Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chapter 14

The Hilton's 2:
Unaware of Lilly's and the others escape from the lab that Lilly was being held at, Sal and his family received a surprise visit! 
Light and her son Clide were enjoying some light reading when the doorbell rang.
Light: Who can that be at this time?
Sal: Light....your starting to sound old!
Clide: Yeah Mom!
Light: Shut it OLD MAN!
Sal then answered the door and was surprised to see Carol Edmond!
Sal: Carol! I....I thought you weren't coming for another month?!
Carol: Well now, that's not exactly the kind of hello I was expecting!
Sal: Sorry, please come in! How are you? It's been a long time since I saw you!
Carol: I'm doing good! Sorry for not calling but I felt that I should see you in person to discuss prior events!
Sal: Events?
Just then Grant announced that dinner was ready.
Sal: Carol would you like to join us?
Carol: Well....sure, I haven't really eaten anything today!
Sal: I'm sure Grant can cook something up if there isn't enough!
Grant: No need Sir. I've already prepared extra...due to your request for second servings from our last dinner.
Sal: What?! I.....
Carol: Still the midnight eater are we?!
The group then sat down and ate dinner, sharing past memories and current events! Carol even embarrassed Sal a little by telling Clide that she use to date his dad back in high school!
As dinner ended and Grant began clearing the table, Carol stopped and looked at Grant.
Carol: Wow! You guys went all out upgrading Grant! He's a looker and a great cook! I may have to re-evaluate the guys I date! Thank you Grant for the amazing meal!
Grant: Your welcome Ms. Edmond. 
Grant: Sir, shall I make some drinks?
Sal: Please Grant, that would be perfect.
Clide: Dad, I wanted to ask you if I could go to a small get together at Angel's and Hope's place?
Light: A party, aren't you a little young for those kids?
Clide: Come on mom, I'm a Senior in high school not a baby!
Sal: Who's going with you?
Clide: Adam.....
Carol: Adam?
Light: His best friend/cousin.
Sal: You can go but Grant has to go with you!
Clide: A babysitter! Are you serious?!
Sal: You wanna go or not?!
Clide: Fine! I'm going to my room.
Clide then slowly picked himself up and said goodnight to everyone and kissed his mother's cheek....mostly at her request!
Just then Sal got a call. Sal excused himself from the table and proceeded to take the call.

Carol: So Sal and you are taking the No Ageing Potion?
Light: Well that question came out of left field!
Carol: Sorry, but I'm starting to show my age finally, but you and Sal look exactly the same!
Light: We felt that in order for us to avenge our families, we had to stay in top physical shape.
Carol: So you guys perfected the potions? I heard the news about Felicity's poor husband. Very sad thing to happen to her especially!
Light: True....We spent countless time perfecting it, so far there are no side effects anymore. And we're able to synthesize it more quickly now to! Would you like one?
Carol: Tempting....but I will have to pass. Being in my twenties was exhausting!
As the ladies found themselves in the living room, Sal came in with a confusing face.
Sal: I don't know whether I'm happy or nervous!
Light: What's wrong Sal?!
Carol: You know.....Lilly is back!
Light: Lilly! Is that true?!
Sal: Yes! However, She is already on the move!
Carol: She's planning on fighting back already, isn't she?!
Sal: From what Felicity told me, Lilly is going to get her wolf pack friends to take back her home!
Light: That means....
Sal: That means, that we have to move up our plans as well!
Carol: Do you think my little brother and sister....and the rest are ready to fight?!
Sal: They have to be....because if Lilly fights and whoever comes out alive, our enemies will be on guard and we lose all the element of surprise!
Across town, Lilly pulled up to house and was greeted by a young and attractive man.
Lilly: Long time no see! You've grown so much Pup!
Pup: Ha! You remember me! The last time I saw you I was like 8!
Lilly: I came for your packs help. I need to speak to Clifford.
Pup: Clifford is no longer pack leader....
Lilly: What?! Who is?
Pup: Come in, there is a lot for you to catch up on.
As the two made there way in Lilly then saw some more familiar faces.
Lilly: Guard....Swift is that you guys!
Swift: Well, finally come back to us! It's about damn time! You know what's happened to our pack! Where the hell have you be.....
Guard: Enough sister!
Guard: Lilly....its good to see you. Forgive my sister....she has tendency to talk sh$t before thinking!
Lilly looked around and realized that it was just these three in the house.
Lilly: I'm sorry Swift, I didn't have a choice in my absence. Where's the rest of your pack?
The group grew quiet and both Swift and Pup looked at Guard.
Guard: You need to talk to our pack master.
Lilly was then pointed to go out onto the balcony.
Lilly: So your the new pack master? I gotta say that was a wise choice! Eva you are the best choice for this pack.
Eva: Not a choice.....I'm afraid it was last resorts!
Eva then slowly turned to Lilly and walked towards her.
Eva: This responsibility wasn't given to me, sadly it was required of me!
Lilly: What happened to your pack?
Eva: The vampire's drove most packs away....and slowly killed the ones that didn't leave.
Lilly: Clifford?
Eva: He has gone missing! Our pack went through several leaders and now this is all that remains of our pack!
Eva: The sad thing is, we were betrayed by a dear friend. He gave information to the vampire's about where we hunted, where we lived, and our weaknesses.
Lilly: I'll see this person pay for what he's done to your pack!
Eva: NO! I will be the one to kill him. It probably be best for you to stay out of my way when or if we ever find him!
Lilly: Okay then....I won't bring up that bastard again....whoever he may be.
Eva: Its for the best.
As the group reconvened inside, Lilly finally brought up the reason for coming. The wolves were not amused by the request.
Swift: You want us to risk our lives to get back at the vampire's! You got to be on crack.....
Pup: The vampire's own this town! If we attack one, ten or more come after us! We've lost so many brother and sister's fighting those bastards!
Guard: What do you two suggest we with our tails between our legs or stay hidden away, praying that the vamps don't find us and kill us in our sleep!
Lilly: I know its a lot to process.....but you guys have just as much of a reason to want these f#ckers dead as much as I do!
Pup: I don't know......What do you think we should do Eva?!
Eva: You want your house back first?
Lilly: that a problem?
Eva: Actually, Hermes is one of the big vamps that killed a lot of wolves.
Eva looked at her non-existent pack and then back at Lilly.
Eva: We'll do it!

Lilly: Then it's settled! Let us prepare for war!

The next evening Clide finally made it to Angelique's and Hope's party.
Angelique: Why did you bring Adam?!
Clide: He's my homie! Come on, you said I could bring someone!
Angelique: Yeah, but not the kid you has a serious crush on me and isn't afraid of telling me every chance he gets!
Angelique: And why did you bring Grant?
Clide: My dad....I swear, he thinks that I'm still a little kid!
Angelique: Is it safe for him to be that close to the pool?
Clide: Yeah, mom really put a lot of money into him lately! I think she keeps him so updated because it was grandpa Richard's android!
As the party started, more and more of the groups other friends started to show up! Like Evan's military friend Ethan.
Hope's college friend Cassidy even came!
Cassidy: Hope, introduce me to Evan's friend! He is super hot!
Hope: Fine!
As the party continued, Hope was introduced to Skylar's boyfriend Kyle and Angelique's bf, Takeshi!
Not everyone was having fun though.
Misty: Why are we having this pointless party?! I mean, we get told that we're finally going after vamps and we throw a party?!
Tyler: Chill out Misty! Everyone's nervous.....this is just a way to relax!
As the evening wore on, Hope found an upset Cassidy by the bar.
Hope: What's wrong Cas?
Cassidy: I really tried to get Ethan's attention but no luck!
Hope: What?! You two have been dancing almost the whole evening?!
Cassidy: Yeah....but we really haven't spoken a lot. He's spending all his time talking to Evan! Where's Evan's girlfriend anyways?!
Hope: Hmm....You know what I don't think Evan's seeing anyone right now. Oh Cas, Ethan and Evan are just catching up! They haven't seen each other for a couple of months now! I'm sure Ethan is just really happy to see his buddy!
Cassidy: I guess.
The night was full of surprises, Hope learned that Noah was dating their combat instructor, Kim!
Plus, Hope also learned that Skylar and her boyfriend were really, really serious!
Adam: Hey beautiful! When are you going to dump that other guy and get with a real man?!
Angelique: Umm....No! Adam go home!
Adam: Someday your going to wake up and it will be to late! Your going to miss out on all of this!
Angelique: Yeah, then I shouldn't really be all that disappointed then! Ha!

As the night went on, most of the guests had left.
Even the ever illusive Bobby came out of his room to join the party and the night air!
Cassidy: Wow! Bobby is super sexy! Hope, please tell me that you've tried to get with him?!
Hope: What?! know that I have a thing for Tyler! Bobby....he's a friend and vampire!
Cassidy: Well he can suck my blood any day!
 As Cassidy ran off to talk to Evan and Ethan again, Hope was left a little confused. Hope started to realize that she kind of did like Bobby!
Hope: Great!!!
As the party slowly ended all the others ran to their rooms, most with their invited guests! Hope ran up to change and came back outside to clean up but found Tyler had done most of the cleaning.
Once the two were finished, Tyler lead Hope away from the house and slowly reached for her hand.
Tyler: Hope....I still remember our last summer together, all those years ago....
Hope: So do I.
Tyler: I still have feelings for you!
Hope turned red and couldn't believe what she was hearing or what she said next!
Hope: So do I!
Tyler quickly pulled Hope close and kissed her!
Hope was shocked but so very happy that Tyler had made the first move!
Hope and Tyler continued their make out session for a bit and slowly walked back to the house and said their goodnights! Hope was over the moon with mixed emotions, she was happy but scared of what tomorrow would bring. Sal was coming with their first mission.
Until Next Time!

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