Friday, April 26, 2013

Chapter 13

The Hilton's 2:
As the ladies collected themselves from the attack they began the track of trying to get out of the complex!
Sheri: Hurry! Before we run into one those scary things again!
Lilly: Why would you say that!!!
As the ladies got to the next turn, they were greeted by another monster!
Felicity: What the hell are these things!!!
The creature snarled at the site of the group and without any hesitation it attacked! It quickly jumped on top of Lilly, snapping its teeth! 
Lilly: Ooh hell no!!! Get the f%$k off me!!!
The creature sank its claws into Lilly, then attempted to sink its teeth into her neck as well!
Lilly: Get this bitch off me!!!
Sheri: Get off of her!
Sheri then began stabbing the creature and was able to pry it off of Lilly!
Lilly then fell to the ground, as Sheri pinned the creature against the wall!
Sheri: Felicity....Shoot it!!!

Felicity wasted no time and shot the creature a few times in the chest! However, the creature seemed to heal just as fast!
 Finally, Felicity shot the creature in the head! As the creature screamed out in pain it slowly sank to the ground!
 As the ladies inspected the body for a moment, they all noticed the creature's blood, it was once human!
Felicity: Why did they do this to this person?!
Lilly: They tried to make weapons out of people....consider these things as prototypes!
As the ladies came close to the exit, they were greeted by an old acquaintance of Felicity's! Someone from her past, but was never far from her mind, as this person left Felicity with an everlasting reminder on her face!
Medusa: Welcome! It seems that it's your turn to invade my home....Felicity!
Felicity: You! It's been look different, new extentions perhaps!
Medusa: Cute....My father made me into a better being, more perfect in his eyes! I see that no amount of makeup can cover up the scars from our last encounter!
Medusa was then joined by another creature, this one a lot bigger and scarier than the ones before!
Felicity: Thanks to these scars....I've become a stronger person! I've wanted this day....
Medusa: Stronger! Please! You still look like that weak little girl, to scared to fight! What do you think my child, doesn't she look like a frightened puppy?
Creature: More like a snack!

Medusa: Enough of this useless talking! Now be good girls and hand over Lilly! Then I might consider killing you quickly, instead of letting my child feast on you!
Lilly: What the Twilight show is this?! And how the hell do I get out?!!!
Sheri: Stand aside monster! We are leaving...ALL OF US!
 Medusa and the creature beside her began to laugh!
Creature: Mother, can I kill them?!
Medusa: Yes! I'll just tell father that Lilly didn't leave me any choice! Kill them ALL!!! But leave Felicity to me! I want to finally kill this weak little girl!
Felicity: Like hell you will!
Felicity then charged towards Medusa!
The creature then attacked Sheri and Lilly at the same time! It quickly got ahold of Sheri knocking her sword out of her hand! Lilly quickly grabbed the weapon and charged toward the monster holding Sheri!
Firing her gun, Felicity charged at Medusa! But it was pointless, Medusa moved like a snake and dodged every shot! Finally, Medusa got close enough that she was able to grab Felicity's gun!

Medusa: You think you can kill me with these pointless weapons! You silly little girl! I can't be killed by you!!!
Felicity: Maybe not today.....but I will be the one to put you down! You and every single bastard that has hurt my family!
As the creature held Sheri, Lilly quickly maneuvered herself and stabbed the creature in the gut! It dropped Sheri as Lilly pushed the sword deeper into the monster! 
As Lilly pushed and twisted the sword into the creature, both stared into eachothers eyes!
Creature: I will not die by your hands woman! When the time comes, we will meet again and I will kill you!
As Lilly took care of the creature, Sheri ran to aid Felicity. 
As the three struggled to out power each other, Medusa was clearly stronger than both Sheri and Felicity! Medusa was able to kick Sheri hard enough to throw her into a nearby machine!
As Sheri hit the machine, a wave of sparks and electricity screamed from it! From the impact and a little jolt of electricity Sheri past out from the hit and fell to the ground!
Lilly quickly pulled her sword from the creature when she knew that Medusa was over powering the others! The creature screamed in pain and collasped to the ground!
Lilly quickly pushed Felicity aside and kicked Medusa!
Lilly: Felicity, grab Sheri and get out! I be right behind you!
Felicity did what Lilly asked and ran to Sheri!
Felicity: Ma....come on, its time to go!
As Felicity carried out Sheri, Lilly continued to pummel Medusa with a array of attacks! Lilly was then able to knock Medusa over a chair! As she fell, Lilly ran out behind Felicity and Sheri!
Medusa was about to give chase but decided to aid her fallen minion!
As Felicity and Sheri made it to the 1st level, they were greeted by the vampire from earlier!
Vampire: Damn! Here I thought I wouldn't get dirty! 
As the vampire hissed and took on a charging pose, Felicity began to panic! She was tired and was still supporting Sheri! Just then the vampire made her move, suddenly Lilly came in for the rescue!
In an instant the vampire was still. Felicity looked at the now motionless vampire and saw Lilly's sword sticking straight into her neck!
Lilly: I remember often spoke in front of my tube. You would tell your story of how you were part of the group that killed my son! I remember how you would laugh and celebrate the fact that you were the lone survivor of that group!
Lilly: Well bitch! Your about to be reunited with that damn group!
Lilly then held tightly on her sword and quickly ripped it threw the vampire's neck! As the vampire's head fell to the ground it was then slowly followed by its body!
Lilly: Ladies....Let's get out of here! I'm in serious need of a shower and a make over!
Felicity: Once we're out....what will you do Lilly?
 Lilly looked at the disappearing vampire and then back at the sword in her hand.
Lilly: I'm taking my home back and then I'm killing every f#$king vampire that did all of us wrong!
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  1. My my my.
    Doesnt Medusa look just marvelous?!
    Be kind of interesting to see all the others after so long.

    Great update, cant wait for more.

  2. Thanks Derotis for reading!!!
    I love how she turned out too! Was interesting recreating her image!
    As for the others, I'm having a blast giving all of them little updates and makeovers!

  3. Great update! Medusa does look awesome. Can't wait to see what's next.