Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chapter 32

The Hilton's 2:
Get Up And Fight!
Aphrodite: So...That's how I ended up a prisoner. I wanted freedom for my son and myself and ended up imprisoned and betrayed by my son!
Aphrodite: I must admit that you mortals are very brave, taking on Cronus this way! He will surely kill all of you for freeing me and killing so many of his subordinates.
Sheri: They had it coming! Do you think we have a chance at killing Cronus?
Aphrodite: Before all this...I would say no way! But now...You people have determination and that can overcome even the most powerful beings.
Aphrodite: I won't lie though. Not all of you will make it. You guys will have a Hell of a fight! Not just against Cronus, but against his "children".
Javier: Well...We've lived through worse!
Felicity: Is it worth it lose more people. I've lost everyone I loved. My husband, my children, and even my grandson. I can't lose anymore...I swear, I'll probably lose my mind.
Seven: All I've ever known is death, I was created for that purpose.
Sheri: It doesn't have to be that way though, you can still have a normal life! You don't need to fight our battles!
Seven: No need for sympathy Sheri. I totally embrace the fact that I was created to kill. I would rather go down fighting than runn--
Just then the group heard the front door slam shut!
Hera: Oh sister! I've come for a visit.
Aphrodite ran into the next room to discover her sister waiting for her.
Aphrodite: Hera! 
Felicity: Oh God! Are they here to kill us?!
Hera: Calm your friends sister, I've come for you and only you!
As the rest of the group ran into the same room to confront Hera, Hera motioned for Aphrodite to take a seat.
Seven: What do you want?!
Hera: Fear not. I am not here for any of you. So I mean you no harm. Actually, I would like it if you all left actually.
Sheri: We're not abandoning Aphrodite! 
Aphrodite: Don't sister and I only want to talk.
Sheri: Are you sure?
Aphrodite: Don't worry, I'll be fine. Go...Go and find Danny and help him.
Sheri: Okay, lets go everyone. 
Seven: I'm staying.
Sheri: What?! Why?!
Seven: Sheri, this is where we part ways. I'm staying to make sure you have no surprises coming up behind you.
Sheri: Seven...You don't have to do this!
Seven quickly hugged Sheri tightly and whispered in her ear.
Seven: Sheri...You took us in and treated Four and me like your own. And for that I'm truly thankful. You are my mother and I wouldn't change anything because everything that happened in the past lead me and my sister to you!
Sheri: (Crying) You better come home after all this! 
Then Sheri, Felicity, and Javier left the three vampires and the lab that claimed to many friends.
Hera: Finally alone. Dear sister, Father would like you to return to him.
Aphrodite: No, I will never return to that man or that life! 
Hera: This room is to small for me to convince you, let us "talk" in a more open area.
Seven: There is a room down in the lab that did not get burned. We can go down there and "talk".
Hera: Lead the way.
As the trio made their way to the empty room, Aphrodite needed to plea with her sister one more time.
Aphrodite: Please Hera, let's runaway from all this. 
Hera: Runaway! You weak little twit! I don't runaway!
Just then Hera kicked Seven in the back! The room filled with the noise of bones breaking as Seven flew forward and landed limply to the ground.
Aphrodite: Seven! Are you okay?!
Seven: (moaning) I can't move! The bitch broke my back! It's going to take a few for me to heal!
Hera: That's right sister! IT'S JUST YOU AND ME!
Aphrodite: Sister please! This doesn't need to go down this way!
Aphrodite's words fell on deaf ears, as Hera went in swinging! Aphrodite did her best to block Hera's attacks, before Hera grabbed her and wrapped her leg around one of Aphrodite's legs!
With a quick twist, Hera managed to intertwine their legs together.
Aphrodite: Please Hera! Don't do this! 
Hera: SHUT UP! 
Hera then twisted there intertwined legs causing Aphrodite and Hera to fall to the ground!
Hera then managed to position herself on top of Aphrodite and start landing punch after punch!
Hera: FIGHT!!!
As the room filled with the sound of Aphrodite taking a beating and Hera screams for her sister to fight back, Seven could only lay in despair, as he listened to the sisters clash!
Finally, Hera could not hit her sister anymore.
Hera: Why won't you fight back?!
Aphrodite slowly picked herself up and looked at her defeated sister.
Aphrodite: I won't hurt you Hera....Your my sister.
Hera: Damn it! That filthy Hilton girl was able to kill her sister even turned on her own family! And here I am...WEAK!
Aphrodite: Your not weak Hera...Your my sister, your not a monster!
Hera then erupted in anger and jumped up in a frenzy!
Just then a burst of energy consumed Hera and knocked Aphrodite back. Once Aphrodite looked up to see her sister, but now Hera was more...more like a true monster!
Hera: If I can't kill you in my weaker form, then the monster within me can!
Aphrodite: Oh God! What has he done to you! Hera, don't do this!
Hera: I must. Don't you get it sister! If I fail...even if we ran away, he would find us! He's made it very clear that he will not tolerate any more betrayals! 
Aphrodite slowly got to her feet.
Aphrodite: Sister....We've gone through so much! First our mother leaves us with Zeus, an unfit, self absorbed, and just plain idiotic father! Then he gave us to Cronus! We've been passed around like unwanted trash! All we have is each other! Don't let Cronus take that away from us too!
Hera: You still have a chance though! Come back with me, ask for forgiveness from Cronus! Save yourself!
Aphrodite: No...
Hera: Why!?! Why are you so eager to die?
Aphrodite: I want to be to love and be loved. To have children and see them grow normal lives and not be twisted by all this evil! But mostly...I want my sister to have the same thing!

Hera: Sister....
Hera started to think and doubt herself and imagined this dream that Aphrodite spoke of.

Hera: NO!!!
Hera raised her sword at Aphrodite!
Hera: I won't let your diluted dreams take me down! I won't just become another vampire replaced by another! I'm Hera and I want to live foreve.....Uugh....
Suddenly, Seven stabbed Hera through the chest!
Seven: My back is better now! You should have been watching yours!
Hera stumbled to the ground and caught herself before completely falling. The wound slowly began to heal as Seven hovered over the injured Hera.
Seven: My claws have been laced with a high dose of the cure bitch! You ticket is up and now it's time for you to die!
Hera: Foolish boy! You honestly think that's going to kill me so easily?!
Hera quickly leapt of the ground and spun around. Before Seven could even react Hera was already standing before him with her sword drawn.
Seven: Whatever your going to do, you better do it now! Because the cure is most likely eating away at your pierced heart! I will gladly take your sword and shove it up your....
Hera just smiled at Seven. As he realized that Hera didn't just simply stand up and turn toward him. She had already struck so quickly that Seven didn't realize it until it was to late.
Seven could feel his head begin to peel away from the rest of his body and almost like a reaction, Seven grabbed at his neck and felt the room go dark.
Hera watched as Seven turned to dust before her. 
Hera: Now it's your tur.....(cough)
Suddenly, Hera turned back to her normal form as blood began to flow out of her. Hera quickly turned to her sister and smiled and then collapsed to the ground in pain.
Hera: Damn it! That bastard wasn't kidding! 
Aphrodite: Hera! Hold on I'm coming!
Aphrodite held her dying sister in her arms and didn't know what to do!
Aphrodite: Sister...please don't leave me too!
Hera: Why? Why didn't I get the same good heart as you?
Aphrodite: Hera...You have a beautiful heart, a strong heart! Please hold on! Maybe I can get Danny or one of those witches to help!
Hera: No....I want this....I'm tired sister...I'm so tire...
Aphrodite: Hera! HERA!!!
Aphrodite could do nothing and watched her sister turn to ash before her!
Aphrodite: (sobbing) I should've fought harder! I...Hera...I'll live for you...for both of us!
Until Next Time!