Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 1

The Hilton's 2:
Part of the Plan
Its been nearly 30 years since the tragic events that rocked Sunset Valley! Since then the town has gone through a lot of changes. For starters Danny Hilton began a council of Sunset's finest citizens called The SuperNatural and Human Alliance (The SNHA)! On this wonderful day, Danny has just returned to town from his trip to Paris. From his search for his half sister Artemis. It is a beautiful fall day, a few days away from winter.
On the outskirts of town, Marion Willett, one of Sunsets very own council members and her guard Kareem have just arrived to a rundown house.
Marion: Why....Why am I here!?! This utterly ridiculous! Latoya better have a damn good reason for dragging me all the out this dump!
Kareem: I must object to this meeting one more time Mrs. Willett!
Marion: Kareem, stop worrying so much! I've known Latoya for years! If it wasn't for her influence....I would not have gained my seat in the council! She is one of the few vampire's in this town that are tolerable! Let's get this over with shall we?!
Once inside the two were greeted by Latoya, but she wasn't alone! She was accompanied by another vampire named Chester.
Marion: Latoya! What in the world is this meeting about and why was it so damn important?! 
Latoya: Please sit Mrs Willett. I wish to discuss our arrangements and complete our agreements with each other. 
Latoya sat calmly and focused as her eyes followed Marion as she made her way to her seat. Chester also kept his eyes on Kareem.
Latoya: My dear, I called you hear to express my sincerest gratitude for keeping your end of our deal! I must admit that when you came to me and asked me to use my mind control on certain key voters for you to gain your seat on the council....I had some concerns! 
Marion: I kept our deal, I signed your documents. Allowing your cargo to enter our little town. I just hope that it won't come back to haunt me later! 
Latoya: No, no. You have done a great service to me and my employer. 
Marion began to get confused about who she was really dealing with.
Marion: Employer....
Latoya: My makers Master. A very old vampire and his many powerful children....were the cargo.
Kareem: So you had Marion allow a ship load of damn vamps into our town! Like we need anymore of you damn blood suckers ruining our town!  
Latoya facial expression turned from pleasant to ominous very quickly.
Latoya: Here is our dilema my dear....Father....
Marion: "Father"?
Latoya: Yes, Father has decided to terminate our arrangement permently!
Marion: What....does that mean?
Latoya: I'm sorry, but your days on this world are over!   
Quickly Kareem grabbed Marion and picked her up over the coffee table and pointed her towards the exit! Kareem was then tackled by Chester and Marion was then grabbed by the hair and pulled down to the ground hard!
Marion: NO....Please Latoya! I'll do anything! ANYTHING!!! Please don't kill me!!!
Marion struggled with all her strength to get free from Latoya's grip!
Latoya: Sorry darling! It's either you or me! And I want to live for a little longer!
As Latoya pulled Marion onto her feet, Kareem was not doing much better! Chester was handling Kareem like a rag doll! Kareem was no match against a vampire's strength!
Latoya wrapped her hands around Marion's throat and squeezed as hard as she could! Marion could only struggle and gasp for air! Then came the sounds of bones snapping from Marion's neck, until finally Marion became limp and died!
Just as Latoya dropped Marion's body, Chester had knocked Kareem off his feet!
Chester: Looks like I'm having a good supper tonight!
Latoya: Don't you dare! You know our orders! We are not to feed on these humans! 
Chester: Why not!?! 
Latoya: Their deaths are to look like humans killed them! Why else would I have given you that gun!
Kareem: No please! I'll work for you two! I'll leave town and.....
Chester slowly took out his gun and pointed it at Kareem's head! Chester then looked at Latoya.
Latoya nodded and then both looked at Kareem.
Latoya: Do it! 
Kareem screamed for mercy but was quickly silenced by the bang of the gun! Kareem's body collasped next to Marion's body!
Chester: What a waste! Why did we have to kill them in this manner?
Latoya: This will keep the rest of the council busy and their attention away from what will truly be our main goal tonight!
Chester: And that would be?
Latoya: The end of the Hilton family!
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