survive this madness together!
Medusa hissed and grunted every time Felicity moved and seemed to not hear Aphrodite at all!
Aphrodite: Medusa! Please! Stop this....You can't...can you? No, Father....Cronus has made you "Perfect"....A perfect mindless soldier.
Medusa then turned to Felicity and screamed! Felicity thought for sure she was going to die right then and there!
Medusa: I'M PERFECT!!!!
Aphrodite finally realized that there was no other choice, Medusa couldn't be saved! Aphrodite quickly charged in and hit Medusa with all her strength! Sending Medusa flying into a large computer! Sparks immediately shot out in every direction engulfing Medusa!
Aphrodite: Forgive me sister!
Medusa let out a blood curdling scream as the electricity coursed through her body! Then the computer exploded into flames consuming Medusa!
Aphrodite stood as Medusa was burned to death, realizing that she wanted nothing more than to punish her former Father....Cronus!
As the flames began to grow out of control, Aphrodite approached Javier and the rest of the group!
 Aphrodite: I am sorry for your loss. However, for it to stop we must kill Cronus! I will help you too! He tried to enslave me....killed the love of my life and then turned my own child against me too! He will pay with his life! But first....I've heard of another Science lab. I believe that Victoria was sent there.
Aphrodite then proceeded to give Javier the address to the "Secret Science Lab."
Javier: That's close to where Lilly is! I'll call her and have her check it out! Hopefully we're not to late!
Aphrodite: Too late?! You seem to think that we're in time....Don't you see...things are only going to get worse.
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