Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chapter 19

The Hilton's 2:
Truth Hurts
About two days later, after two big vampires were eliminated and Hermes in hiding, the town seemed much more quieter!
Pup: Here you are?!
Lilly: Please....I wish to be alone.
Pup slowly sat next to Lilly and looked around the Hilton Cemetary.
Pup: This is truly a beautiful resting place.
Lilly remained silent....She had spent the last couple of hours staring at grave stones of her fallen family members.
Pup: Lilly....I came here to tell you that Pan and Amalthea have been eliminated!
Lilly: That's good....
Pup: I...When I arrived to aid Hope and the rest of her group, the battle was already over!
Lilly: So they didn't need any help after all.
Pup: Apparently not! But....Hope.
Lilly: What about Hope?!
Pup: She's hasn't been seen since the battle! No one seems to know where she is or how Pan was killed! It's all a mystery to them, they all claim to have been knocked out and one couldn't remember anything from the battle!
Lilly sat in silence and finally let out a sigh of concern.
Lilly: Danny.....Where did your little girl run off to?!
Not to far away, Hope slept in a strange bed, in a strange house!
Voice 1: Wake up....
Voice 2: Hope....Time to open your eyes.
Voice 3: Wake up sleepy head.....

Hope slowly woke up from some kind of strange dream, only to realize she wasn't at home or alone in this room!
Woman: So our sleeping beauty has finally woken up!
The woman slowly put down her cat and walked toward Hope. When she got closer, Hope realized that this woman was a vampire!
Woman: Don't be alarmed...My name is Artemis. Your safe here! 
Hope: Where is here?!
Artemis: My home....well my temporary home. You've been a guest for about two days!
Hope: Two days! I've been asleep for two days!
Artemis smiled as her eyes seemed to examine Hope.
Artemis: Please, come with me....I have much to tell you!
Hope stood in confusion and fear but followed Artemis downstairs. From there she was lead to a dining room, full of other vampires!
Artemis: Dion would you be so kind as to make some drinks, our guest has finally woken up!
Dion was very handsome, all the vampire's in the room were all very beautiful!
Artemis: Please Hope, come and join us for a drink, it will help you relax a little.
Artemis: Please let me introduce you to my brothers and sister!
Artemis: This is my sister, Demeter!
Demeter: Your even more adorable awake!

These are my brothers, Hercules and Dionysus.
Hercules seemed to let out some kind of grunt as he nodded his head.
Dion: Don't mind him, he's not much for words! However, get a few drinks in him and he can't be silenced! 
Artemis: And finally, my love, Perseus!
Perseus: It's a pleasure to finally meet you!
Artemis: Everyone, this is Hope! Let us greet her properly and welcome her to our temporary home! All greeted Hope and then Dion handed Hope a drink.
Dion: Let us celebrate our new found friend! Please, if you wish for anything else, don't hesitate to ask for it!
Hope: T-Thank you!
After their drinks, they all sat down in the living room.
Artemis: You must be very confused, as to why you're here?
Hope: Yes....
Artemis: Well, we can't really give you a clear answer....Hercules found you. From what he's told us you have been walking aimlessly for some time. When he finally confronted collasped in his arms and you slept ever since then!
Demeter: Do you remember anything before now?
Hope: Well, if I'm friends and I went to kill....
Hope fell silent, unsure if she should tell these vampire's that she and the others killed another vampire.
Perseus: Hope, we know that you and your friends killed a vampire.
Hope: Oh! You guys aren't angry?

Hercules let out a mixture of a grunt and what sounded like a small laugh at the same time.
Dion: You killed one of our "brothers", Pan.
Dion: So we're not mad....we're all a little sad for his passing. You see he was one of the youngest of our family!
Hope: OH GOD! You guys are part of Cronus' family?! Are you guys going to kill me?!
Dion laughed and quickly apologized for blurting out so much information all at once!
Dion: It's not what it seems, we are no longer under Cronus' rule! We are free. Free to do what we want, when we want!
Artemis: Dion. I think you've said enough for one night!
Dion: Oh, my apologies!
Artemis: Please, let Hope and I have the room. There are more pressing matters, I must tell her!
As the others left the room, Perseus stared at Hope for a moment and then looked at Artemis.
Perseus: Do you think she could handle the truth my love? She may not be able to handle it.
Artemis: No, she may seem weak and young, but she is probably the strongest person in this room.
Perseus then got up, kissed Artemis and left the room. Artemis seemed to pace the room for a bit before stopping in front of the fire place.
Artemis: Hope, what do you know of your father?
Hope: Not mother told me that he was a good man. That he was immortal....that he was really strong!
Artemis: Tell me, did your mother ever tell you that your father had a half sister?
Hope: Yes....when I was younger, before my mom left me with my Uncle Sal and Aunt Light. My mom would take me all over the place looking for her. It's hard for me to remember, it was so long ago and I was so young.
Artemis giggled and quickly fell silent.
Artemis: Hope, I'm your Aunt! Your mother was successful in locating me! I actually met you! You were probably 4 or 5 years old. The cutest thing!
Hope: Why was my mom looking for you? Do you know why she left me with my uncle and aunt? Do you know where she is now?
Artemis: She thought I could save your your town too. She left you here becuase she knew that the longer she kept you with her, the more danger you would be in. I'm sorry...shortly after I told her I couldn't help her, she vowed to save your father herself....I have not seen her since.
Hope began to get upset at the thought that her mother was never going to come back now!
Artemis: As your aunt, I must tell you the truth of what your actions will bring. Your family and friends have just declared war on the oldest and most powerful vampire families in this world!

Hope: We had no choice! They started it! We are avenging our families, making this town safe again!
Artemis: You are avenging a family that is responsible for this towns downfall!
Hope: What do you mean?!

Artemis then explained everything, about her mother Athena and about her uncle and aunt, that Light wasn't Hope's aunt but Hope was actually Light's great aunt! About Danny and Victoria's past and about the siblings Hope would never meet!
Tears rolled down Hope's face, the realization that many of the horrible events that plagued her town, her families, and friends were caused by some of her own family members! That her father was so selfish in the past that he turned some of his own family members into vampire's.
Hope: So the greatest threat to my hometown wasn't just Cronus and his family....but my family as well?! And the only reason Cronus came here was to punish my family....we're the reason for all the sadness and death to plague this town too!
Hope began to sob and ran for the door! All this new information was to much for her to process! 
Artemis: Where are you going?!
Hope: I need to be alone! I-I need to time to think!
Artemis: Hope! I'm sorry! I was afraid before.....but I'm here now! So whenever you need my help, I'll be here for you!
Hope ran for a long time, until she finally ended up at the beach!
Hope was upset, then she grew angry!
Hope: Why should I believe that vampire! She could be lying! It can't be true....can it?!
Hope: But what if it is....Mom....where are you?! I need to here the truth from you! I'm so confused and scared! Who am I supposed to believe now?!
Hope began to cry again, thinking the worst had happened to her mother! And how she's been lied to by every adult in her life! Why was she fighting, her father and her family caused most of this chaos!
Hope then sat down and tried her best to piece together the life she knew and the life that was hidden away from her.
 Hope: I'm so tired of all the lies! I just want a normal life! I just want my mom and dad....
Hope then slowly fell asleep to the sound of waves hitting the beach.
Until Next Time!