Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chapter 4

The Hilton's 2:
Family Torn
 Unbeknownst to the council of the events that where happening not far from them, they all gathered to an emergency meeting in the secret conference room! The first to arrive were Sal Harris and Maureen. Sal was somewhat of a nerd type person, who had the biggest crush on Maureen's sister Light!
Sal: So, Maureen how is your sister doing? Is she still going out with Mathias?
Maureen: Yes Sal! I swear you ask me that same question everytime I see you!
Sal: Sorry! I'm just curious if their relationship is getting....well you know serious?
Maureen: Well, it kinda is....Sal if you had feelings for her, why haven't you ever asked her out before?
Sal: Well, She is so pretty and I'm....I just don't know if she would accept. Honestly, I don't think I could take her rejection!
Maureen thought to herself, "This guy should probably be use to being rejected by tons of other women!" Maureen then realized that Sal's crush was more than just a small crush, it was love!
Maureen: Oh Sal! Your such a sweetie! My only advice would be to ask her, if she says no, then her loss!
Across the room Danny ran into Howard Harris, Sal's older brother. The Harris brother's where the last of their family after vampire's raided their home back in Zeus' days as ruler of Sunset. They both are well respected warlocks in town.
Danny: Howard! I heard your expecting a little mircle with your wife!
Howard: Yes! We are very blessed! I heard the same about you and Victoria! Congrats!

Also in the room were Lilly and Felicity.
Felicity: Lilly, long time no see.
Lilly: Yes, it's been far to long Felicity.
Felicity: How is Marlana?
Lilly: Good. River?
Felicity: He's been better.
Lilly: I've heard....I'm sorry.
Finally, Maxwell Rexington and his wife Bethany came into the secret conference room.
Max: I have some sad news. Marion and her guard Kareem were both found dead this afternoon! Murdered...
Bethany fought back tears for her fallen friend.
Bethany: We thought it important that we inform all of you of this horrible news, before it was released to the public!
The group was completely silent, each trying to process the news in their own way.
Howard: Such terrible news and such a waste of life! Max, do we know who did this to one of our own yet?
Max: No. However, the police suspect that they were robbed. Both had their possessions taken!
Lilly: Do the police know if the monsters that did this were human or supernatural?
Max: Not yet, they are still processing the scene.
Felicity: What does it matter who killed them?! Either it be human or supernatural....these criminals must pay for what they did!
Just then Danny's phone rang.
Danny: WHAT?! Okay! I'm coming! I'm coming for you now!!!
Danny quickly hung up his cell and charged toward the group!

Danny: I need all of you to get home now! This was not a coincidence! I need all of you to call your families and get them to safety as soon as possible!
Lilly: What the hell is going on Danny?!
Danny: It's your son! Lilly you have to come with me! We need to get to your son now!!!
A couple of blocks away April and Ridge have left the club early and ended up at the old Hilton Estate.
Ridge: Are you sure we're suppose to be here April?
April strolled past Ridge and then looked back at him.
April: Are you scared Ridge? You should be! From what I heard, a lot of my relatives have died in this place! Even in this room! According to my sister Sky, this use to be Hades hall!
April: But tonight....tonight its our little getaway from the world!
April then motioned at a couple of roses sprawled onto the floor next to a lamp and sleeping bag!
Ridge: Are you trying to seduce me April?
April: Is it working?
Ridge: Hell yeah it's working!
The two then made love in that hallway and then found themselves in each others embrace.
April: Ridge....I think I'm falling in love with you....
Ridge: Good! Because I've been in love with you!
After the two were done fooling around, April had to go to the restroom.
April: I'll be right back.
Ridge: Is your sister really living here?!
April: Yeah, hopefully I don't wake her! She would just kill me if she found out we were here!
Ridge: Well....don't take too long, I think I'm ready for round three!

April: Round three?! What happened to round two?!
Ridge: Aww....babe your killing me!
April: Hehe! I'll be back in a few, the restroom is downstairs.
Ridge: I'll be waiting!
April: You better not fall asleep!
April made her way downstairs, but before she reached the restroom she noticed a strange woman next to Zeus' tomb. She had a bad feeling and as quietly as she could, she turned around to warn someone! Just as she turned she felt a sharp pain go through her chest!
April's eyes widened in terror, she had been stabbed and before she could scream, the holder of the sword twisted the blade killing April instantly!
As April's body hit the ground, her blood spilled out of her quickly! The smell of blood caught the attention of another intruder, a vampire! The vampire ran to inspect and was greeted by a body and the murderer!
Vampire: I'm a little shocked to see you....especially since this person is or was so close to you!
 Vampire: I would've killed her if you needed her dead!
 The person that killed April was her own sister Sky!
Sky stood over her dead sister's body and then looked at the vampire in front of her!
Sky: I did my sister a favor! I wouldn't let some vampire have their way with any of my sister's! Especially one who enjoys killing his victims so you Helios!
Helios: Well I guess you spared her from a slow death then!
Then Helios eyes widened as he continued to sniff the air!
Helios: Well I guess I'll be getting some early dinner after all!
Helios then ran up the the stairs, most likely going after whoever came with April!
As Sky entered the main hall, there she was surrounded by two other vampire's. A witch vampire by the name of Amalthea. Then by a male vampire Pan, both were very old and powerful!
Amalthea: Is it true that you just killed one of your very own sister's?
Sky nodded sadly.
Amalthea: How very sad but understandable. You wished to spare her from the fate that will happen to the rest of your family after tonight!
Sky: Nevermind that! Can you get past Danny's spell?!
Amalthea: His spell is weak, a sign of a spell caster's first time creating such barriers!
Amalthea easily phased through the glass and made contact with the tomb!
Amalthea: Oh Zeus! What have you gotten yourself into?! Pan I will be teleporting Zeus and myself directly to Father. You can escort Sky to our Manor.
Pan: Sure! It's the least I can do.
And with that said, Amalthea seemed to fade away with Zeus' tomb in tow!
Pan: Shall we depart as well?
Without a word, Sky simply walked out, passing her now dead sister without even a glance.
Before they could leave Pan had to collect Helios. Pan found Helios sucking the life out of Ridge!
Pan: So how does a over privledged human taste these days?
Helios: I bit salty....but so very good? Would you like to join me?
Pan: Hmm, maybe next time! We must depart, we have other goals to complete before the night is over!
As Sky waited for Helios and Pan, she began to realize what was about to happen, what has already happened!
 Sky: Well this is it....there is no turning back now! Goodbye....everyone and everything that I use to know!
Until Next Time!


  1. Why Sky? And here I thought she was some innocent little anthropologist! I should know better than to pre-judge your characters!

    I hope they crush Zeus into nothingness. ;)

  2. When I came up with the idea, it kinda made me remember Ron, but in his case he was completely crazed for revenge! Sky is totally sane! Whether or not she's just evil remains to be seen yet!

  3. Hello. Is there any way you could upload your Amalthea sim?

    1. Of course! I try to get her uploaded this weekend!