Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter 5

The Hilton's 2:
Danny and the others had just arrived to a gruesome scene! Once Danny and Lilly arrived with Sal, they wasted no time and ran into the house to see Mathias over his dead brother and Light crying behind him!
Immediately, Lilly dropped to her knees, almost in shock to see her son....a man she had raised to be fighter, protector, and more importantly her loving child, dead!
Lilly: Oh God, my baby! NO, no, this can't be happening!!!
Mathias: Mom! Why did this happen?!
Both continued to sob for thier loss as the others could only watch the sad event unfold!
Danny was alarmed to see the person responsible for Hero's death still there in the house!
Danny: What have you done?! Why are you here?!
Danny motioned himself, ready to attack the lone vampire!
Hestia: Stop! I have to ask you some important questions before we rip each other apart!
Danny: Why should I listen to anything you have to say?!
Hestia: For starters, we have the girl....Gracie!
Danny: You have Gracie!
Light: Oh no! Please tell us where she is?!
Hestia: First, I need to know why you killed my beloved Danny?!
Danny stood completely confused and realized that this woman had something to do with his past!
Danny: Who are you?!
Hestia: I already told you my name....No! My true name is Kendra Stranton! You killed my one true love....Poseidon, the father of my children! Why?!
Danny finally remembered Poseidon's last request before he died so many years ago! This was the woman he spoke of then!
Danny: I...didn't kill him! In fact, he sacrificed himself to stop Zeus! He died to save countless lives!
Hestia/Kendra: Did he mention our children and me?
Danny: Yes....He wanted me to protect all of you. But you and your children were already gone. What hapened to all of you?

Hestia/Kendra: He was thinking of us when he died. Danny....I'm sorry for what I've done but I had no choice! "Father", and his followers took us long ago! He took my kids and turned them into monsters, I've tried my best to resist....but Father has his ways of making anyone submit to him! In my case it was my children!

Danny: Why did you kill Hero? Where has Gracie been taken?!
Hestia/Kendra: It doesn't matter why or where the children go, the boy was to weaken Lilly's mind, easier for others to catch her! Gracie....You'll never find her, for all I know, Father could have turned her and shipped her off somewhere or killed her! should save the ones that can still be saved!
Hestia/Kendra then proceeded to pull out a gun.
Danny: Are you going to shoot me?
Kendra: No. This gun was designed to slay vampire's! The bullets are filled with the cure liquid, a higher dosage! Once it shoots it's intended target, the cure will prevent the vampire to heal, essentially killing the vampire a mortal death!
Then Kendra pointed the gun to her head!
Danny: What are you doing?!
Kendra: I've was suppose to live a long and beautiful life with the man I loved and raise our children together....that was my dream but it turned into a nightmare! Danny....please....when you see my children....kill them! Their minds are twisted and they are pure evil now! I couldn't do it the end I was too weak and failed them as a mother! All I ever wanted was to be with Posei....
Hestia then pulled the trigger, the bang echoed throughout the house!
Danny: Sal call the others and tell them what has happened here! Then I need you to take Light and get my grandson Richard and his wife! I'm taking Lilly and Mathias home! We need to protect as many people as possible!
Sal did what Danny asked of him and took Light home to collect her parents but where greeted by a damage robot at the front door!
Sal: What's this?!
Light: It's my fathers personal robot, Grant!
Sal: It looks like its been damaged....oh no!
Both quickly entered the house to a horrible sight, blood!

Light: What is that Sal?! Sal....WHAT IS THAT?!!!
Sal:'s blood Light.
Light quickly pushed past Sal and ran towards her parents room!
Light: MOM! DAD! Oh God please answer me!!!
Light found her mother on the floor leaning against the bed in a pool of blood!
Light: MOM!!!
Light fell to the ground next to her mother.
Light: Sal! My mom....she's dead!
Light sobbed with such saddness it brought tears to Sal's eyes. Sal then went looking throughout the house for Richard. Sal found Richard laid out across his office floor!
Sal then made his way back to Light with the terrible news!
Sal: Light, it's not safe here! We have to leave now!
Light: Did you find my dad?
Light looked straight into Sal's eyes and knew that her father was also dead! Her tears seemed to flow like streams down her face as Sal finally picked her up and left.
Sky had finally made her way to Father's Manor.
Sky: This place is your Master's, I....the whole town thought this place was going to be the new Museum!
Amalthea: I clever ruse! Thanks to Council member Marion, rest her idiotic soul! This place was built without any suspicion!
Amalthea: Please follow me.
As the two traveled throughout the Manor, Sky grew amazed on big the place was!
Sky: How many floors are there?!
Amalthea: There are four levels.

 Amalthea: This room was designed for Helios. Once you make your own way throughout the place you will discover numerous rooms, all of which will cater to anyones specific needs.
Amalthea: As you can see, the place is equipped to cater all our needs!
As the two made their way through a room set up to meet a witch's needs, Sky was introduced to Hera.
Hera: Well, well, so your the one that made this all possible! Giving us the means to acquirer Zeus and all the information about the Hilton family! Father is very impressed!
Sky was then taken up stairs then down stairs and what felt like she was going in circles, the two then finally entered the main chamber! Father's personal Hall!
Amalthea: This is our Father. Father this is Sky.
Father looked up briefly from the book he was reading and looked at Sky for a moment and then went back to his reading.
Father: Complete our deal with this woman.
Amalthea then escorted Sky to a corner of the room, there they came upon Zeus' tomb!
Hera: You really want to release him?
Sky turned around to see Hera coming up behind them!
Sky: I do!
Hera: Foolish child! Your infaturation with this man, that you have never met or seen in your life will bring you nothing but trouble!
Sky: That is for me to worry about....not yours!

Both Hera and Amalthea giggled from Sky's respose!
Amalthea: See what I've been dealing with all night! Not only does she justify killing her sister, she is a love sick puppet! 
Hera: You killed your sister....well how evil you truly are. Maybe you and Zeus are made for each other!
Then the two then began to chant a spell, Sky could only watch with anticipation!
The tomb crumbled away releasing Zeus! Zeus was finally free!!!

 Hera and Amalthea stepped back and looked at Zeus as he slowly picked himself up.
Hera: Hello daddy.
Zeus: Your looking well my daughter, how is your sister Aphrodite?
Hera: She's fine.
Suddenly Zeus picked his head up and looked right at Sky! With a big sniff from the air, Zeus grew very angry!
Zeus: Your a filthy Hilton! I recognize your families fowl odor anywhere! How dare one of you filthy Hiton's show yourselves to me!
Zeus quickly grabbed Sky and lifted her off her feet!
Zeus: I should kill you and deliver your head to Danny!

Father: Zeus, release the girl!

Zeus was startled to hear Father's voice and immediately put Sky down!
Zeus: Father....I-I didn't realize...
Father: That I was here! Of course not! You and your siblings always lacked disciplne, never checking your surroundings for any danger! Always believing that you had no true enemies! Come closer child.
Zeus grew nervous and a sense of fear started to emminate from him as well!
Father: What shall I do with you my child?
Zeus: Are you going to kill me Father?!
Father: Should I? You've commited some serious crimes. Taking your siblings power and then attempting to steal the others as well. Your actions are very disturbing. However, I'm faced with the dilema of  a man named Danny Hilton. He has Athena's and Hades powers within him! He could easily kill you and any of my other children if he pleased!
Zeus: Father....please allow me to kill him! He has dishonored me....
Father: YOU HAVE DISHONORED YOURSELF! You will not kill him. You will bring him to me....ALIVE! I wish to see the man that has bested one of my strongest children! Then and only then will I decide his fate. Is that clear?!
Zeus: Yes....Father.
Father: Now, introduce youself to the woman that made your freedom a reality!
Zeus was shocked to learn that a Hilton was responsible for his new found freedom! He gently took her hand and kissed it.
Zeus: My thanks child!
Sky turned red and giddy!
Sky: You look weak, please drink from me!
Sky then quickly turned her wrist and offered herself to Zeus!
Zeus was surprised by the offer and slowly bit into her!
Father: Zeus, you are to turn this woman! She is now one of us!
Zeus then looked at Sky and was confused, a first in many years for Zeus!
Zeus: You wish for me to turn you?!
Sky: Yes! I want to be yours and only yours!
Zeus: Then....that's what you'll be! Mine for all time!
Zeus then bit into Sky and gave her the gift of immortality!

 Sky: This is only the beginning!
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  1. Twists and turns...
    Why Richard? Poor Richard! :(

  2. Aww! I know! You'll find out soon! It was really hard to kill Richard off! Thanks for reading!