Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chapter 27

The Hilton's 2:
Father and Daughter
Hope: What are we doing here?
Angelique: My Dad said it was important to come over! So here we are!
Hope: Angel....Do you think I'm making the right choice....I mean with Tyler?
Angelique: Having cold feet about moving with him?
Hope: I mean, I love him to death and couldn't imagine my life without him. But I feel really bad on how I left things with Bobby.
Angelique: Oh Hope....Don't feel bad! Bobby is a big boy! I think he always knew that you and Tyler were meant to be! I also think one of the reasons he left was to make it less difficult for your decision. He also saw it as a chance to move on for you and for himself.
Hope: Thanks Angel! You always know what to say in these kinds of situations!
Angelique: Well....only if my advice could work for me! Let's see what my Dad wants and then go home!
As the two walked in, they were greeted by Howard, Artemis, and Perseus.
Angelique: Dad....what's going on? Why are they here?!
Howard: Don't be alarmed! I have a surprise for Hope! 
Hope: Surprise?! 
Just as Hope spoke, Danny came around the corner. Danny's heart was beating fast and felt like it was going to explode! He finally got to see his daughter for the first time!
Danny: Hello Hope!
Hope: Hi....Umm, do we...have we met before?
The room fell quiet as the two looked at each other. Hope grew nervous and didn't understand what was going on! Danny then started to walk towards her as tears started to fill his eyes.
Danny: We've never actually met...but I was always thinking of you. I always pictured you looking like your mother....and I was right. Your beautiful!
Artemis: Hope...This is Danny, your Dad!
Hope and Angelique were shocked and Hope didn't really know how to react!
Angelique: Hope....
Hope: I...thought you were dead.
Danny: Ha! I wasn't dead but I was alone for a long time.
Danny: I survived thinking of you and your Mother. How I had to survive and keep my sanity for this very moment!
Hope: I always kinda knew you were alive! I've dreamt about you and mom all the time! I always thought I would know what to say when I ever got to see any of you again...but now....
As tears began to pour from Hope's eyes, Danny quickly hugged her! 
Danny: You don't need to say anything! I'm here now...My little Hope!
As Danny hugged his daughter, he felt like of piece of himself was back!
As Danny and Hope settled down, Artemis sat them down to talk. They both explained how Danny was imprisoned and how he was released!
Hope then shared a lot of things with her absent father, the two seemed to talk forever! Until Artemis finally interrupted their joyous reunion.
Artemis: Danny....I think its time.
Hope: Time?
Danny: Yes. My dear Hope, I need to show you something.
As the three headed downstairs, Hope was horrified to see blood stains all over the floor!
Hope: What happened?! Whose blood is this?!
Danny: Hope...
Danny couldn't bring himself to tell Hope, that her more of her loved ones had fallen.
Artemis: Brother...I'll tell her. She needs to know and I can't bare the thought of you being the one to tell her!
Meanwhile, the others were still upstairs, chatting about the happy reunion!
Angelique: I still can't believe it! I'm so happy for Hope! She really needed this!
Perseus: You two are very close? I can sense that you two have a very strong relationship.
Angelique: She's my sister....even though it's not by blood, we grew up together! I can't imagine my life without her!
Howard: Then there is no choice. You must stay with her. I refuse to separate you two! I refuse to further involve you in this war!
Back downstairs, Hope was consumed with grief.
Hope: NO!!! Why them?!!! What will happen to my Aunt Felicity?! How is she?! 
Danny: She's coping as best she can. I think that she's solely functioning on getting revenge! But we'll be there for her once this is all over too!
Hope: So...we're going to finally fight Cronus?
Danny: Well....
Angelique: What do you mean, we can't fight?! You can't do this! Those people were family...friends! I....we deserve the right to fight for them!
Howard: I will not allow it! I won't have my only child die for something that shouldn't have involved you in the first place!
Angelique: Damn it! Then why the Hell did we train for all those years! NO! I refuse to sit on the sidelines and hope that...that you come back this time!
Howard: Angel....
Angelique then ran downstairs to get Hope! 
Angelique: NO! I won't let my family and friends fight without us!
Angelique: Hope! They're going to try to keep us from fighting!
Hope: What?! Dad is that true?!
Artemis: It is true!
Suddenly Artemis swung around and punched Angelique, instantly knocking her out!
Hope: Oh my God! Angel!!! Why are you guys doing this?!
Danny: To protect you. Our children should not have to fight in this battle. I can't risk losing you!
Hope: But...I have power! Tell him Artemis! Tell him what I can do!
Artemis: It is true...You have enormous power! Just like Athena, our mother! But you can't fully control it! You don't remember, but you killed the vampire Pan on your own! You even used your power against one of your friends! When I found you that night, it took me and all my brothers and sister to subdue you! We can't risk you loosing control!
Artemis: I'm sorry Hope! Danny...Brother it's time!
Danny: I'm sorry my little Hope!
With that said, Danny quickly knocked out Hope!
Artemis: We're ready Danny.
Danny looked at his sister and then back at his daughter.
Danny: Do you think....will she hate me for this?
Artemis: Danny....She will eventually understand in time. You know... I never had any children....
Danny: Artemis?
Artemis: No, don't feel bad for me. It was a choice I made a long time ago. I was afraid to, not knowing what to expect. I was afraid to watch my children grow old and leave this world. I felt that I couldn't bare it! Then I met you. You....who dared to overcome that fear, to make good or bad choices with your children. Yet you have endured such hardship! I must admit, that I'm jealous of what you had....have!
Danny: It's not easy being a parent....especially in my situation. I've watched three sons pass, numerous grandchildren...even great grandchildren.
Artemis: How do you cope?
Danny looked at his sleeping daughter.
Danny: I just have to remember that they're in my heart and memories. And focus on the things that I have now but never truly forgetting of what I've lost.
As the group prepared to leave, Artemis had to ask Perseus a huge favor.
Artemis: My love...I need to ask you to do something that you will not like.
Perseus: What is it?!
Artemis: I need you to stay.
Perseus:What?! I won't....
Artemis: I need you to protect my niece! She is precious to me! And I know you can protect her!
Perseus struggled with the request and looked at Artemis and couldn't refuse her!
Perseus: I will do this for you my love! But you must make a promise with me.
Artemis: Name it!
Perseus: When this is over....We take the cure and.....
Artemis: And what?
Perseus: We start our own family!
Artemis stood in complete shock!
Danny: That's a promise you should definitely make sister!
Artemis: Yes! I promise!
She quickly kissed Perseus to seal the promise!

Lilly: This is the place Javier gave us.
Demeter: Seems like we're in for a long night!
Lilly: Shall we see what's behind door number 2?!
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