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Chapter 28

The Hilton's  2:
What's Behind Door Number 2?

Lilly: This is the place! Are you guys ready?
Hercules grunted with agreement.
Demeter: We're ready! But I think we have an extra person with us.
Just then Hephaestus came out of the darkness, she had been waiting for them.
Lilly: Linda?! What the hell are you doing here? Light told me you were alive....I just didn't imagine you working for the enemy!
Hephaestus: Enemy?! Please....The real enemy are the ones that killed my parents! Eros, Helios, and....DANNY!
Lilly: Danny?! Why....He is not responsible for your families death!
Hephaestus: You can make excuses all you want for him! I know that if he wasn't around, none of this would be happening! My family would still be here...So would yours and so many others! How many more need to die for you to finally realize that Danny is DEATH!
Lilly: Linda....
Hephaestus: Enough! I'm not here to discuss this nonsense any further!
Lilly: Then why are you here?
Hephaestus: REVENGE!
Lilly: Revenge?
Hephaestus: Eros is here....I have been given permission to kill or try to kill him by Cronus!
Lilly: What?
Hephaestus: You see, I've done his bidding and now for all that I've true payment is the chance to avenge my family! I know that going against an older vampire is suicide! So I waited....and here you guys are! I may stand a chance with your help!
Lilly sighed in disbelief and looked at Demeter.
Demeter: Dear child....This path will most certainly lead to your end.
Hephaestus: I did not ask for permission or advice! I'm going with you and that's final!
Lilly: Fine...Let's get this over with!
Inside the house Eros seemed to already know of his visitor's.
Eros: Seems I have company. Better tell the others!
Eros then quickly headed downstairs, just as Lilly and her group entered the building!
Lilly: Hell...this looks like a dud! This is no lab of diabolical evil!
Demeter: Looks may be deceiving. I feel great evil here!
Hephaestus: What are you guys, stupid! The lab is underground! All this is just a cover, let's stop fooling around and get down to business!
Lilly: Oh God! What is it with you vampire's and your secret lairs?!
The group quickly found the stairs that lead down, Lilly went down first and quickly saw Eros entering another room.
Lilly: Okay...He went through there. Are you guys ready? Things could....more than likely get messy from here on out!
Demeter: Herc and I are ready for anything!
Hephaestus: Shit! Are you guys done? It's like I'm stuck in some Buffy the Vampire Slayer shit!
The group entered the next room, from there they saw Eros slowly entering another room.
Lilly: He's obviously leading us into some sort of trap.
Hephaestus: You think! Jeez, you really have been on ice far too long! Seems that all that sleeping caused some stupid to slow down your mind!
Lilly: I swear to God Linda, if you don't shut that hole in your face.
Demeter: Look! A sarcophagus! 
Lilly: A prison. I bet Victoria is in there! Let's go and remember keep your guard up !
The group cautiously entered the next room and were greeted by Eros.
Eros: Welcome! I wasn't expecting guests....but I'm a little surprised by you, Hephaestus! Does Father know your here and working with our prey?
Hephaestus: He does. I have permission to put an end to you! 
Eros: Do you. Seems that you've been harboring some negative feelings for me. I must want revenge for your mortal family is just pathetic! Considering that your life then was meaningless! I mean, now your worth so much more! I did you a favor!
Lilly: Shut your damn mouth! Linda was not meaningless! She was her mothers world, her fathers little princess! She meant everything to her family!
Eros: Yeah, Yeah. I see you two are in league with Danny now! How is Artemis? Is she still annoyingly high on herself and her so called independence from our family?
Demeter: She's doing well...We all are. I see your still doing Cronus' bidding!  Huh, seems like that sarcophagus is sealed by magic. The fire is the key, once I put them out, we will be able to open the sarcophagus!
Eros: Clever girl!
Demeter: Where is your mother?
Eros: Oh her! She tried to convince me to leave our family too! I turned her in to Father and now....she is paying for her betrayal!
Hercules grunted with disapproval and disgust.
Eros: Still nothing! For being so massive, your still stuck on never speaking! You and my dad...I mean the old Hephaestus took the no speaking vow seriously! He broke that vow the moment Cronus tore his heart out! I wonder if you'll do the same?!
Eros: And you! The new Hephaestus! You do some dirty work for Cronus and he offers you the chance at revenge. How entertaining! You do know that I'm more powerful than you?!
Hephaestus: Shut the Hell up! I will kill you or die trying!
Eros: You are already just can't accept it! Ha! We're all dead! If Cronus can so easily let us kill each other....then we're all are doomed!
Hephaestus: You killed my mom and dad in cold blood....then tried to kill me! You and Helios so need to die! Once I'm done with you, I'm going to kill Helios!
Masked Woman: You silly child! You really think that you can take on that monster?! If you do succeed in killing Eros and Helios...then what? Revenge is an ugly thing to live for....I should know!
The room fell silent, Eros stripped off his outfit revealing a combat suit underneath.
Eros: Oh! I almost forgot! Lilly, I'm glad your here. There is someone that I'm dying to introduce you to!
Eros: It took some time...took some blood, and it took some life but....
Lilly: What the Hell are you babbling about? I....
Just then the other woman turned around and to the shock of everyone, especially Lilly, it was a clone!
Eros: Speechless? Say hi to your....sister!
Clone: Hello Lilly. It's a pleasure to finally meet my other half!
Eros: Cloned you? Haha! You silly girl. We cloned Lilly....not you!
Lilly: What?! 
Eros: You think your the real Lilly?! Oh my that's hilarious! You poor creature!
Lilly: Damn you! I am the real Lilly! Don't try to play mind games with me asshole!
Eros: Enough! Let us end this! Ladies, please kill these trespassers!
Masked Woman: Looks like it's me and you big guy!
Hercules grunted in agreement.
Masked Woman: Let's see if I can make you scream!
Lilly: I'm going to fucking kill your ass Eros! 
Eros: First things first...Let's see which one lives up to the real Lilly?!
Lilly: I'm LILLY!
Clone: Your not to sure....are you?!
Hephaestus: Finally! It's just you and me!
Demeter: Hold them off guys! I will put out the flames! 
Eros: You can try!
Hephaestus: You'll have to get through me first Eros....Please try!
Lilly: Damn you monsters! How many clones are there of me?!
Clone: Just you and me sister!
Clone: Keep believing that! 
Lilly: Damn abomination! 
Clone: Call me, Eris!
Eros: So...I always knew this day would come! Especially, when Cronus pitied you! The one that survived....Your survival cost me five years of Hell! I was shoved in my coffin! 
Hephaestus: Such a big loss! You killed the two people that meant everything to me! Five years is NOTHING!
Eris: It's your fault...
Lilly: What?!
Eris: That they're all dead. Our family. You caused them so much pain, yet they stuck with you...and it cost them they're lives!
Lilly: Damn you! You have no right to talk about my family! 
Eris: Nor do you! After all, we are clones.
Just as Lilly screamed, the fight began! Hephaestus didn't waste in time, she punched Eros with all her strength!
Lilly also swung at Eris, unfortunately Eris was familiar with all of Lilly's moves and countered quickly!
As the group fought Demeter began chanting a spell to release the sarcophagus' seal.
Demeter: I got one! Two more to go!
The group was determined to keep Demeter safe! As she continued to spell cast, the others fought with all they had!
Demeter: I...I got the second one! One more guys!
Just as Demeter began chanting her last spell, Lilly was able to get control of her fight!
Lilly: You might wanna hurry it up a bit!!! 
Demeter: Patience is a virtue!
Lilly: Tell that to Linda...I mean Hephaestus!
Eros had gained the upper hand in his fight, and began to tighten his grip around Hephaestus' neck!
Eros: I know choking you won't kill ya! But if I squeeze hard enough, maybe your head will pop off!
Lilly: Demeter! We're getting into trouble here!
Demeter: I almost got it!
Eros finally realized how close Demeter was getting and signaled his partners to drop everything and aim for Demeter!
Quickly Eros dropped Hephaestus and the Masked woman also began to sprint towards Demeter!
Eros: You can't open that prison! It will be the end of us ALL!
Masked Woman: STOP!!!
Lilly: Demeter! HURRY!!!
Just before anyone could touch Demeter, the last flame went out, with it the power as well!
Eros: Damn! We're screwed!
Hephaestus: You mean you are! If I can't kill you, Cronus will certainly kill you now! You failed him!
Eris: What the hell is so important about this sarcophagus?!
Lilly: None of your damn business!
As the group seemed to be at a stand still, the room grew quiet.
Hephaestus: Fuck it! I'll open it!
Eros: You have no idea what's in it! For all we know...
Hephaestus: Shut the Hell up! Whatever it is...Cronus went through great lengths to keep it concealed!
Hephaestus slowly walked toward the sarcophagus and before opening it she took a deep breath and prepared herself for anything!
She slowly opened the prison and was shocked to see....
Hephaestus: NOTHING! This damn thing is empty!
Eros: Lies! It can't be! I spent years guarding this damn thing! It can't be empty!
Lilly: Seems that Cronus just gave you busy work! Looks like this was a wild goose chase!
Demeter: No....something is not right! Before it opened I could sense something inside it!
Eris: Damn it! The stupid doors are sealed! 
Eros: The lab has a fail safe. In case the power goes out, the room automatically seals itself! We're stuck in here until the power goes back on! I guess this is a time out? We can assume the trying to kill each other later!
Lilly: But isn't the power on...I mean the red lights?
Eros: Powered by a separate emergency generator!
Eris: Since we're stuck in here...what the Hell were you guys looking...hoping to find in that prison?!
Lilly: A friend.
Masked Woman: Friend?! 
Lilly: Victoria Hilton....We were hoping to find her here!
Masked Woman: For what purpose?
Lilly: If you must know....For Danny.
Masked Woman: Danny?! He's dead!
Lilly: Nope! He is very much alive and wishes to be reunited with his wife!
The Masked woman quickly took off her mask to reveal....that she was Victoria!
Victoria: WHY?! I should be asking that question! Why are you lying about Danny being alive?! 
Lilly: What?! Victoria, Danny is alive! Cronus had him sealed away for some reason! We just got him back! And all he wants see you!
Victoria stood in disbelief! 
Lilly: Victoria, Danny is waiting for you!
Victoria: Oh God! He's alive.....Cronus! That LIAR! He had me believe that Danny was dead all this time!
Lilly: Then why work for him? 
Victoria: He lied about Danny, then....He then told me that he would kill Hope! On the condition, that I come here and guard this empty shell for all these years! Damn it! I can't bel....
Eros: Seems Cronus has been lying about a lot of things lately! I even fell for the lie...
Just then the group was startled by a loud thump!
The group quickly turned to see a young girl sitting on the floor in front of one of the large windows in the room!
Eros: Who...Where did she come from?! Is she one of yours?!
Lilly: No....
Demeter: She must be....
Hephaestus: No way! There was nothing in that damn sarcophagus!
The girl sat dazed and confused, Hercules walked towards her to help.
Young Girl: You shall not touch me! 
Just as Hercules leaned in to help the girl up, the lights flickered on, then the girl suddenly jumped up and lunged at Hercules!
Young Girl: I said, YOU SHALL NOT TOUCH ME!
A quick rush of air came out of Herc and a grunt of pain was forced out of him as well!
To the horror of everyone, the girl punched a hole right through Herc with little difficulty!
Young Girl: Perish, you weak creature!
Herc quickly turned to ash in front of his companions!
Lilly: What the Hell?! What are you?!
Young Girl: An immortal? No....You are a mortal with unnatural immortality. You have no right to question me!

Just then the Reaper appeared to collect the fallen!
The Reaper stood confused for a moment and then saw the girl.
Reaper: You....
Lilly: Reaper? What is she?! 
Reaper: Beware child....She is the creator, the beginning! She devours both mortal and immortal beings! She also keeps their souls within her! She will devour everything!
The Reaper then quickly vanished! 
Young Girl: I've been locked up for so long...You imperfect immortals will never do! But you....Demeter will quench my thirst!
Lilly: Run Demeter! We'll hold her off!
Demeter began to run towards the exit! However, the door was still sealed!
Eros, Eris, and Hephaestus tried with all their might to open the doors with no success!
The Young girl quickly made short work of Lilly and Victoria! The lights then went dark again, as the Young Girl effortlessly pushed her attackers aside! Both seemed to blackout immediately!
Young Girl: The rats are trying to abandon ship! Pointless...You all will soon be part of my greatness!
The girl then seemed to disappear and reappear on top of Demeter! The girl then sank you teeth into Demeter!
Demeter: Aaah! NOO! 
Demeter continued to scream out in pain as the girl drained her completely!
Once the girl was done, she slowly let Demeter fall to the ground and licked her bloodied fingers!
Young Girl: Forgive me child. But it was necessary! I've learned a great deal from you! Now, what other great things will I learn from the rest of you!
The girl then slowly walked toward the other vampires!
They continued to bang on the door until the banging sounds turned into screams of terror!
Moments later, Victoria woke up to an empty room, except for the unconscious Lilly!
Victoria: Lilly wake up!
Lilly: Uh...What hit me, then threw me like a drunken frat boy?!
Victoria: That girl....whatever she was? She made short work of the vampires!
Lilly: Linda!
Victoria: Besides Hercs ashes...I count three more ash piles!
Lilly: Shit! Well....For sure one is Demeter. The other two....most likely one is Eros. 
Victoria: What makes you think that?
Lilly: The way she reacted to Herc. It seems she doesn't like men all that much!
Victoria: Well, that leaves just one ash pile nameless! 
Lilly: Yeah. I really hope Linda...I mean Hephaestus made it out!
Victoria: Then that pile, might be your clone?
Lilly: Was she the only one?
Victoria: Honestly....I don't know?! When I was brought here, she was already guarding this place! 
Lilly: Do you think...what they said, me being a clone true?!
Victoria: I hope not! Just one of you is enough!
Lilly: Funny! 
Victoria: Is it?
Lilly: Well you really haven't changed much!
Victoria: Neither have you! Which means, you must be the real Lilly!
Lilly: Thanks! Let's get outta here! This place is starting to feel creepy! Plus we have to tell Danny what we found!
Victoria: Let's be on our way! I have a husband and a daughter waiting for me!
Until Next Time!

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