Friday, August 16, 2013

Chapter 18

The Hilton's 2:
Bobby: This her wing of the estate....Amalthea is the only one here!
Sal: Are you sure? I mean this place was going to be a museum, there could be rooms within rooms!
Bobby: No! I've been watching this place for months and breaking in and searching the place too! Amalthea and Javier are the only ones here! Father and the other vamps left soon after Danny went missing! 
Carol: Well I guess the only place left is down those steps. Let's hope we don't get more than we bargained for!
Sal: For my brother and everyone that fell to these bastards......Let's end this!
Bobby: Shall we then?!
The group then headed for the last room in Amalthea's wing! 
Carol: One question before we leap to our dooms?!
Sal: What?
Carol: What in the Hell are you two wearing?!
Sal: Hey! This is an energy suit! It pumps material into my body to keep my magic flowing for a longer period of time!
Carol: All I know, you two look ridicules! 
Bobby: Whatever, Wonder Woman!
As the three made their way down the stairs they were surprised to see Amalthea just waiting!
Amalthea: So....It was you! 
Sal and the others looked at each other in confusion!
Amalthea: Where is Danny?!
Sal: Danny?!
Sal: You bastards have Danny! I thought you monsters killed him!
Carol: We don't have Danny! But it sounds like someone is in trouble if he isn't found! 
Sal: We came here for you!
Sal: You're going to pay for what you did to my brother and all those that you and your vampire family did to our families!
Amalthea did not seem impressed or afraid of Sal's words!
Amalthea: PAY?!!! HA, HA, HA! Dear child....I've been paying all my life!!!
Amalthea then faced the group, Carol jumped from fear by the sight of Amalthea! 
Sal: You really are a wicked old witch!
Amalthea: I believe you! You pathetic magic users couldn't have possibly have taken Danny from me! However, I will thoroughly enjoy killing and absorbing all of your magical gifts and make them my OWN!!!
A sudden spark of intense magic consumed Amalthea! She cackled in laughter as she quickly transformed into her true form!
Bobby quickly leaped toward Amalthea as she cackled and threw out threats!
As Bobby soared toward Amalthea, she quickly froze Bobby in mid air!
Bobby: Damn you! Release me WITCH!!!
Amalthea: HA! Witch! You peasant! You have no idea of what a witch is!
Amalthea continued to cackle as she pummeled Bobby to the ground!
She then proceeded to cast an electric spell on Bobby! He screamed out in pain as Sal and Carol could only watch the horror unfold before them!
Sal: Bobby! I'm coming!!!
Amalthea: I will end all of you! And once I'm done with you, I will destroy what little family you have left! HA, HA, HA!!!
As waves of electricity surged throughout the room, Amalthea made sure no one could escape!
Amalthea then spouted out a quick and disturbing spell on Bobby!
Amalthea: I have smelled your scent in my home before boy! You have been sneaking around my house some kind of RAT! Plus, you betray your own kind!!! You little pathetic creature!!!
Suddenly, Amalthea released Bobby and began to giggle with joy! Bobby looked at himself to see what she had done to him, but was confused, he seemed all right!
Carol: Oh my God!
Bobby: What is it?!
Sal: We'll fix it! Don't worry Bobby!
Bobby then turned to face Sal but soon realized the extent of Amalthea's spell!
Bobby: SH#T!!!
Amalthea: HA, HA! Now you are just what you've been acting like! A small, filthy, RAT!!! Run little rat....before I decide to step on you!!! HA, HA, HA!!!
Bobby quickly ran and hid behind a pillar!
Sal: We'll fix this! Don't worry Bobby!
Amalthea: FIX?! He's perfect! He's just the right size to shove in any designer purse! HAHA!!
Sal: Enough!
Carol quickly came close to Sal and both where prepared to fight!
Amalthea: Just you two?! I have destroyed whole covens! What makes you two think you have a chance against me!
Sal: My brother! He's in there, he'll help me fight against you!
Amalthea: Your brother is mine!
Amalthea: Enough of this! You two must die! Come my pretty's, let us play!!!
Amalthea then magically picked up two dolls sitting idly by her chair! 
Amalthea: Did you two know....when I was a child I never really had a childhood. NO! My coven stole my childhood! They used me as a weapon against other coven's, they sacrificed my purity to the dark arts! They forced me to practice dark magic! So once I was done with our rival's....I wanted more souls....more power! So I took it from my own coven! They wanted dark magic....So I gave it to THEM!!!
Suddenly the two dolls transformed into beings! Amalthea cackled insanely!
Amalthea: You two want me?! Come and get me!
Carol: (Whispering in Sal's ear) I'll take care of the two freaky dolls, you get Amalthea!
Sal: What?!
Carol: Can't you sense it?! She is growing weaker by the minute! She must've spent up a lot of her magic before we got here! With her trying to control those puppets and fighting you, she'll run out of steam eventually!

Before Sal could protest, Carol began to yell at Amalthea!

Carol: Come on you WITCH! I'll take on both your spawns!
Amalthea laughed as the two dolls looked at her!
Amalthea: KILL HER!
The dolls leaped toward Carol and rushed by Sal! 
Carol: Oh CRAP! Why are you two so fast!!!
As Carol occupied the dolls, Sal charged up his magic and aimed it at Amalthea!
Amalthea: FOOLS! You can't defeat me!!!
Carol had ran out of room to run and finally stopped and stood her ground!
Carol: Are you two ready to dance?!
Suddenly, Carol quickly turned and swung her magically endowed fist into one of the dolls! 
Carol: You two are highly outmatched!!!
Sal casted one of his most powerful spells but missed! Amalthea quickly transported herself to another part of the room!
Carol: Behind you!!! You have to be quicker! I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!!!
Sal quickly ran towards Amalthea and charged for another attack! 
Amalthea: HA, HA, HA! How can you expect to defeat me, when you can't even land one hit!!!
Sal blasted another powerful attack and missed again! 
Amalthea then reappeared and targeted Carol! A shock of electricity hit Carol making her vulnerable to attack!
The dolls didn't waste any time before kicking and beating Carol!
Sal quickly absorbed the electricity spell on Carol and without a missed beat, backfired it back to Amalthea!
Sal: Take this!!!
Sal's attack finally hit the distracted Amalthea!
Amalthea flew back as a blaze of fire struck her! Amalthea, then realized the extent of how much power she had used in preparing Danny!
Amalthea slowly picked herself back up and growled in anger!
Amalthea: DAMN YOU! I will tear you apart!!!
As Sal walked toward Amalthea, he stopped in his track as he let out a huge gasp of air! Amalthea stared at Sal and then saw his eyes swell up with tears!
Amalthea: What is this?! You finally realized that you can't defeat me?!
Sal: Brother.....your back!
Amalthea: WHAT?!
Howard: Hello baby brother!
Amalthea quickly turned around and was shocked to see Howard before her!
Amalthea: HA! So you finally got some of those lost souls within me to join you! They let you absorb them and in my weakened condition, you where able to escape from me!
Howard: That's right! They all entrusted me to enslave you! And to remove you from this world!
Howard quickly lifted Amalthea up into the air! The two pushed back at each other with incredible force!
Howard: You can't win this battle! You spent to much magic on Danny and on my brother! Your finished!
As the two fought, the dolls quickly stopped their attack on Carol! And slowly turned to dust!
As Howard and Amalthea fought, Howard unleashed a powerful spell that pushed Amalthea back! She dropped her arms and slowly floated back to the ground!
Amalthea: You have won this match....
Amalthea: But you will lose the war!
Slowly Amalthea began to disintegrate before everyone's eyes! Howard chanted a spell that allowed him to slowly absorb Amalthea!
As she slowly disappeared, she looked directly at all of them!

Amalthea: I was just the fools have yet to really understand my families afraid.....BE AFRAID!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!!
 As soon as Howard was done absorbing Amalthea, the spell on Bobby was eliminated! Howard looked at his brother and smiled before collapsing into his arms!
Sal: Your free brother....I'm taking you home!!!

Until Next Time!