Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chapter 7

The Hilton's 2:
As Light and Sal made it to the Counselor building, they were greeted by Howard and Max.
Sal: It's horrible brother! Light's parents and one of Lilly's sons have been killed! Plus, Felicity's daughter has been kidnapped!
Max looked at Light as she wept for her loss.
Max: I'm sorry....Light....I have some more bad news. Not to long ago, I found my son dead as well! He wasn't alone though....
Light: NO! Not April too!!!
As the Sal attempted to comfort Light, the group heard a scream come from upstairs!

Max: Bethany!
Max sprinted upstairs for his wife but was to late!
Bethany was already dead before he could ever reach her! Her murderers stood around her as well!

Amalthea: You two stay up here. I'll take care of the warlock downstairs!
Female Vampire: Fine! Have your fun! We have no problems taking care of stragglers!

Amalthea made her way downstairs and came face to face with Howard, Sal, and Light!
Light coward behind Sal, while Howard looked a little confused to who he was seeing before them.
Howard: Brother, take Light and get out of here! I'll slow her down...hurry get her out of here!
Sal: I can't just abandon you! Together we can kill this vam....
Howard: No! This is no ordinary vamp! Go! I won't have a chance against her, if I'm worried about my little brother!
Sal: Fine! But you better win!
Sal then led Light upstairs!
Amalthea: So you are from the same coven as me! I could sense our covens magic upon arrival!
Howard: So the Great Amalthea is alive still! My coven has always denied your exitstence!
Amalthea: Hmm....They must still hate me for killing most of their founders and absorbing them into me!
As Sal and Light made their way upstairs, they were greeted by the two vampire's waiting! 
Sal: Stay back! What do you want from us?!
Sal stared at the male vampire for a response, then from the other side of the room the female vampire let out a giggle!
Female Vampire: Don't mind Hephaestas! He hasn't spoken ever since he was slowly tortured and turned into the creature before you! All because he chose to love me! My Father tortured my beloved before I could turn him! Father was not pleased with my choice of a mate you see, so he commanded that my love could never speak my name or any other words as well!
Aphrodite: How rude of name is Aphrodite!
Sal: What do you want from us? Why are you monsters killing everyone?!
Aphrodite: We're not killing everyone. We did spare the man named Max! Poor live his life without his love. What can I do though! Father wished it to be, so his children deliver!

Light finally grew the courage to speak to the enchanting vampire.
Light: Please....please, I don't want to die!
Aphrodite: It's not my decision on whether you live or die! You are a Hilton child?
Light: Yes....
Aphrodite then looked at Light, then at Sal.
Aphrodite: I can sense that this man has strong emotions for you! Am I right?
Sal: It's true....why does that matter?!
Aphrodite: Here's the deal....if this Hilton child marries, she will not carry the name, therefore she will be allowed to live!
Light: What! You guys have been killing anyone with the Hilton name! My mom, my dad, and even my sister were killed due to that reason alone!
Aphrodite: Yes. Those mortals were killed for that reason but also to punish your founding member as well!
Sal: Danny....
Aphrodite: Yes, this is just part of his punishment. The end of his line. The end of the Hilton name, its legacy!
Light: You'll let me go if I get I'll get married!
Aphrodite: However, it must happen within the month! If you fail to marry your suitor or any man after a month, I will be forced to kill you! Understood!
Light nodded with tears in her eyes, then looked at Sal. Sal then motioned for her to make a run for it!

Hephaestas and Aphrodite looked on as the two made a run for the exit!
Aphrodite: Remember, you only have a month to lose the Hilton name!
Back downstairs, Howard and Amalthea were sizeing each other's powers!
Amalthea: I can sense that you are no ordinary warlock! You have some serious power dwelling within you!
Howard: Years of devoted training and sacrifice! Unlike you, I worked hard to gain this level of magic!
Amalthea: So did I! But our elders saw me as a threat, a traitor! Just because I embraced immortality from a vampire! Why is it wrong to want to live forever?!
Howard: Nothing....but your method of gaining eternal magic and life was too much! You absorb others to gain your magic! You are nothing but a shell of a great witch!
Amalthea: A shell! I'll show you what this shell can still do!
Amalthea then prepared herself for a fight! Which forced Howard to do the same!
Amalthea: How amusing! As strong as you are, you still rely on a wand!
Howard: A witch's wand is his or her way of showing the spirits repect for using unnatural methods!
Amalthea: Old lessons! Here I thought I was awakened in modern times!
Amalthea: I hope that wand can withstand my power old man!
Howard: Let us find out....old woman!!!
Howard then unleashed a powerful spell that hit Amalthea with great force! Once she hit the ground, the spell acted like a bomb and lit her into flames!
Howard watched the flames consume her and for a moment believed he had done the impossible! As he turned to go to his brother and Light, he was horrified to hear a voice come from the flames!
Amalthea: I'll admit that you are strong....even a worthy adversary! Which makes you worthy....worthy to be part of me for all time!
Amalthea: Now come.....
Amalthea: Come and be part of my greatness!

As Amalthea finished her sentence, Howard was consumed in a electrical spell! He screamed out in pain and with each scream the spell seemed to intensify, shredding Howards clothing!
Amalthea: Just give in....and it will all stop!
Suddenly, Howard chanted a spell that ended the searing pain caused by Amalthea!
Howard: Never! I will not become part of your twisted world! I would rather die!
Amalthea looked at Howard in shock!
Amalthea: Soul lines! You survived our covens final test! You were able to communicate with souls and gain their energy!

As the two began to fight with all their magical abilities, Howard finally spoke to Amalthea!
Howard: Yes, something you never accomplished! The final test to prove to all our ancestors that I'm a vessel of good and can be used to communicate with the other side! 

Amalthea: Truly a marvelous gift! However, I'm still more powerful! I have a greater power within ME!!!!
With a flash of light the fight was over and Amalthea seemed to float to her prize!
Amalthea: You are now will be forever part of me!
Amalthea then chanted a few words and slowly Howard seemed to fade away, slowly absorbed by a powerful witch!
After Amalthea was finished, she made her way back upstairs!
Amalthea: Did you two complete your duties?
Aphrodite: Sort of....we let the girl and her companion go.
Amalthea: I see....You do know that Father may punish you for not killing the Hilton child.
Aphrodite: She will not carry the name for long! I told her to marry and if she doesn't....I will come back and kill her!

Amalthea: Foolish woman!
Amalthea then stopped and felt a little faint from the battle she had just won!
Amalthea: Never mind, I'm tired and I need my rest! Let us be off, Father is expecting us!
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  1. Stop killing them! lol Great update!

  2. Hehe! I will, soon it will all be over!

  3. My my... Aphrodite lives up to her name. Very stunning.
    And poor Howard. I was really hoping he would win.

  4. Thanks for reading! I just want to say that this may not be the last of Howard!