Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chapter 12

The Hilton's 2:
Break Out!
The next morning, Felicity wasted no time and went to meet the mystery caller. Whe she arrived to her destination, Sheri was already waiting for Felicity!
Sheri: Felicity.....it's been so long since I've seen you! I really misse.....
Felicity: WHY!?! Why did you leave me then!?! After everything that happened.....the one person that I wanted to be there was you!
Felicity grew more upset with every word and before she knew it, tears began to stream down her face!
Sheri: I'm so sorry Felicity! There is no excuse for my absence! After Ron sent me away.....I thought it be best for everyone to stay away. I had to start all over.....
Felicity: So you did take one of Danny's potions that he made for me and Richard.
Sheri: Yes. Back then....I was a selfish person. I chose myself over everything! With my immortality, I've learned that by doing that.....I ended up being alone.
Felicity looked at Sheri and realized that she was suffering just like she was. Felicity knew that they both made mistakes by chosing to live forever!
Sheri: I see you have some battle scars. I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you....
Felicity: No....You were lucky to be away, everyone that had a Hilton name was killed! They only spared me and others because we were married and didn't carry the Hilton name anymore. Plus, I believe Zeus also played a role in my survival.
Sheri: Zeus.....always a complete mystery that man! Come, I have access to the science building, we need to change before we get Danny back!
As the two exited the science building, Felicity looked at Sheri.
Felicity: So....Where do you think Danny is?
Sheri: Right across the street! I have sources that believe that someone of high importance is being held within this very house! It's worth a shot right?!
Felicity: Yes, it is worth investigating!

Felicity then took a long gaze at Sheri.
Felicity: I've really missed you!
Sheri: After everything I've done to your.....our family?
Felicity: You're my mother.....you raised me, I couldn't stay mad at you even if I tried!
Sheri: (choking back tears) I've missed you too! Okay, let's get this done!
As the two broke into the house, everything seemed normal.
Felicity: This looks like a normal house Sheri?! Are you sure your source said this place?
Sheri: It may look normal, but I'm sure that this is the place!

As the two turned the corner into the next room, they were startled by a vampire sitting at a desk, almost as if she were a secretary.

Vampire: How can I help you.....two?
Sheri: Where is he?!
Vampire: Ooh, your here to free someone! The next room to the right and behind the book shelf. That will take you to the lower level.

Felicity: What the hell!?! Why are you helping us?!
Vampire: Helping? Please! Many have tried to free someone from our facilities and have failed! Trust me, I'm simply sending you two to your deaths!
Sheri: If we make it out, will you try to stop us?
Vampire: Hmmm, since that's never happened, we'll just have to wait and see!
Like the vampire said, the ladies found a secret passage behind the book case and followed the secret path down a level!

They were shocked to see a whole lab setup!
Sheri: My God! Look at this place! Who knows what horrible things go on down here!

Felicity looked around the room for a few moments then realized that she had seen many of these inventions and equipment before.
Felicity: This is where all my brothers creations ended up?! Everyone thought all of Richard's things got destroyed, after the vampire's tore down his house! Looks like they damaged the time machine....only Richard knew how to fix it.
Sheri: Richard....I did terrible things to that boy and your other brothers. I denied them from seeing you, Melody, and Ron for the longest time. I regret that the most....keeping you children apart.
Felicity: Richard was a good brother, he helped me a lot after Zeus fell. He was also a good father too!
The two fell silent for a moment and then continued to search the lab.
Sheri: This is the only room left! Danny has to be in there!
Felicity: If he's not....I'm glad your back....mom!
Sheri: Me too!
As the two entered the room, they were surprised to see Lilly instead of Danny!
Felicity: Lilly!!! Oh God, this is were you where all this time! 
Sheri: I'll see if I can get her out. Here, this must be the controls that operate that tube she's in.
Felicity: All this time....You've been right under everyone's nose! I'm sorry Lilly.
Felicity: Mother....can you see what they did to her all this time? She's not a vampire anymore!
Sheri: What I'm seeing in these charts.....they cured her because she kept healing to quickly to ever do any extensive experiments on her! However, they've given her immortality and she retains her vampire strength, speed, and she heals at a faster rate than regular humans! The bastards were going to wipe her memory and make her into some kind of weapon!
Felicity: They haven't wiped her memory yet?
Sheri: No! Here let us release her!
Sheri hit the release button and Lilly slid out of her cage! Felicity quickly caught her and held her up!
Sheri: Look! She's already waking up!
Felicity: Good! We need to get out of here before we do encounter some resistance!

As Felicity lead Lilly toward the door, Lilly began to gain her own mobility.
Lilly: What the hell took you bitches so long to rescue me?!
Felicity: Well....that is a long story!
Sheri: One we can tell you later!
Just then an alarm started to go off!
Sheri: It's time to leave ladies!
As the three exited the room they were greeted by a snarling sound. What looked and sounded like a snake, a grotesque creature came around the corner!
Lilly: What the hell is that!?!
As the creature came charging towards the ladies, Sheri took it upon herself to defend them!
Sheri: Felicity, try shooting it! It's too fast!!!
Sheri tried to hit the creature but it moved to quickly! Then Felicity tried shooting it but couldn't get a clear shot!
Sheri and Felicity tried repeatedly to hit the creature but it moved and dodged every attack they threw at it!
Lilly: Are you two serious! Kill the bastard already!!!
Felicity: We're trying!!!
As Sheri tried to hit it over and over the creature finally made its move! It hit Sheri so hard, she went flying into Felicity!
Creature: You're all going to die!!!
Without any hesitation on Lilly's part, she quickly dodged Sheri and went in for an attack!
With a swift and strong kick she made contact with the creature's face!
The creature was sent flying into the wall behind it! Bashing its head and dying instantly from the impact!
Lilly: That's how you kill a f$%king monster ladies!!!
 Lilly: What the hell have you guys been doing since I've been away?! Eating Bonbon's! Damn, lets get the hell out of here!
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  1. Bonbons! lol I bet they just killed Danny! :P

  2. Ha,I love that line! We'll have to see what happened to Danny! ;D

  3. Woooo Sheri is back!!! ~throws confetti~
    And go Lilly, show them how to kick monster butt.
    Cant wait to see what will happen next. ^>^

  4. Thanks Derotis for reading! I couldn't wait to bring Sheri back too! Lilly is ready to fight!