Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chapter 10

The Hilton's 2:
It's the same dream every time....I always feel like I'm in rewind! I dream about how I grew up, like when my mother brought me to Light's and Sal's place when I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember her saying that I would be staying here for a couple of days, but in reality this would be my new home....my new family.
I only remember pieces of that day, my mom talking to Light in the kitchen area, while Sal tried to distract me.

Sal: Your going to love it here! And my niece, Angelique is also living with us too! She's about the same age as you, but she's at a friends house tonight!
I would soon learn that Angelique's parents were both dead, her father died mysteriously, basically Sal wouldn't talk about his late brother. Angelique's mother raised her until she was almost 5, then died in a car accident, it was considered a miracle that Angelique survived the wreck!
After an hour of my mother talking to Light.....we walked my mother to the door!
Victoria: My little Hope....you gotta be a good girl for your....Aunt and Uncle.
Hope: Okay Mommy! When are you coming back?
Victoria: In a couple of days sweetie! I have to get some things settled before I pick you up okay.
Hope: Okay....I love you Mommy!
Victoria then hugged her daughter tightly and then slowly looked up at Light and Sal. The look of sadness swept over all of them, then with a shaky voice....
Victoria: I love you Hope and I always will!
Then my mom slowly got up and headed to the door.....that was the last time I saw her.
My Aunt and Uncle were great parents, Angelique was an awesome sister too! The two of us did everything together and when Light and Sal had their own child Clide....we grew even closer! However, Sal and Light still found ways to show us that all their kids were loved!

Once we hit our teen years, Sal began training us in magical arts! He told us that, "One day our magic would save the family and more importantly each other!" Being that Angelique's parents where both witches, the trainings came easier for her! I on the other hand had some issues controlling my power! My power scared me, because it was so powerful, Light believed I got my abilities from my father or from my father's mother. I never knew him or her, but I knew of my father a little....mainly from my mother and her stories she use to tell me when I was younger!
As our training progressed, Sal brought other children from the witching community to train. There were seven of us in all! All were about the same age as me and Angelique. The Martin siblings, the ever talkative Skylar and her little musician brother Noah. Then there was Evan Rogers, a tall and muscular kid!
 Finally, the Edmond twins....Similar to Sal, their parents were killed by vampire's! The twins were raised by their older sister Carol, she was well respected in the community, clever, and very beautiful! The twins were complete opposites....well for one thing one was a boy named Tyler and the other was a girl named Misty! Tyler was like me, shy, somewhat smart, and like his other siblings, he wasn't that bad to look at! Misty was like Angelique....which caused them not to get along at all! Misty was outgoing and always wanted to be in charge!
So that's how it went for a couple of years, we grew up together and became very close! As we graduated high school, Sal and Carol decided to give us a break, we had a couple of years to pursue our own dreams or goals! The news came just after my birthday, during the party Light's sister May discovered Sal's trainings!
 I remember an arguement broke out between Sal and May, she warned Light and Sal that only bad things would come from it! That day was probably the last day my entire family came together....May limited her children's interaction with us, it hurt Light but also hurt my little brother Clide, he was best friends with his cousins and now hardly got to see them!
I then went to college, Angelique went to New York with Skylar to pursue acting! Noah was trying to make it big with his band, Evan joined the military, and the Edmonds moved to France! Four years would pass quickly, I graduated college and everyone came. Light, Sal, Clive, and Grant, the personal robot that Light's dad built years ago! Grant had some minor upgrades as Light would say! Angelique couldn't make it, due to the fact that she missed her flight! My dreams seem to replay my life over and over but one dream was different, just before I woke up, I swore I heard a man calling out my name....asking me to help him get out?!
 Angelique: Hope! Hope!!! Wake up!
Hope: Uugh! Leave me alone!
Angelique: You do know that its past noon right?!
It was almost the end of Summer, when I moved back to Sunset Valley. Angelique and the some of the others had already moved back before me!
Angelique: Come on sleepy head! Your moving in today!
Hope: Is my stuff already there?
Angelique: Yep! And I must say that your taste in decor is pretty boring!

Hope: Well....we can't all be as exciting as you or annoying!
Angelique: Almost everyone is there already! Skylar, Noah, and Evan are waiting to see you!
Hope: They're all there already?! Are the Edmond twins there too?
Angelique: Seriously....we both know that your main concern is Tyler!
Hope: What?! No sir!
Angelique: Whatever.....they haven't shown up yet but Uncle Sal said, that they would be here this week for sure! I for one can wait to see them....especially Misty and her huge ego!
Later that afternoon.
 Angelique: Here we are! Home sweet home!
Hope: Wow! This is a nice place!
As they both entered the house, they were greeted by Skylar.
Skylar: Your here! It's been like forever Hope! How are you? How was your graduation? Aren't you excited to be moving in? We're all coming together! I can't wait to show you around!
Angelique: Whoa! Skylar take a breath before you pass out!
Hope: So Skylar....how big is this place?
Skylar: Well this floor is the common floor! We got the dinning area!
Skylar: This part of the floor is the study but most of us use our own rooms for any peace around here!
Skylar: And then there's the entertainment room, equipped with a karaoke machine! Ooh and the floor beneath us is the training room! We'll be down there tomorrow! There are 3 floors up, that's including the open roof!
The girls then made their way upstairs.

Angelique: The second floor is the boys floor! If you want to see their rooms, you may have to ask them or seduce them!!!
Hope: Oh my God! Angel....that's really gross!
Skylar: Can you believe that they share one bathroom! Now that is super gross! 
Skylar: The next floor is the girl's floor! This is my room, my palace as I refer to it! Plus, we all get our own restrooms!
Angelique: This is my room!
Hope: Both rooms are so beautiful!

Angelique: This one is yours....that other one is Misty's.
Hope: It's perfect!
Angelique: Again, you have really boring taste! But lucky for you, this room has the best view of the beach!
Finally, the girls made it to the roof and were greeted by the sound of music!
Skylar: This is my song!
Skylar than ran ahead and pushed her way past Evan!
Evan: Hope! Good to see you!
 Evan than gave Hope a big hug! Hope turned red as she hugged him back but kinda grossed out when she touched his moist skin!
Evan: Sorry about that! Getting my workout on before I hit the showers and bed! Come on, Noah is over here!
Evan lead the way to Noah, who was busy playing on the keyboard!
Skylar: Noah! Look whose here!

Noah: Hope, its good to see ya! Do you guys remember this song?
Hope: Yeah! It was the last one you played when we were all together!
Noah: Good ear Hope! You always were the most appreciative of the sound of music!
Skylar: Yeah, Yeah! Keep playing little Mozart!
As Noah continued to play, Angelique grabbed Hope's hand and dragged her to the other end of the roof!
Angelique: There is one more person to meet!
Hope: I thought the twins weren't here yet?!
Angelique: They aren't! Here, this is Bobby! Our local and roommate vampire! Uncle Sal says, that he'll be helping us train!
Bobby: So your the girl that Angelique has been all excited to see for this entire week! It's very nice to meet you Hope.
Hope turned red and a little shocked as well! This was here first encounter with a vampire! Sure Light had told her that the family had vampire members before but Hope never met any of them!

Angelique: Sorry for my sister's shyness Bobby! Hope....say hi or say something!
Hope: Sorry.....It's great to meet you too!

Angelique: Well then before this gets anymore awkward! Hope come with me!!!
As the girls went to the ledge of the roof, they over looked the back yard.
Hope: Wow! This place is amazing!
Angelique: Let's make the rest of the summer a fun one ladies!

 Bobby: So....Your the one everyone is looking for!
The Next morning, Sal wasted no time to see where everyone was at with their magic!
 Sal: So today Hope you will just be observing.
Sal: Skylar and Noah will face off each other, while Angel and Evan do the same! We are just showing Hope what you guys have been doing since you guys came back to Sunset! Plus, she has missed out due to all her studies!
As the group started to spar, Hope noticed right away that the Martin siblings and Evan had mastered their magical abilities so much that they weren't using their wands anymore!
Sal: Angel and you are the only ones who have not mastered your abilities to the point of not relying on your wands!
Angelique: I perfer my wand Uncle! My mother and father were big on keeping spell making the old fashioned way!
Sal: That sounds great and all Angelique....but what happens if you lose or your disarmed from your wand? This is my next lesson I want to teach you guys!
As soon as Sal said that Bobby entered the room.

Bobby: Is it time?
Sal: Yes. Hope would you be so kind as to be our little test subject?
Hope: Okay....
 Sal then had Hope stand next to Bobby as the others stood by to watch the lesson Sal wanted to teach them!
Sal: As you all are aware, vampire's have the ability to be very quick! As of now all of you have practiced on each other but never against a real threat! Vampire's will not wait for you to complete a spell and will not have a problem getting close enough to end the fight quickly! Show them Bobby!
Bobby quickly circling Hope, popping up for a couple of scares too!
Before Hope could react, Bobby was already in another angle! Ready to attack at any given moment!
Sal: As you can see, vampire's would have the upper hand in a fight, even against the most experienced witch! Their speed is their greatest ally and our greatest threat!
Bobby: Sorry about that! Had to make it look real for you guys!
Hope: No. It's okay, I totally understand.....thank you for showing us your abilities!
Skylar: My, my!
Angelique: Yeah! LOVE CONNECTION!!!
Hope: SHUT UP!!!
Sal: The lesson is over for today....tommorrow we begin weapons training! Have a good night kiddies!
As the day came close to ending the group went upstairs to relax and have a little fun!
Angelique: Come on Hope! Sing with me!!!
Hope: I don't kno.....OKAY!!!
 As the two sang, the others began to cheer them on and even Bobby started to enjoy the night with them as well!
Angelique: Aren't you glad we're together again?!
Hope: Yes! I always seem to have the most fun with you guys! This really is the perfect way to end the summer!
Until Next Time!