Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chapter 33

The Hilton's 2: 
Tyler: So....umm...Cub, right?
Cub: Yes.
Tyler: What exactly are you here for?
Cub: I was sent by my pack master to protect the witches from the impending doom that approaches.
Tyler: So you're like our own watch werewolf?!
Cub: Don't call me a watch dog! I'm the youngest of my pack, so naturally I'm less of a loss if everything goes to Hell.
Evan: That's kinda of messed up! You being the least valued of your pack!
Cub: This is how I prove myself to them...Going against great odds and surviving ensures me to a greater stance within our pack! If I survive this ordeal, I will have a more prestige standing in my pack once we start recruiting new members.
Misty: Let's just hope that we don't fail then! 
Evan: Yeah, I like living and hope to do so for the next 50 to 70 years!
Just then Noah entered the  room looking very concerned.
Noah: Has anyone talked to Hope or Angelique recently? I feel like something is happening and we're being left out of the loop!
Skylar: I talked to Angel a couple of hours ago. She said that, she was taking Hope to see Artemis over some business!
Noah: Okay...But I still feel uneasy...I must be over anxious about everything that's going on. I just want to know, if I'm about to fight for my life, when is it going to happen because I'm getting really tired of all this secrecy!
Dionysus: Then be glad I'm here witch!
Evan: What the Hell! How did you get...when did you get here?!
Dion: Just now. And I must say, for being highly praised witches, it was sure easy to slip in and not be noticed until I spoke! Maybe that's why Danny didn't want you children involved in this war!
Evan: Danny?! Who the Hell is th....
Tyler: Hope's Dad is alive! What the Hell is going on?!
Just then the door bell rang.
Noah: I got it, hopefully it's someone coming to straighten all this craziness and tell us what's going on!

Skylar: Hope's dad! I hope she's doing okay!
Tyler: Apparently, Danny is super powerful...according to Light and Sal anyways.
Cub: It's true. My pack master also spoke of this man, he was the one responsible for defeating a bunch of overly powerful vampires years ago. I thought he was dead though...
As the others talked Noah was answering the door, behind it was not who he expected!
As the others continued to talk, Skylar heard the Door close.
Skylar: So Noah, who was at the door?
Helios: DEATH!
Everyone jumped out of their seats! Prepared for anything!
Helios: Please, please, don't get up for me.
Tyler: What the Hell are you doing here?!
Helios: Father has given me free reign. That means its witch hunting season!
Evan: Well, Your going to have a fight on your hands! There's seven against one! We have the numbers!
Helios: Seven?! Dion? You tease, letting these poor creatures believe they have a chance against two vampires!
Evan quickly turned to Dion in utter shock and betrayal! Dion didn't waist no time neither, he quickly swiped his figures across Evan's face, blinding Evan!
Evan: MY EYES!!!
Dion: Sorry kiddos! But I've been promised a longer and more richer life! Isn't that right brother!
Helios: Father will welcome you with open arms!
Misty: You bastard! You damn vampires, always double crossing your allies!
Misty then did a quick check of the room and realized that someone was missing!
Misty: Skylar! Where is Noah?
Skylar: Oh God!
Helios: I'm assuming the boy who invited me in? Well he's a little occupied...trying to stay alive and all!
Tyler: Damn you! Sister NOW! 
Quickly Tyler threw a powerful spell at Helios!
Misty did the same at Dion! 
Misty: Quickly, Cub grab Evan! Skylar find your brother! Let's get the Hell outta here!
Skylar: Oh God! What if Noah is...
Tyler: There's no time to wonder! Hurry up and find him! These spells will not hold these two monsters for long!
Skylar: Okay! Noah where are you!
Cub: I'm here for you Evan! Just climb onto my back!
Cub: I'll take care of you, here I'll help you!
Misty: You bastard! How could you do this! I thought you and the others fought for freedom from Cronus?!
Dion: Well, things change! Cronus is about to kill everyone and there's no stopping him! So I took the less painful route! What can I say, I like living!
Helios: You know this won't hold me very long boy!
Tyler: It will hold you just enough for us to get out of here!
Helios: Ha, ha, ha! You stupid children! I will catch you and tear you all apart!
Misty: Tyler let's go!!!
The group started to move towards the exit, but then Tyler hesitated!
Misty: What's wrong?!
Tyler: It's too risky! What if there's more vamps waiting for us outside?!
Cub: It's a possibility! That's what my pack would do!
Misty: Then what do we do?!
Tyler: To the roof! There's three of us, we can use a teleportation spell there!
Misty: Okay let's goo! 
Tyler: Damn it! 
Misty: What!?!
Tyler: Skylar must've went down stairs!
Misty: Hopefully, she went out the front door! We can't go downstairs now! If we do, we'll be sitting ducks for sure!
Tyler: Your right! I pray that Skylar went out the front door!
As the group reached the roof, Misty grew more concerned for Skylar and Noah!
Misty: Damn it! What if I'm wrong! We should have gone downstairs!
Tyler: Don't! We have to keep going! Let's get the teleportation spell going, those bastards are more than likely freeing themselves as we speak! Are we ready Evan? Evan?!
Cub: He's out cold! 
Tyler: Shit!
Cub: What?!
Misty: We can't do any form of Teleportation without him!
Cub: Why not?!
Misty: It's a triangular thing. Plus, It will take more than me and my brother's power to fully complete a spell like that!
Cub: Then it's over.
Tyler: The Hell it is! If we're going to die, I for one want to die fighting! Maybe even kill both of those bastards too!
Meanwhile, Dion and Helios were able to free themselves!
Dion: Our deal still stands after they're all dead right?!
Helios: Of course brother!
Dion: So how do we do this?
Helios: Ha! It's been a long time since you killed, hasn't it?! 
Dion: Well, I have been trying to live a more quieter life.
Helios: Sounds extremely boring! You go after the ones on the roof. I have to finish off the one I started with.
Downstairs, Skylar was breathing heavily. 
Skylar: You are not light! Seriously brother, I think you need to go on a diet!
Noah: (Breathing heavily and in pain) Funny! Skylar....I'm sorry.
Skylar: Sorry? For what? 
Noah: For letting this happen, I should have been stronger to protect you and Kim...
Skylar: Stop! We'll be okay! And you'll see Kim in no time! I'm sure where ever she is, she's fighting hard to get back to you!
Just then the two siblings heard someone coming down the stairs!
Helios: Come out, Come out where ever you are!
Skylar looked at her brother and slowly came out of hiding!
Helios: Well then! Aren't you a brave one! I usually drag out my victims from their hiding places!
Skylar: Go to HELL!
Skylar quickly summoned one of her strongest spells and threw it at Helios! He was thrown back by its power and burst into flames!
Skylar: Noah! I got him!!! It's going to be oka....
Helios: Now child, you have the privilege to be my first victim in this form!
Skylar: The Hell I will! 
She quickly summoned another spell and waited for Helios to make his next move! Just before Helios attacked Noah used what remained of his strength to talk to Helios!
Noah: Please! Spare my sister! You can have me but let her live....PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU!
Skylar: Noah, NO!
Helios: Noah?! Ha! So your the boy, she spoke of!
Noah: Her?
Helios: Yes the Vampire that helped train you! She called for you as we ripped her heart out!
Skylar: No! Noah...
With the shock distracting Skylar, Helios seized his opportunity!
Helios quickly grabbed the distracted Skylar forcing her to misfire her spell! Helios then squeezed tightly around Skylar like a snake! She screamed out in pain as he started to float off the ground!
Helios: I promise to make this as painful as possible! 
Skylar: NOAH!!! AHH!
As Skylar screamed out in pain, Noah picked himself up and crawled towards his sister! 
Noah: Skylar! I'm coming!!!
As he slowly made his way he began to summon every last bit of energy as he could! He was determined as he saw his sister's feet frantically kicking in air!
Noah: Skylar! I LOVE YOU! 
As Skylar's screams began to die down, Noah knew there was no way out of this alive!
Noah: Kim...Skylar, we'll be together very soon!
Noah let out a loud scream as he let the power he was summoning overcome him!
His screams where then followed by a huge explosion!!!
At that moment, Tyler and the others where facing off with Dion!
Dion: Sorry Kiddos! Your time is u......
As the explosion ripped through the house, everyone was shakened and confused!
When the smoke began to clear, everyone could see the extent of the damage and the floor caving in!
Unfortunately, Dion was not so lucky! The floor gave way sending Dion into the flames!
Dion screamed as he fell into the fire until he turned to dust!
Misty: What the Hell was that?!
Tyler: Skylar or Noah?
Tyler: No! This is our chance! 
Misty: But our FRIENDS!
Tyler: They're dead! Let's not waste their sacrifice! We've got to get outta here!
Tyler then grabbed his sister's hand and ran with Cub following with Evan!
Downstairs the smoke was clearing up but the flames continued to burn!
Helios slowly picked himself up and smelled the air and realized that the others had already ran off!
Helios: Run little sheep, I'll find you! I'm having too much fun!

Until Next Time!